The Halloween Costume Thread

Alright guys, you got aboot 3 weeks before Halloween, I’m sure some of you have been working on your costume already.

I’ve put this up in the pictures thread for a reason. Lets see some pics of what you’re going to be

[placeholder for when i upload pics of my costume]

in b4 joker


This is me last year as Pyramid Head

This is what I have of the Megazord costume so far.

lol you know your av the car is reversing :rofl:

tsukihimeblood thats pretty damn good, blood splatter could be more realistic :tup:

the best recipe I found for Blood is

3 parts water
1 part corn syrup
1-2 tablespoons of corn starch
red food coloring
couple drops of blue food coloring

hmm i was not aware of that.

lol he’ll have moths following him all night, I guess that would be kinda creepy aswell.

Yeh background not moving doesnt help either, but good idea :wonder:


[size=6]OK…**** ball bearings Rolling bearings Double row cylindrical roller bearings [/size]

^ The fuck?

What?! you don’t get it? He’s going as double row cylindrical roller bearings. It’s pretty bad-ass.

did you learn nothing in physics class? the camera is capturing the image slower than what the wheels are spinning at so it appears to be going in reverse.

Touche I tip my hat to your sir, but doesn’t that only happen when the wheels reach a certain RPM, I think the car has to be doing 60mph…

Noble prize if you can explain the static background anomaly.:rofl:


just have to paint it now

MixBlender: wtf is that?

This isn’t my real costume, but I thought I’d share it anyways:

as seen in shoo newest avatar

you should’ve went as Voltron instead and went to Westroads to buy those Voltron Reebok shoes from the the Persian guy to make it even more epic.

You need this :rock:

Tonight’s costume:


Bro, where did you pick up your Pyramid Head costume? Or did you make it?

Guys, quit quoting images without removing the [IMG] tags. Also, ball-bearing bot isn’t going to be trick or treating around here anymore.

I don’t want to have to take any more corrective action in this thread.