The HD7770 of HD7850 for my old pc

hello i want to buy a new video card but have a question …

I have an old system:
gigabyte EP 45 DS4
intel Q9450 (quad core)
8gb ram
geforce 8500GT

But i still want to buy a new video card for gaming…

Now im choosing between these 2:

HIS RADEON HD 7770 iCooler € 100

Club 3D Radeon HD 7850 1GB royal king € 150 (Bioshock infinite + Tomb + FC3 BD PC voucher)

my main question is, if the 7850 is worth 50 euro extra combined with my system?
(p.s with the 7850 you get far cry 3 and bioshock infinite for free will these run on my system with this card?)


There will be no bottleneck if you buy 7850 which is worth 50E more. You will play those games with good settings, don’t worry.
You can even buy a better card than 7850 if you plan to change the platform in the future but anything more than 7850 will be limited by the Q9450.

aii wicked man that helps me a lot! i will go for the 7850 :slight_smile:
one more question… for 17 euros more i can take the 2GB version… do that or save the money?

Absolutely yes, especially if you are gaming at 1080p, 1 GB is minimum.

In terms of best bang for buck, the 7790 is also an option.

That said, the 7850 is a value champion. It’s a great card. And yes, you must get the 2GB version.

nice!! thanks guys!!

If you can find and spring for it, the 7870 XT (or LE) is a great bet

Yeah the 7850 is much better but I probably wouldn’t go much higher without upgrading your CPU as it will probably be your bottleneck.

thanks guys!