The Hakan General Discussion Thread



0.o before i came to the Hakan section i believed he was free tier ,i wish to apologize to all hakan players. Now i believe hakan is a freaking beast,all these mad set up and mix up. He’s a grappler with speed and disrespects fireballs and spacers. I’m so picking him up,been studying and watching videos . I love his tier placement too,reason to ppl gonna never know the match up n gonna be looking down on him.

@ samurai seen a few of ur videos good shit man,really informative and funny (due to accent n comments) thx


Haha @ this:


is it just me, or does M. Bison have a smile on his face when he slides from Hakan’s U2?


like he’s enjoying it or somethin.

sorta like this:


Just in case no mention, one of the best u2 setup is
Focus3 (crumble) > lk.oil > u2


I hope to see more Hakan in the next coming tournaments… I was glad to see Kimo’s Hakan at EVO and Lee Chung’s at Big Two this past week i think… It gets me really hyped when I see the videos you guys post up of your Hakan works and matches!! I really enjoy this character but damn I get so salty when I lose ranked… and everytime I play endless… lots of people troll me when I play Hakan… i get taunted alot lol :(… but I wont back down!!


You put the work in and you’ll be blowing people up, you’ll be the one trolling them! :wink:

Last time I played endless I went 51-7

I think I made a lot of people salty, lol


I find I can’t play endless cause I get booted for playing Hakan. Win or lose the first match I get booted cause no one wants to play a match up they don’t feel they need to learn.


just create your own endless.
can’t be booted from the endless you create.


Very cool new tech against Honda, which apparently works even in Vanilla: Against Honda, old set up was slide-press,, As it turns out, empty jump after instead and do EX rocket. That beats EX headbutt, amazingly! (I’ve never pulled it off with anything but EX, but if he’s headbutting the wrong way, it should work out). I’d love to Ultra 1 him out of it, but I haven’t done that yet. ha ha

[edit]I managed to get dive, lk oil,, EX rocket to beat Honda’s EX headbutt.

[edit 2]So here are a couple more: #1 EX (or hp) rocket, s.lp, jump forward, (oily) EX rocket and #2 mp rocket, dash, jump forward, EX rocket.


To complement this technique, you can use EX rocket, jump in, hk dive to beat vertical jump, back dash and all non-EX sumo splashes. Also, for this to be a mix-up, you’ll have to do the s.lp, EX rocket as you land instead of doing s.lp before you jump. Tricky stuff.


Does anyone know if there is an uncrouchable super setup? I’m pretty sure that would help my game immensely.

Also, Is the training mode dummy set to “Crouch” a good way to test uncrouchables and safe jumps?


Has anyone been using j.lp as non reversal anti-air?

I had been using it and seems to be really good to pressure in the corners. Its fast and has really good hitbox, it wins agains Makoto’s j.hp for example. Seems the best way to beat it is if the opponent uses a preemptive light attack, something probably 90% of the people doesn’t do. If you get hit you usually end up in a non-juggle recovery state… so spd.ex will win over most “meaty” normal attacks they try to do. So, either way you have a great chance to stop your opponent momentum.


I just saw the new video of desk doing a standing 720… can’t comprehend that… I always need to setup up the 720 with something… thats amazing lol


So guys I found some crazy stuff against Cammy.
Use Oil Dive close to the left corner > Forward MP > Dash forward >Forward jump HK. In the left corner the jump will hit as a crossup but Hakan will land in the same side. What is more instresting than that is the fact that in the right corner Jump HK will hit and land in the same side.
Please guys test it out and post your results.
Thanks to you all.


So, I managed to pull of a slide-oil, f.hp, xx slide. Apparently, you have to time your f.hp exactly so that you don’t waste a single frame. If you do it right, your f.hp should leave you far away as you don’t move forward much at all. It still worked against Sagat, despite the distance. Pulled it off a few times, too.


I’ve noticed something…Im getting wayyy more rage quits playing as Hakan then Duds hahaha Have you guys experienced this? Ive always played hakan here and there but I started to play Hakan on a more serious note and man, lots of haters haha.

CARLTONBANKSS just rage quite when i almost perfected him in rank…14k Adon lol.

Anyways my point is Hakan is really fun and I think he is highly underrated. You will be seeing me in hakans threads a lil more from now on. Have fun Gents!


Has anyone looked into whether oil’d forward dash normals gain about +1 frame advantage due to the meaty hitting of the normals? Or do they not?

My reasoning for thinking this is because when you do oil’d forward dash cr. lk chains or even one, then mash a 360 throw, it will always wiff, which means that the opponent is not out of blockstun yet. When you get in close and do a standard dry cr. lk, you will normally nail the tick throw. Which I figure is because cr. lk leaves you at +0 on hit/ block and the only reason the sliding oily cr. lks would wiff would be because it leaves you with more frame advantage than normal. I have failed many tick 360’s this way :frowning:

Also when you do forward sliding st. mp, it makes the link into st. lp much much easier as opposed to nuetral st. mp. Is there any better way to test this than just going into training mode, because I figure this could be just an error on my part. If it isn’t though, I think this would slightly improve Hakan’s combo and frametrap game. +1 is an awful lot to gain especially in the way of frame traps. Thoughts?


Just go into the training room and see if you can link into a move that is 1 frame away from a normal link. Like do fwd dash st.lp and see if you can link it to

Edit: But I don’t think this is the case as I can get the grab to whiff on normal too and I can’t get the +1 frame link to work.


Greetings! Hakan player from Finland :slight_smile:

Today i accomplished something great atleast for me lol!
Got Hakan into B rank after loong while being my main but never arsed hit up ranked and play
Matches 130 and Losses 32
Not bad Obama face Since i started from PP=2366 and BP=2260 So now numbers are PP=2590 and BP=5024 ^^


Here’s a potentially useful technique against Chun, particularly when you’re not oiled: Slide-press, lk oil, 236,1 hp slide. Hold the 1 just long enough to block waking EX bird, and you can punish back dash with a hp slide. Similarly, 360 into 4 after lk oil and hk dive to block EX bird and use a hk dive to catch her neutral jump. Be ready to cancel if she jumped forward or backward.