The Hello Kitty Thread: Abandon all hope ye who enter here


I have a Hello Kitty S&M plushie, a lamp next to my bed, and a ‘back massager’.

I want to buy a Hello Kitty AK-47 and I’m saving up, but I was wondering if anyone else had a strong desire to buy Hello Kitty products.


I have this Hello Kitty shirt…

Technically an Andrew WK shirt, and frequently mistaken for being about cocaine. I want the HK iphone case but I haven’t seen it since I got the phone.

I remember Shibuya 101 (in Tokyo) having some seriously high end HK gear.


It would be cool if they made Hello Kitty fleshlights.


Got a face full of pussy and a nose full of cane.


Even better



I secretly wear Hello Kitty briefs.


Not so secret anymore.


Wanted this, Hot Topic shirt.

Even upon further inspection showing he has no DJ gear but a LP, headphones, and a dream.


This is the manliest thing I’ve ever seen you post.




I shaved my head yesterday, my manliness is at an all time high.


I want this bag.

Would also love an Evo 4G case.

Fuck you niggas. /man


There’s a Zombie Kitty t shirt… I want it soooOoooo bad!


Isn’t there a hello kitty chun li doll supposed to come out soon?
I wanted one for my girlfriend.
Any info on that?

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It was a comic con exclusive that sold out extremely fast. But the comic con ver. was of alpha chun li.

they are making some to release in stores in the fall though.


Hello Wu-Tang



i didnt know white girls liked hello kitty

i thought it was more of an asian girl thing, as every asian girl i’ve dated or known owns hello kitty accessories. technically i own a hello kitty toothbrush cause one of my ex left it at my place


Asians of both genders got me into HK when I lived in San Jose. Dat west coast kitty love.


Someone who works in the same building as me has this as a huge vinyl sticker on their car. I saw them for the first time today getting out of their car…it was a girl…