The Hedge Knight. Who reads it?

Great fantasy fiction comic book series by George R.R. Martin. I had to go out and read it because his novels got me hooked. Anyone else into this?

Yeah, that was a pretty great miniseries. I got the old TPB a few years ago but gave it to a friend to give him something to do while he was recovering from a car accident. I gotta get another copy. That’s probably one of the best fantasy comics I have ever come across. A lot of the comics that are based on books don’t really grab me, but Hedge Knight was pretty special.

I was pretty into Martin’s novel series so getting Hedge Knight was a no-brainer. I was kind of let down by A Feast for Crows, though - it felt like nothing much actually happened and Martin was just moving chess pieces into place for his next move. Hedge Knight II is being serialized now. Gotta get the TRADE, BABY.