The hell do I keep getting Seismo and TK coming out when I wanted the other one?



I keep having issues where I’m going for a Thunder Knuckle and a Seismo comes out, and vice versa. this happens a LOT when I get crossed up, but I honestly have no fucking clue why at times. Sometimes I think it auto-corrects into the wrong move, other times I’m not even sure what happened.

does anyone else have this problem? Is input memory/leniency to blame at times? (I’m sure a lot of it is just me messing up an input, but it happens a hell of a lot more with Viper than anyone else)


I don’t really know how to explain why it happens but I’ll try, when you get crossed up and you input the tk motion your input’s are the reverse of what you actually did due to the fact that you got crossed up ex. :qcb: becomes :qcf: but I,m guessing the reason you get seismo is because after you do the tk motion your probably hitting :db: witch becomes :df: by accident resulting in you doing :qcb::db: which gives you a seismo/super because it becomes :qcf::df: when you get crossed up. Sorry if this is confusing, I gave myself a headach.

Your getting super when you try to do cr.hp to ex.seismo because you have to be holding :df: when you do cr.hp so that the super wont come out.


Yeah I found out how I was doing cr.hp > ex seismo wrong. Should have edited that, sorry.

And you may be right on the inputs, either way that’s gonna be the fault of the shortcutting system… blegh…

Any ideas on how it would come out when not being crossed up? I’ve had that happen a lot too, and even seen a really really good Viper player had it happen to him. He blamed it on the shortcutting, too, but Idk just want to be sure.


I cant really think of anything that would cause it without getting crossed up.

Edit: Maybe it’s something retarded like if you walking forward and then try to do a tk without letting the stick go to neutral first and then hitting df by accident when you hit a puch button, due the leniency of this game it will read it as 1 motion :r::qcb::df::p: wich will give you a seismo. It’s probably that or some other execution error.


There is a very simple answer: Your execution.

I assume you play on a arcade stick so it should not be an issue. Go to training mode and do 100 tks and seismo chains from P1 and P2 position untill you have it perfect. It’s the first thing I do when I start a fighting game/pick an unfamiliar character.


I think I’m just having an issue with simply trying to walk forward or backwards and doing it… I should just let the stick hit neutral first.


I thought about this more back in Vanilla, basically yeah you’re getting crossed up and actually doing the motion just a hair too late to get an auto correct. One of the good things about viper is that none of her special move motions overlap, (like how lots of shoto players complain about trying to hadoken but getting a shoryu) but unfortunately it allows stuff like this to happen.

Either focus on doing your move a bit earlier so you can maybe get an auto correct, or more importantly just focus on dealing with cross ups in general. The only really decent move to throw out when getting crossed up is EX seismo or maybe lp tk if done early enough. But really, I either try to AA the beginning of their jump arc or just block the cross up.


stop mashing when you’re getting crossed up


After more games last night, I realized I get Seismo instead of a FTK when I walk forward, then attempt to do FTK. I believe what’s going on is I’m inputting F, then HCB motion and it’s pulling out a seismo. Just one of those things I need to work on I guess. I’m probably inputting a DF in there somehow without meaning to. One of those things I’ll have to work on. :confused: