The Headphones/Earbuds/Audio Thread

Talk about what kinda earbuds, headphones, speakers, etc you use

Audiophiles unite!

it’s about time somebody made a thread like this.

if i could afford another pair of shure earbuds, i’d pick them up.
arguably the best earbuds out on the market.

how much did you pay^^^?

I really like those bose headphones

the smaller version ones
theyre called Bose On-Ear Headphones something like that

I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 485’s
Sennheiser HD 485

and a pair of black Everglide S500’s
Everglide s500

The Everglides need a little more bass. Other than that, they’re both great. I just wish that they both had built in microphones.

i had a set of shure e3c sound isolating earbuds that i picked up for 175.
but because oregon rains so fucking much, the coating that covers the wires wore down and split open, bye-bye earbuds.


Sannheiser is great and affordable for the audiophile on a set-income :tup:

My current PC setup:

Chaintech AV-710 (Bit-Perfect Output) -> Zhaolu D2C with Discrete Headphone Amp -> AKG K271S with Sweetcome cable

My current portable setup:

PSP -> Little Dot Micro -> Koss KSC-75

I have more, but I’m not listening to them at this time. I am trying to sell some of my gear to fund other hobbies :wgrin:

I have some Grado SR125s:

However, they’ve seen better days. When it’s time, I’ll def buy Grado again. prolly step it up a bit and get some RS 1s.

I have a Philips Go-Gear for my MP3 player, and a pair of Bose Around-Ear Headphones. I just can’t do ear buds. They just do not feel comfortable to me for long periods so I stick to the big old headphones. I love them though, the quality is top notch and it really pulls you in when you have stuff like Pink Floyd playing.

Step up a bit? Going from some SR-125 to the RS-1 is a huge leap :sweat:

i love in-ear buds. I just got the apple produced on for my ipod and love it.

First one of these i had came with my sony ericcson phone. I can’t ever go back to normal earbuds now.

When I bought the SR125s, it wa sa long ass time ago, and I had to special order them from some facility for the hearing impaired in the US, and import them into Canada. I paid an arm and a leg.

The cost of the RS-1 isn’t unreasonable for the quality of product you get. Best quality-to-cost ration of any audiophile headphone in my opinion.

I’ve got the BOSE QuiteComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling ® Headphones. Great feel to them, though a bit pricey. They do work, granted being used on airplanes, but if you’re in a really noisy area, don’t bother too much. The sound coming from the headphones is really superb. The treble and bass have a lot of depth, which is surprising to me. The kit comes with a bag of goodies, such as extension chords, plug converters, and even cheesy business cards that you can hand out to jealous neighboring fliers. (They’re worth the price though, quite easily.)

The QuietComfort 2is wonderful indeed for noisy environments but hella pricey. I mean, I got myself a Sennheiser PXC300 for about half the price (its sennheiser equivalent of the QuietComfort3, the smaller one). Noise cancelling isn’t as good but still very significant (most so-called noise cancellers barely do anythin) and it’s way more affordable.
The other nose-cancelled sennheiser (PXC other than PXC-300) are pure crap btw.

Apart from that I got a pair of budget headphones (sennheiser PX100, very good for $25) just for anything and everything where quality isn’t required and/or the headphones can be damaged. For the rest I got a Koss Pro4AAT which is some really hot stuff if you want almost uncolored monitoring headphones but cannot afford the real shit.

And since I mentioned Sennheiser, let me recall that the brand has some very good headphones as well as some horrible ones, and this for every price (but it’s not to be a problem since the first thing to do before buying headphones is listening to them)

P.S. I second the post on the Grado RS-1, they are worth their price (though I would not buy them because somehow I never found the Grado comfortable, but this is a very very personal point of view)

Grado cans need a very good amount of use before they start to actually form to the individual user’s head, and even then, they still aren’t that comfortable.

As for myelf, I’m in a bad situation cause my earpads have fallen apart (so old) nd I’ve been too lazy/cheap to buy replacements. So I’ve been using the Grado’s without any cushion at all!

Uncomfortable is an understatement.

I wanna grab the RS-1s and donate my SR125’s to someone who’s never had the pleasure of listening to an actual audiophile grade set of cans before. Most people never even realize what they’ve been missing…

Are there any good bluetooth headsets out there? I’m looking for some to use with my computer so that I can play games without a wire to worry about and also to walk around my house with music going and not bother my wife. This Creative X-Fi sound card is what I use and is a much appreciated gift from my wife this past Valentines Day :lovin: so I want something that will do it justice.

Sazae, just a friendly word of caution; with any wireless headphone’s you’ll experience a loss in quality (compared to wired audiophile grade cans). No matter how much they cost.

You can get the audio quality of a restrictively expensive, high-fidelity sound system from a sub $200 set of headphones. if you’re going to drop a bit of cash on some good cans, i would strongly recommend avoiding wireless headphones.

My two-cents. Take it for what it’s worth :smiley:

Oh I understand. I know wireless is not the best way to go but I will not be using them very often. If I’m not playing it right out of my speakers then I use my Bose headphones. I just want something I can have and use for walking around the house with some sound or gaming sessions when I don’t want wires in the way. I’m expecting it to be maybe 5% of my listening time to be on these if that much. Luckily both my wife and I listen to the same styles of music so that allows for speakers most of the time. And since my MP3 player cannot do bluetooth they will not be used on there at all. Plus I find wireless headsets on a portable MP3 player to be kind of dumb in principle anyway.

I also recommend the Sennheiser PX100 for a nice little pair of headphones to take around that are cheap. Still comfortable after 7 hrs of use, too! Even managed to get 4 of my workmates to buy some :smiley:


headset for my pc - sennheiser p150
speakers for my pc/xbox 360 - logitech z5500s
earbuds for mp3 player - some $30 philips, forget model number, sound good for what i paid