The hampton roads (sova) thread version 9!

During a meeting of the minds at the Mongolian BBQ it came to be that SOVA needs a new thread.

somehow i was voted to do it?


So I always seemed to like the way Vince organized things with the thread, but he is far to busy with life right about now so

I got this.

Welcome to the SoVA aka Hampton Roads Thread, Version 9. (YES IT IS 9 SO FUCK OFF!) I will be regularly updating this post with community events such as tourneys, casuals etc. All suggestions are welcome. PM me!

(Yes i stole most of this from Vince.)


Version 6

Version 7




Replays Weekly Wednesday Gatherings-

2093 General Booth Blvd # 104, Virginia Beach, VA 23454-5917
(757) 427-9001 ‎

Wednesday nights starting at 7:00 PM - Midnightish.

This is a local gathering in a very relaxed environment for all fighting games including: SF4, MvC3, T6, KoF, MK, etc etc. Numerous setups and lots of competition. If you’re playing fighting games competitively in Southern Virginia and not attending this, you have a problem!

Smaller tournaments run weekly. Bigger tournaments TBA at a later date.

Respect the venue and the employees, show some patronage when you can. Drinks and snacks available at the counter for convenience. Thanks and hope to see you there!

Event: Dsinnie’s Troll Cave Casuals (Call ahead if you’re not familiar with the parking situation)
When: Thursday and Saturday nights!
Where: Chesapeake, VA
Phone: 757-553-0750
Games: ST, MvC3, SSF4 or whatever!

Event: Blackula’s Castle of Casuals!
When: Friday nights
Where: Chesapeake, VA
Phone: 860-710-2784
Games: MvC3/SF4/T6, BYOG welcome




Ever want to have you stick work for every system under the sun? Have it Light up pretty colors? how about have it make really obnoxious noises whenever you hit buttons?


Being from SOVA you have access the the best mod man out there Gummowned! NO SHIPPING! (unless your lazy!) just visit his thread here on SRK or you can even post a message up in here to get ahold of the man himself!

His thread is here!


inb4 “What happened to V8?”

What happened to v8?!

Try to come out to this, I’m trying to get most if not all md/va to be here.

Blackula is hosting games from 8pm to midnight. Anyone who wants to prep for SFIV, MK9 or T6 @ Civil War this weekend should show up if they can.

EDIT: if you plan to show up Black says to call him first, just to make sure he gets home in time to open the doors.

Getting my dreds touched up. As Nick said, call before you leave. I don’t want anyone having to wait. Also, I’ve just decided to stay open until 1 AM.

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Hope to be there by 8:45. Almost done with the hair.

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i should of just hosted.

Uh…think my PS3 died again. Gonna let it chill and then check it tomorrow night. I’ve turned it on about three times and clocked-in about 5 hours total. That’s gotta be a GnT record.

So much for practicing.

To all the Sova players coming up to civil war:

First of all, Thank you!! This event will be awesome!

Please preregister with name, games, and location on the facebook page here:

Or the SRK event page here:

Thank you for coming, and get your team ready!

There will be a crack session at my house Friday night as well.

Current pre reg list is here:

If anyone played on the big tv at BOSS and wants to search for their matches they may be here.

Audio sounded messed up on that stream. But at 44 minutes my fight starts. I can see a lot of mistakes I was making and, at around 46 minutes or so, you can probably hear me screaming “FUCK” a few times at the end of it. To say I got salty at the tournament is saying that the Atlantic is also “salty”.

i don’t think salty is the word.

Make sure you sign up as GMS Dsinnie at civil war 3.


awesome, i was gonna point out that someone else should take over. (ill be leaving for basic training in october) i really wish i could get out more and practice with you guys. i cant stand online play. the only thing i do on my ps3 as of late is blackops with coworkers or netflix…

i couldnt come to support boss #2 but awesome turnout it looks like. [S]any vids?[/S] nvm just read through the thread

and whos going to evo?


I’ll be living in hampton in about a week or so. :sunglasses:

David Paul!!! Stationed at Langley? You still play?