The hawaii cvs2 scene

You always want to play for money, don’t you? :rofl:

Because $ matches are fun. I cant blame him. I like them to.

Although I don’t play in those money matches, I do understand why they’re fun.

It’s because when there is more on the line both players will kick it up a notch and play even better and more serious - resulting in possibly a better match.

this guy is just to fukn funny :clap:

My best advice like I said take a pic from the upcoming tourney in a few weeks. Post up a group shot of everyone playing. IF you do that, Im sure you will earn a lot of credibility.

Right now I doubt anyone believes there are 20 folks showing up for CVS2 tournaments in an arcade on another island. I want to believe but even myself have some doubts… If this does turn up to be true I might be willing to go down there for one just to compete against other locals I haven’t gotten a chance to play before.

But before I even consider it along with others, I rather wait to make sure this is for real and not just someone blowing steam.

well money matches are not really fun but it brings excitement and puts more stress on you to do better…if you can handle money games you can handle any tourney. Not many girls play cvs2 at hb except the occasional syxx so we would notice if a girl played us.

I might be wrong but I think hes talking about those 2 girls from Hilo or where ever it was. The mvc2 ones… i think there srk handles are Ryu Shinosuke and Goukigirl.

I had no clue they came here and played cvs2 though…

P.S let me know if u want to go drinking, I need an excuse to go. :clap:

They haven’t been to Oahu recently. I talk to one of them all the time. They play more MVC2 than anything else, though.

Damn PSX, you gonna fly down there for more comp? Wouldn’t mind tagging along just for the hell of it. Maybe I’ll actually find someone I can beat in CVS2…challenging all the Hawaiian Brians guys is a tough challenge for me. :nunchuck: Then again, I’m sure there is probably some people out on other islands that may give some good competition. Don’t count anyone out. So yeah I’m sure I might lose to others too. can’t roll cancel, ain’t that good in strategy and mind games, yeah. I’ll just try my best

Heh, back in my days me and another dude (very skinny dude with glasses) used to do that too but going around the island looking for competition for all the VS games. Out of all the places we went to, Hawaiian Brians and Fun Factory Pearlridge were the best places for competition. In turn, I met all ya’llz.

I’m down to go too. We could fly in during the morning and prolly catch the last flight out. Sounds dope! :tup: :clap: Finally be able to travel somewhere and not have to take a 6+ hour flight. :tup: :clap:

…holy smack balls, that sounds very do-able and may even be a chance to um… check out the scenery ::coughlocalgirlscough::, herb-up, and do whatever you can do on that island with less to do than ours. someone arrange something!

dude if you guys want to come down, come down its for real dudes 10:00 pm april 5 fun factory in kapaa right by foodland. this is a Snk vs. capcom rules

  1. you must come to fun factory and let shawn know you want to enter
  2. randomly draw out what company you are fighting for.
  3. then randomly draw out 4 characters
  4. choose 2 characters out of the 4 characters
  5. you can only use your companies groove so if your on snk side you can only use S groove K groove and N groove.
  6. two seperate tournaments will happen at one time the capcom tournament and snk tournament. the winner of the capcom tournament will face the winner of the snk tournament.

we wanted to do something different so here you go its legit

WOW…sounds like that Mililani “highlander” mvc2 tourney. In any case matt, ryan, chris…i’d be down to go. Gotta drink too if we do go. it’d be dope to play some.

IMO Ben… if the tourney was just a regular tourney people would have to bring their A game. This type of tourney if somebody happens to end up with their best groove and chars it’s pretty much their tourney. But seems interesting…

Ok why not just let everyone pick there own charecters? Wheres the skill in random chars?

Seriouslly, its all about luck of the draw. U dont see the players pure potential doing this method. All the tournaments on oahu are pick your own charecters.

I notice you said you watch Choi and Ricky, I hope you know the tourneys they enter its pick your own team.

So what gives?

Yea im seriouslly interested in going. The flights shouldnt cost to much. As for drinking… :clap: :clap: :clap:

Maybe we can organize a small group of 4 or so and head down there to check this out.

I might add that all the tournaments in the rest of the world are Pick Your Own Characters.

the thing is we did the pick tournament. we like to do something differet every month. you guys would probbly out play us anyway we like it for the fun. but if you want come down. me, rayzan, shawn, earl, allyn and others will give you what we got and we are not to bad at it. we want competition. we kill everyone else here, the only competiton we have here is each other we need something different come bring it and play us and maybe we will find out you guys are not as good as we thought. J/K dude nah hope yall come April 5!!!

Do you have any tourneys on the weekend? I can’t go to the april 5th one because I gotta work. I’d hop on a plane after work, but since the tourney is at 10pm that means that I won’t be able to catch the last flight back to oahu. Is it possible to hold a tourney on the weekend? If not, would people show up on the weekend to FF? I don’t really care if there’s a tourney or not (would be nice though). Playing different people is just fun in itself. =D

It sounds like there’s a handful of O`ahu people willing to visit even in the middle of the week so I think you might get more than enough variety just playing a regular tournament. Pit everybody’s best against each other in a big tournament and see what happens after the dust settles.

I’d be down to go, but pretty much gotta be a weekend, and I need to know more than 2 weeks ahead of time, because I have to make sure I’m not on call or anything during that day.