The height of the joystick on the TE (S) edition fightstick shorter than other TE's?


I know all the TE’s are made with the same Sanwa parts. But for some reason the S edition TE - it feels like the height of joystick is a bit low? Is it because the decal cover is thick giving less room for the joystick height? Maybe it’s installed differently?

I never used the regular TE’s, round 1 or round 2. I had modded SE stick with Seimitsu parts, but I thought the Seimitsu and Sanwa are of the same height? Any, I digress. The question is for someone who has a regular TE or a (S) edition TE. If they could comment on the differences. Thx.


No the internals are the same I have completely taken off the art on both types to the bare metal and its the same the te-s art maybe slightly thicker but that would be the only difference and of course the sides are different but everything else is the same


So basically it’s just in my head?


I just compared the art between the two and there is a 1mm or 0.5mm difference in thickness but that is all I would say but I don’t have a ruler on me so your not completely crazy


Fuck. Oh well, if there is a difference it’s not significant then and I should be able to adapt. I would mod it, but the whole point of me getting a TE was not to worry about modifications. Interestingly enough I prefer my modded SE with Seimitsu parts over my (S) TE. Can we get solid confirmation on this - I would ruler measure the height myself but my SE is in Vegas and my TE is here with me.


Sounds more like you’re more accustomed to the Seimitsu stick than a JLF.

You may want to swap in a Seimitsu stick into your TE S.