The Hakan General Discussion Thread



Couldn’t she just throw you or EX Lightning Legs out of this mixup?

Also, I’m sure this is known, but slide-press, oil’d backdash held HK Dive beats out EX SBK cleanly, crouching and jumps but loses to EX Legs and wiffs backdashes. Mixing this up with oil’d backdash safe mp slide makes a nice 50/50 out of it as it only loses to EX SBK and beats out EX Legs and backdashes.
Chuns love to backdash if no one has noticed, lol.


You block EX lightning and you’re walking backward, so she’s not that likely to try to throw, although she could. But you can use EX dive against her nj, which will also beat her throws. Yes, oily back dash is good against SBK. The other very nasty trick against SBK is slide-press nj, jump against and ultra 1. Gives you perfect timing and if you jump forward, you can do a normal on her back dash, too. But if you’re not oiled, low on oil or don’t have ultra 1, the oil up technique we just discussed is good.


So, building on a video I posted before about, and its low hit box, enabling you to throw neutral jumpers:, plink If they blocked the, and neutral jump, throw them as they land. CH, is a combo. Also, against Rufus, after slide-press, lk oil, try backward jump and hk on the way down against EX messiah.

[edit]On a related noted, CH, jump, lk dive is not only an uncrouchable dive, it gets back dash as well.


little known fact…
when hakan stands fully upright… hes almost as tall as zangief


according to the ssf4 ae app, hakan is 6’2 and 242 pounds. zangief is 7’0 and 253 pounds. so is hakan just all fat and zangief all muscle? and how come zangeif has a faster walk speed but a slower dash if they are almost the same weight? i can go on for days about all the discrepancies in this game. and don’t even get me started about cammy/makoto/sakura damage output.


We need screencaps of zangief and hakan standing upright… my eyes deceive me…
I finally got to B rank hakan… but… still so hard to play :frowning:


Still wondering why nobody respects this character. Shit, I even think he’s better than Bison. He has great tools.

T. Hawk can Ultra 2 after a focus. At least Hakan’s makes sense. Being on your knees is airborne?



Hakan is #1, you just don’t believe!

1 of my friends was salty at a tournament, cause he lost to my other friend (Hakan). Heh, he was like “WTF? WHO EVEN BOTHERS LEARNING THE HAKAN MATCHUP?”.


I’ve been looking for some good people to play endless with on PSN. my gamer tag is AyoPunky if you ever run in to me. Im trying to learn all the match ups as i study them before going in to tournaments with him. I use to be a Dan main now he my secondary… But i still love both charry and looking for some fun.

Is there any tournament that are run through online play?


Here’s some new fun tech, that should get you a laugh, but is actually really powerful: Against Makoto, EX rocket, jump in, hk dive will stuff her Ultra 2, not to mention jump, back dash and her throws. Same with oily, jump in, EX dive.


Turns out, oily from max range can combo into xx slide against some characters, like Honda. You get the very end of the animation, so it recovers more quickly. Against others, that only works if they’re standing. If they’re crouching, use for 130 damage. Not bad.

This is good against Blanka against his wake-up electricity!!

[edit]Max combos into against a crouching Honda, too. Not sure if that’ll work on others, but it hasn’t worked on the ones I’ve tried other than Honda.

Works on Vega, too, which is cool.


A few fights, two from ranked against Abel and Ibuki. Also, an Akuma that used to own me gets owned by me; 4000 pp and about 3000 BP. The Balrog and Abel have about 10000 BP and around 3000 PP, so those were good. I crush a lowly 2000 PP Ibuki at the end. As a side note, I no longer play with a 1080i LCD television. That was a bad idea, because it had to process info from the Xbox giving me lag! But it toughened me up, so here I am playing lag free and getting used to it. I’m a bit better.



That is godlike:

Hope that this victory bring more players fo the red guy.^^


maybe. Time will tell.


So I’ve been playing with DNC-counter hits, for long range, big-damage combos and found Makoto is really vulnerable. You can do a max-range, xx slide combo. (I still prefer due to greater speed and range.) Cammy is vulnerable while standing only and is completely invulnerable to long-range CH combos while crouching. However, her canon drill is a prime target for Bait it out with a f.slide-FA (which goes under canon spike), and interrupt it with, and it consistently gives you the correct frame advantage, for a follow up. You start this from very long range, too. DNC CH-combos are actually pretty easy to do and pretty safe on wake-up, once you’ve practiced them a few days in a row, 20 mins a day or so. This kind of stuff would probably complement Sterkan’s style best, I think.


Who is going to ? Andy?


Some goofy stuff, 'cuz I need practice. Still, this helps illustrate how useful and f.hp were to train Honda to not do too many c.lp and how effective j.hp is against all of Honda’s specials, as long as you’re far. That also opens up your ability to jump around freely, and he can’t punish you on reaction. That gives you enough movement to avoid his jump-ins better and force him to follow you instead of headbutting you. Of course, without his c.lp, you can harass him with pokes and xx delayed hp slide frame traps.


how do you guys do that standing 720 or whatever that is… i cant seem to nail it or im doing the commands wrong.


Standing 720? As in ultra 1? Very, very quickly. There’s only one Hakan that I know of that can do it, honestly. If you’re talking about doing a standing oil rocket, or 360, just do the shortcut for 360, meaning 4,6,9,8 (as on a computer keyboard number pad).