The Haunted Graveyard: Arthur Video Thread

post the best videos showing just what arthur is capable of



pre release

Spoiler [media=youtube]zCWKR5PujBg[/media]

I hope the Adam Sessler video isn’t the first one here.

why would it be?
it doesn’t tell you anything at all about arthur
except that he can fight in his underwear

The quality is a tad sub par but the gameplay is pretty good [media=youtube]rf1dr8mZWxQ&feature=player_embedded#[/media] plus lol at the commentary. Oh and looks like arthur is gonna be very sick indeed, dude was playing a sick keepaway game without the help of any assists, granted the other dude was trying to get in without assists so i guess it evens out.

And here are a couple CES vids



Yeah it looked like the other guy had no idea how to use his assists to get in on Arthur, but it was still some great keep away play.

Haha, that first video is one I hadn’t seen. “You don’t fuck with the golden bracelet! That is some serious fucking jewelry!”

Yea that line had me in stitches.

Just a casual aside, but I hope you could organize the videos with spoiler tags in the first post.

Having them organized with tags like “pre-release” “combos” “tournaments” etc would be helpful.

gotta rework the formatting in the first post it’s all messed up.

his gold armor bottle assist with chun’s dash’s causes for some sweet crossup legs mixups

All the shenanigans from the front page.
Nerd Josh vs Marn
Shoryuken - Marvel vs Capcom 3 Online “Replay” - Marn vs Nerdjosh

nerdjosh will be a lot better with arthur when he starts using his other projectiles beside lance and dagger. there are a lot of situations in those matches where the crossbow and axe would have helped a lot. He also needs to dhc out with gold armor and use his assist more. I realize its very early, im sure he’ll pick up on these things as he plays more.

i was thinking those same things myself - axe and crossbow are super important


Bracelet loop

ill add some videos 2night

You don’t need X-Factor to do that “loop.” You just cancel the previous Goddess Bracelet at around 2 hits before it ends, so when the combo counter says 18, 38, 58, etc. It costs a mighty chunk of your bar though.


Everyone has probs seen this now

Yeah someone posted that vid like 3 posts above yours lol

Let’s go Arthur!