The 'Headbutt' Compendium

Realizing that I couldn’t find a threat solely devoted to all things about this wonderful move, I thought I’d make one as a reference guide to people who are new to Urien as well as intermediate Urien players that know the basics of buffering and charge partitioning already and want to expand their ground game. Whether useless or not, information never hurts.

– All tests are done on the PS2 in Trainning Mode –

Headbutt Reset
Strangely, I first discovered this was even possible while watching one of RX’s match videos against an Alex that I can’t quite remember the name of. Basically for those who don’t know, Urien can reset certain characters after LP headbutting them with a c/s.LP, which basically allows you to just keep the pressure on them as well as building a smidge of meter. The characters which can be reset are the following:

Headbutt Hit/Miss Range
Strangely while testing to confirm who the Headbutt Reset worked on, I found that some characters can only be hit by the headbutt at certain ranges while they are in their standing stances. Characters not listed all get hit and combo’d normally by the Headbutt. This information basically is here just so that we know where we stand when doing certain things against certain characters since whiffing against certain characters being played by patient people might just get us thrown and it’s especially bad for someone like Urien that has as much options as Makoto does after a knockdown.

Necro Can only be hit by the LP Headbutt at c.LK range. Oddly enough at every other range you will just Headbutt right over him even if you use LP Headbutt. Though this can be solved by comboing the Headbutt with c.LP/c.LK/s.LK (s.LP will cause the LP Headbutt to miss for some reason)

Ibuki Interestingly enough, c/s.LP or c/s.LK into LP Headbutt won’t combo, because Ibuki is able to block the Headbutt even if she is hit. Tested with Autoguard in trainning mode ONLY so if somebody can test to see if this isn’t just trainning mode being messed up and that you can actually hit a human Ibuki.

Yun/Yang Can only be hit by an LP Headbutt at c.LP/LK range and at the closest distance while the character is at the peak (highest/tallest) standing frame. Can’t combo into any Headbutt at all and every other range will just whiff.

Makoto Won’t be hit by the LP Headbutt at ANY RANGE.

Twelve Interestingly enough you can’t LP Headbutt Twelve in the corner when you’re right next to him, but if you are at c.LP/LK range you can. You can LP Headbutt anywhere else though at whatever range that it’ll look like it hits him, but oddly enough it seems that theres a chance it will whiff once in awhile because Twelve’s hitboxes bob up and down while he’s standing so at c.LP/LK range, hit or miss will depend on what frame of animation he’s in. Can’t combo into LP Headbutt though, Headbutt will always whiff.

Oro LP Headbutt is able to jump over Oro’s standing stance when you do it right next to him. Meaning you can’t combo into it from c.LP/LK either…

Elena Kind of like Oro, When she’s in her wider standing frames you can’t LP Headbutt over her, but when her legs are close together you can. Also you can only LP Headbutt her from s.LP/LK distance when her head is in the furthest back frame.

Will update regularly as I have time and people give input so that there will hopefully be a complete compendium just for this one great move of Urien’s. Partitioning bits will be updated for tomorrow. As I am not relatively even good when it comes to partitioning myself, I know enough as to how to apply the theory of so I will do my best to test everything I update with.

Right now though, I’m just curious as to how in the world Emphy gets off the LP Headbutt, MP Aegis -> dash -> MP Headbutt to work as I can never get the MP Headbutt to come out, hopefully he can help with the timing.

As I see it if you can do the aegis->dash->tackle unblockable, the timing to do an aegis->dash->headbutt should be the same. The tackle and the headbutt have the same charge time (I’m not exactly sure about this) so… you should start charging down a bit after the aegis is thrown, then dash while charging down a bit more, and do the headbutt.

lemme edit this post to say right after he says ae start charging

A good reset to do IMO is after a cr. Fierce, knock down with a lp headbutt, and start charging down immediately, dash, charge during dash, dash again and ex or regular headbutt. I catch people not anticipating this alot.

I read that it was inconsistent and I couldn’t really get out the tackle, but I was thinking I was charing enough. I’ll probably work on it some and update with another section devoted on setting up certain dash(dash)-(ex)headbutt partition situations.

That’s not a reset, but it’s a good setup, though seems like theres a chance that if you just MP Headbutt certain characters that don’t or didn’t quick get up you’ll just land next to them and I feel that pointblank without an Aegis or full charge held is the worst position you can put Urien in because basically your “best” bet is to tech the throw and then you’ll just bounce right into the corner and some characters will just start picking your ass apart. EX Headbutt is nice though since even if go over their head, you still don’t have to worry much because theres room to maneuver and start charging as well as you’re at the maximum poking range… well don’t mind me, I’m just playing theory fighter in my head.

Will probably practise and figure out how to put down some charge points (as it’s not always the case to get the charge as quickly as possible since you can go overcharge and lose it)

Haha, whoops, I don’t know why I said reset. My bad. I do it anticipating that they will techroll, and rise right into Urien’s forehead. If they don’t techroll, you can probably dash back or jump away from them. And if they get hit by the ex headbutt, a mp sphere into tackle sets up nicely for an unblockable. I like it.