The hawaii cvs2 scene

on the island of kauai we are so big on capcom vs. snk2. we have watched fighters like John Choi( my personal favorite ) buktooth and Ricky Ortiz. we got so into it last year and have tournaments every month. By watching the pro’s we have Got pretty good, i personally learned a lot from Ricky and John, turtle style, mad set up combos, A groove and my personal favorite Counter attacks. maybe
one day i will have pleasure of facing one of you guys just to see where im at, till then i will keep killing everyyone from kauai. next tournament april 5.

Come to Oahu… lots of players play here.

when you face me you will see how far behind you are

maybe man compare to you guys im pretty far behind

maybe we wil get to battle the next time i go to oahu

want to play for money?

i suck wanna roll?

you like scrap?

When and where are these tournaments held at? How many people enter? And format? Arcade? console?

I think it’s held at that one Fun Factory there…I think. Is one still there?

its held at the kapaa fun factory

lol this is funny :badboy:

WOW, I’ve never seen anyone other than from Oahu post on SRK. Welcome Ben Lee, it’s nice to see more people from Hawaii on here. Hey wasssup PSX. :nunchuck: :rock:

Ben Lee: Whats tournament entry fee? How many folks enter? When is the next one?

DarkHadou: Wassup, hit me up on aim, let me know when your free so I can drop off that dvd.

its a $ 5.00 dollar buy in. a small group of people join around 20+. the next tournament is on april 5th. its pretty fucken fun man I won 2 out of the 4 tournaments

If you can provide a pic for proof, I will 100 percent believe you. I have my doubts like a lot of folks, but if you can take a pic of your next get together and date and time it is. Then I will be impressed.

Another option would be how about making a tourney $10 entry fee, use the $ to fly your winner to oahu for a day to play some of our guys…

Just a idea…

thats a good idea dude. we do tournaments because we like the game and everyone knows everyone its all in good fun man. i hope i can go to oahu soon just to see where im at skill wise. i heard the guys from hawaiian brians are really good my friend went there she said they are good and she told me she won a few matches.

fuck im gonna fly there and take your money

be my guess homie

^^^^^ = :rofl:

Well I do remember some people at Hawaiian Brians (I played pool on that night) said that they came from Kauai and wanted to see how the CVS2 scene was. This one person did say that they had tournaments at the Fun Factory there…that’s why I guessed it was Fun Factory where the tournaments were held.