The Hakan General Discussion Thread



Just stopping by to say hey, I’ve been lurking around for a while just mainly watching videos and such before I try and make the switch to Hakan. I always messed around a bit with him with friends but I never really too the time to learn. Seeing the pressure from Samurai Drew and others really got me interested in him. Sakura’s kinda meh now and everyone is playing her now.

I can’t wait to get all oily, but for now I’m just going to absorb info. I hope I’m welcome here lolz


You are of course welcomed, just the forum isn´t so active, the Hakan is spreading out of a Facebook group.

This is Samurai Drew, add him there, but I don´t use Facebook, cause I dislike it.


Thats cool, not much of a facebook user either, but I’ll start today with learning setups. Watched your two videos with the classical music lol. Liked em.


I actually quite active on SRK, you can also ask me about help. Honestly, I don´t know, how to create videos, but otherwise, I would like to learn it.


Alright thanks anyway


So I played a bit today. I did about an hour of the uncrouchable setups in training from different videos then I went online. Got bodied. I couldn’t remember any of the setups, except after the slide and press ( n.j > mk dive) and the one after the dive. ( jump over > dash lk.dive) Other then that I wasn’t sure what ultra to use, plus I got set up against a lot of decent players due to my pp. I got pressured and I turtled up, lost oil and it was a wrap from there. I have to stop being scared and get in there and pressure.


Oil dive setups should be a really small part of your game. Focus more on comboing from level1 focus attacks with DNCs and parrying attacks like jump ins with it. Learn your anti airs and proper punishes.

For example, if you can punish with a dive instead of xx slide you should. Sure, you lose damage but Hakan gets damage really easy anyway. A dive gets you a precious MK oil and puts your opponent in the corner.

Another important thing to learn when playing Hakan is when to oil up. Some match ups you can squeeze in a lk oil full screen. Other match ups you can’t and if you try you will eat a lot of damage.


Hmm thanks, I’ll hit the lab again and try the get used to the anti’s and dnc’s.


Hakan is not an easy character to learn.
It requires understanding the game and other characters ability, and of course knowing all hakans do’s and donts.

i would recommend new comers to go through Uncrouchables first because its the most unique attribute to this character, and in having fun learning this you’ll pick up the feel of hakan.
Like what pritz said, this is really only a small part in high level hakan later on, but i think its still somewhat the most fun thing about using hakan to get you into it.

Then move on to safe jump, safe slide.
and eventually understanding specific matchup.

Hakan is like this, every part of these setups plays a ‘small’ role, but combining these skills later you’ll have a many ‘choice’ at any given situation, especially after a knockdown. and this is why some ppl call it the hakan votex! lolol

I’ve posted a specific guide for each of these in the forum and my bible link, so just hit the lab and go through them gradually and keep going back to them so you’ll know eventually by heart the standard setup to incorporate to your game play.

Unfortunately seeing it and applying it is a really a big difference if you want to use hakan better.
You wouldn’t believe how much time good hakans have spend on the lab to familiarise themselves for timing purpose as well as trying setup and mastering his link combos etc.



So here’s some crazy tech I’ve been playing very seriously with in response to predictable throws: Starting at crouching defense (1): 1, 6, 1, 4, 7… lp+lk. This will activate the jump animation, making you throw invincible, after which you will lk dive. If you’re a bit late, you tech throws. You can hold this and punish neutral jumps as well. You’ve got to delay the lp+lk and hold 7 for about 2-4 frames. Unsafe, but if you’re dry, I think this, if mastered, will get Hakan a few more big comeback wins.


difference between LP, MP, HP oil rocket, different wake up timing?
Also, any safe cowardcrouch setups against reversals? thks



About Oil Rocket:

Move Name Range Damage Stun Meter gain Startup Active Recovery Notes
Oil Rocket File:Jab. 0.97[1.79] 150[170] 100 40/100 - 3 2 56 - - Hard knockdown, [] refers to Oiled state
Oil Rocket File:strong. 0.97[1.56] 160[180] 100 40/100 - 3 2 56 - - Hard knockdown, [] refers to Oiled state
Oil Rocket File:fierce. 0.97[1.50] 180[200] 100 40/100 - 3 2 56 - - Hard knockdown, [] refers to Oiled state
These are the differences in terms of frame data, you see the stronger the grab, the range becomes lesser, when Oiled.
I don´t see any signs of different wakeup timing, they land all on their faces. The thing is, those different wakeup timings would be mentioned for different moves in the wiki, keep in mind, different characters have different wakeup timings.:

But there is a difference, where the opponent will land after a SPD

Taken from here:
So for example LP Oil Rocket gives you a better chance for the HK Oil Shower, which gives much more Oil, whereas other versions give you different setups(I think, here was a list with setup timings) like safejumps, safe slides or meaty attacks, uncrouchables whatever we have.

Here is also a video, which shows it:

About coward crouch:
Are you meaning setups like these ones:

Hope, it helps you, if questions are there, then ask me, I will try to help.


unfortunately the data for the Rockets effective range is still a tad incorrect from all current frame data sources, including srk and Jap’s official Arcadia guide.
in particular to our recent findings, the OILED LP.rocket in fact has the furthest ‘suction’ of all, LP > MP/HP/EX for sure.


thks for the answer oilforthewin, i have some few
1)can hakan oil parry a whole ultra: like yun’s ultra 1 or cody’s ultra 2?
2) also, is the coward crouch punishable by SPD, throws, low attacks, ultras?
4) I cant EX oil slide across the map, I always stop half-range.
3)is oiled hakan best character? lol

thks again


I will update this post, time after time.

  1. He is imo in general a strong character now. The character works this way. Strong oiled up and dry weak, still able to get a momentum change quite good when dry. He has options and tools, while oiled, which are great and could make him the strongest character in the game. There in the end only character called Hakan, but oiled up, he is tremendous.

4)You have to be oiled first at all. There are also different versions of this move, depending if you press a punch or kick button as a followup. Let me quote from ZentraediAce92:[details=Spoiler]
Now here is when I begin to question what I’m seeing and how it could be applied-
-Hakan’s oiled up EX slide has a variety of properties based on what you choose to do with it:
+If you mash the oil up followup, he will only travel half screen
+If you mash the body splash followup, he will go full screen, but you are NOT allowed to FADC the frames it makes contact on (tested with dummy on all block and Hakan in opposite corners)
+If you don’t mash either followup, he will go just shy of full screen, yet you ARE allowed to FADC the frames it makes contact on (given you move forward slightly as from full screen it will wiff on medium sized characters like shotos); also, his body will awkwardly slide in a standing position pushing the opponent and you further forward causing some interesting situations.
+His speed is also altered based on which of these options you choose

And to top it off, using the EX slide dry works in the same way except all distances are about halved (need to recheck this).
His other slides, though their distances are not affected, their speed however is, when you choose to mash or not mash. I’ve accidentally caused a number of strange interactions thanks to my sloppy inputs and the direct effects causing my opponent to wiff their counterattack or not be hit at all when it normally would have ticked for a meaty slide.
[/details] I think everything is here explained.


what about the oil follow up to the slide? are there any situations where you should use it (getting out of the corner?) or does the guaranteed oil after the press make it redundant?


So uhh, no talk about ultra Hakan? My first thoughts now that I’ve had hands on this game.

The cancellability is nice and recovering faster makes links easier. One new thing is that without oil he can actually tick into his SPD this time around without having to walk forward first. Tackle being safer is a huge plus and you can still hitconfirm it.

I haven’t really put his into work yet but I remember a few times in the past that I wished it had the same properties as It still does 80 damage too. +10 damage on air throw feels pretty redundant. can be linked into itself or s.lp now. I rarely use instead of s.lp and this change still doesn’t give me a reason to. The link to s.lp is one frame and linking it into itself is pretty useless. The best thing about this is the +1 on block now, IMO.

W Ultra seems totally pointless for Hakan outside of maybe a few select match-ups. The damage drop is just too huge. I’d personally only pick it for mu’s that are very hard to land an ultra in (for me I’m thinking dictator, always was a hard match for me). That way you might get more changes to land it and maybe be able to take to the offensive. The comeback mechanic value is gone with the damage, though.

The only thing I feel pretty salty about at the end of the day is his buff. “We’re giving you a cross-up” they said. This damn thing is probably harder to land a cross-up with than I wonder if anyone actually tested this one properly.
As you have to land on top of their head I also only managed to get 4f moves after success which ain’t bad since he can combo from s.lp but I didn’t test taller characters yet. If that’s what I’m getting on Ryu and Juri I wonder if that cross-up gives me anything on, say, Sagat.

I’ve yet to try s.hp antiair buff. Dunno what to think about f+hk unoiled buff.


There is talk about Ultra Hakan, just the people are writing now in the Facebook group for Hakan.


I dislike the idea, but if that’s what it takes to get to read some thoughts about ultra Hakan… I guess I’ll be asking for an invite.


I played him only for a few hours, I can´t really tell much about him.

He is of course better than his AE2012 version, but the crossup buff is really disappointing, hard to actually make it crossup. What else? The idea behind the CR LK buff is to have an low hitconfirm from a safe low hitting button. Otherwise, I think that you said everything else I could say for now.

I forgot to tell it, but even in the beta builds of USF4, the crossup was really bad.