The Hakan General Discussion Thread



you have to be godlike if you wanna do a true standing 720. the easier way to do it is to buffer it from another move. this is how i do it:

stand jab, 6, 9, 8, 7, 4, 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 8, 7, 4, 1, 2, 3, 6.

after the 720 has been buffered, i hold forward for a split second then press all 3 punches. if done correctly, hakan should take a small step forward and the ultra will come out right when you press the 3 punches. keep practicing!


how do I hakan?

No but really, im looking to pick up Hakan as a serious main. I am a pretty good player overall, and Ive got a good working knowledge of the game, Im just curious what are the different facets of Hakans game. I know Hes got tick throws and FDNC’s and all that jazz, but what things should I look into first that are Hakan specific, aside from his neutral game. I mean things I can work on in the lab. Setups, combos of note, safejumps, OS’es, etc. And what are the most important / practical FDNC’s that are used ?

Thanks to anyone who responds to this, i appreciate it.

also, why does the community tier list say Hakan / DJ is 6/4 Hakans favor ? is this true ?? how so ?


There’s way too much to teach. I would just watch videos of Wildcat, Bacillus Brain,Samurai Drew, T Bay, and Kimo and see what they’re doing to win. I also like Stercan’s long-range tactics, which seem relatively simple and are less fancy but still represent a great strategy. Watch the Ultra David tutorials, too; those are good. Oh, a big one to learn is the wake BDNC, giving you a couple frames of invincibility. (You can interrupt back dash with a normal, but only in the first few frames. Really useful!)


I think I’m gonna give a crack at this guy. I wanted a secondary for Bison’s bad matchups… but who the hell has experience in a Hakan match???


This forum so dead :confused:


Yeah, it’s because everyone posts in the facebook group now. I think it has like 41 members…better get your names down to join! All the tech is there! I’ll try posting some of it up here


Can anyone give me a link to this Facebook group?


I have never heard of this group. Will be the link provided here?


Yeah just add me on Facebook and I’ll invite you in, it’s a private group created by Shelton.


What if you hate Facebook? =/

I’d really hate to miss out on new oily tech just because I don’t really like social networking.


So guys, its has been a while since my last post here.

I was trying to create some blockstrings that let Hakan in a safe position for Oil Slide, something similar to Sagat TK, but I couldnt find any. I think that deserve some attention.

I found a crossup in Abel.

Oil Dive > cr.MP > st.MK > fj.HK

Depending on the time Abel can evade by simpling crouching, but there is a perfect time that beat this. I do not test in the others characters.


Been trying out Hakan and was wondering how do you cancel the Oil Dive into
the Guard Dive / coward crouch ?


You gotta hold the kick button you are using for Oil Dive and then input all three punches and the down direction for the crouch.


Thanks was easier than I thought (hold the kick plus + 3 PPP).


I really enjoy playng with Hakan, but i’m “guessing” a lot during games because I don’t do any OS…

What is the most common OS to use after a knockdown to catch jump/backdash ?
Is there any OS with U2 ? I love this ultra so much, I have to use it a his best.

Thanks guys


I like using and then using both as an OS and as your combo. Works as both if you time it right. Also, yes, you can use U2 as an OS. The most common way to use that is to do, OS U2. Extremely effective against Honda especially. Many people will use slide as an os or mk dive. Here’s a nice OS I use in the corner, too:


Slide-press, back dash, hp slide, U2 against a back dash. hard to believe that works. Unsafe, so you ought to use FADC and then do U2 on reaction.


Sooooo, what should i go for as an Anti Air with Hakan? Is s.H a good choice?


Much like Chun-li or other such characters you have a lot of anti airs but they are all situational.

Play around in the training room with st.HP, f.MP and f.LP.

St.HP is your best anti air to deal with things like Ken cross up Hurricane Kicks. Keep in mind it’s kind of slow at 8 frames so it’s tricky to use.

f.LP is your quickest anti air at 4 frames but does little damage and has to be used pretty late to catch people. It has a decent hit box to deal with mid range jump ins. And while the f.lp does little damage in itself it leads to an air reset that you can take advantage of with a mix up of your own.

f.MP destroys most far jump ins because it lowers Hakan’s hurt box so much. Works a little better when oiled. You can also use f.MP on deeper jump ins because you will duck right under the attack. If you are quick enough you can catch them during trip guard for a oil rocket or U1.

Some less used anti airs that I find myself using a lot is st.MP and cr.MP.

I use st.MP against a lot of neutral jump attacks that are a bit further out. Sometimes will trade but in my mind that’s okay because Hakan is pretty weak to neutral jump pressure I find.

cr.MP is use vs characters like Rufus and Yun. I do crouch techs with cr.MP or just use cr.MP to beat dive kicks. Serves the purpose for me but maybe others use something different.


Thanks! :smiley: