The Hanma Baki Thread

I was shocked to see that IMO one of the best Japanese comics is not being discussed or have it’s own dependent thread. This thread are for fans and new audience to share their admiration, opinions or ? About the manga.

With out giving out to much 2 folks who are not familiar with the manga. Grappler baki ( created by my nugga Keisuke Itagak). focus on the urge every man has at one point of their lives, to become the strongest! The hero of the manga, baki hanma, is the son of the ogre Aka yujiro hanma. The strongest creature in the world. Baki at a every early age, is consume to reach his fight prowless to the height of his father. Pushing himself way beyond a pro fighter could ever imagine. Throughout his journey, he encounters fordimal opponents in the underground arena making his own legacy and catching his father attention, as a rival!

The manga has a excellent story line and fight scenes that will definintly Quinch any SRKer! There are two manga series, grappler baki and baki son of orge. The 1st series of the manga was made to a anime series by Funimation. I personaly like to watch the anime series subbed, the dubbed verison does it no justice. But you be the judge.

The manga series baki son of ogre is ongoing at 19 volumes at the moment, correct me if I’m wrong. It starts off where the anime left off.

For your viewing pleasure courtesy of S/N

New Grappler Baki Manga VOL 1 - VOL 31 Complete

Hanma Baki Son of Ogre VOL 1 - VOL 16 Ongoing

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I read the manga when it was in Raijin Comics. It was cool. Didn’t get into it that much to continue following when Raijin went under. All of the anime out for Baki is pretty good.

baki son of ogre is much better! Touches more on Yugiro and the plot thickens.

i’ll check it out i’ve seen the movie (or 1st episode?) it was pretty cool

It is goddamn amazing, but it’s a pain to find the scans (i only have 2 years of japanese, my kanji reading is zero). There’s only one group doing it, and there’s stuff they only release for “VIP” ($$$) readers and stuff.

I’ve read a good 50 or 60 volumes, but all out of order and from different series (there’s what, 5 Baki series?).

No i believe its only 3 series…1st kid saga 2nd maximum tournament saga & 3rd boy fascinated with fighting god aka baki son of ogre…correct me if im wrong…S/N does a great job keeping magna in order & translatin.

Baki (1st series - Champion, Kid, Maximum)
Baki Gaiden (short story)
Baki Search Of Our Strongest Hero (2nd series)
Baki Saga (quasi-porn comic with Baki and his girlfriend)
Baki Scarface (Hanayama’s comic)
Baki Son of Ogre (3rd series)

So, six series, plus some special reprints.

Cool I have humbly learn something today…thanks gonna check them out

There probably wasn’t a thread in here because BEWD made one for Baki in GD. lol, But I can understand your want to make a thread in here. Here is the original thread in GD:

ah ok, i was looking around & just found it wierd that baki was left out. good shit BEWD

Yup yup, good stuff that BEWD. Oh, and thanks for the sites you posted in your first post. I was looking for a site to read Baki. I feel so far behind compared to everyone else.

def a great source 4 ALOT of magna S/N is.