The Hell?

Wondering if anyone else has this happen to them, HDR 360 version. Using Ryu on the d-pad, I suddenly have a huge problem getting simple SRK’s to come out. Usually the fireball comes out instead. I thought it was the pad but I was able to pull off SRK’s fine with Ken, Cammy, Sagat, and everyone else. Weird shit.

It’s probably just the Dpad being shitty. Like yesterday I was executing all kinds of shit, but today I couldn’t even low forward into SRK. It’s a new pad, but it still seems a bit too stiff like it doesn’t want to register down all the time.

You guys are doing yourselves a HUGE disservice by using a pad. Period. You can find the Hori EX2 out on the Internets for around $50. That’s probably what you’ve paid for your pads, right? I know people regard the EX2 as a poor man’s stick, but it’s good enough for me. DP, FB, Supers, and combos come out sooooo much easier that I will never use a pad again.

Less handstrain too, hate using the pad cause it wrecks my hands.

I highly recommend a joystick. DO IT NOUGH!

I saw the Hori for $40 last week, didn’t pull the trigger :frowning: But yeah, this problem definitely isn’t pad-related. Its just some dumb glitch.

i notice this with Ryu in training mode. Its the jab dp, i can do non-stop w/ medium/fierce…I have no problems with ken either…It could be a glitch, i always thought it was just me…

^ YES. Though sometimes even the other dp’s won’t come out. For once it definitely isn’t the d-pad, I’m sure of it.

Have you tried remapping the buttons to see whether that changes things?