The HEROES thread

Well, the show just premiered, here are my thoughts


–seems kinda interesting, setting up the personal stories of the characters, but they should have shown more visually appealing scenes, ,besides claire’s invulnerability/healing ,and the final scene

-MY fav chars right away are: Claire(cheerleader ), ,hiro (dorky yet lovable jpnese guy). That nurse guy seems to withsdrawn for me. Slutty single moms power/story has potential.

-Yay an Indian guy!! unfortunately he becomes a taxi driver after 30 mins. Interesting revelation about claire’s dad being the guy after suresh…

overall i’d give it 3.5/5.

I usually go with a fortress and specialty armorer and then go after an elemental conflux to make sure I get air, earth and water magic for haste, slow and teleport.

Wait a minute… I thought this would be about Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

I was giong to make a thread, as it seemed SRK was oddly late on this…my comments from another forum:

Invincible Cheerleadergirl is so HOT. :wow: PERFECT 10, that one. Oh my god, seriously…she needs a good powerful dicking by me. They should keep showing her occasionally in cheerleader outfits too…if I had my way, she would be in that outfit permanently though…

…but why is she so bummed out? If I found out in high school that I was either invincible or had some super regenerative power…it would be the greatest news ever in life. Words cannot even begin to describe how awesome that is. I’d do crazy things just for a laugh…like skydive with no parachute, stand next to a few grenades and pull all the pins at once, play with electricity, try to get struck by lightning…all just for laughs. It would be “Jackass” taken to a whole new level. Then there’s the money I could make off doing random stunts…I could be the greatest daredevil/stuntman that ever lived…the possibilities are amazing. Yes, I would occasionally do the superhero thing too…with a cool costume on of course.

*I hope my assumption is wrong about the eventual revelation being—> characters that don’t realize they are characters(in an artist’s comic, painting series, sketchpads, etc…perhaps the drugged out artist that was already shown?) I hope I’m wrong on that, even though I’ve loved that concept before(Big O, for example)…because I enjoy being surprised by mysterious themes with jaw-dropping revelations later on.

Ali Larter(The Webcam MILF) seems to have the more creative/unusual power, apparently…her mirror image can attack, and act independently? That’s strange, and quite interesting. I’m wondering if split personality disorder/schizophrenia has any part in that. I would only want that power if I had some control over my mirror image though. To me, there simply is no point in most superhuman abilities if the user does not have control. Anyway, hers is an interesting case…I don’t think I’ve even seen anything like that before. It’s too bad this show sucks ass in the future, and got canceled.

cheerleader seems stuck up and selfish. “oh shit i have powers, leave me alone.” dumb trick.

my favorite is the internet whore mainly because she has some jojo’s bizarre adventure type powers.

so far show gets 3.9 because there’s still alot of banal shit goin on in the show.

i missed the first part 'cause i thought it came on at 10 for some reason. it was ok, but nothing as good as i expected. the japanese dude and girl in the mirror chick were the most interesting. the bit at the end looked really silly

THere is an Encore later in the week for anyone who missed it.

Over all I thought it was kinda lame. They tried to do the “Everyone is somehow linked through some small way” like LOST did. Which just kinda pushed me away. I’ll give it another chance just cause of Hiro, hes too goofy. And the cheer leader needs a good punch in the face and be told to stop being a bitch

Hiro kicks too much ass. That is all.

This is pretty much all I could think about through the whole show.

I liked the show alright. The Japanese dude was cool, and the slutty mom will probably pan out to be the most interesting of them all.

Dude, this show NEEDS me for the main villain role as either the Holy Phoenix, or failing that, Magneto. I’d triangle jump and reset all the kids in this show across the screen and back. That stupid jap guy seems to have the time stop ability, how annoying.

Man, that show sucked. No build up for anything (and nothing happened).

The best part of the show was the Nissan commercials.

Jojo’s Bizarre Live Action?

If weren’t expecting spoilers, then you are likely an idiot.

I think it has something to do with the conservation that Hiro–haha, I should have expected a pun name–and his friend had. Homogenity is key in high school, and being even slightly different in a school that obviously has cliques like hers is like instant auto-Vanish+Doom on yourself. That, and while her power is kickass, it’s actually rather egregious despite being purely defensive if you think about.

Cheerleader A: prepping for throw and catch Ready?
Claire: Ready.
Cheerleader A: Okay! throw…and miss
Claire: egregious bone-cracking sounds, possibly even including neck breakage
Cheerleader A: Omgomgomgomgomgomg! :sad: Claire! Are you okay? despite obvious bone breaks in vital places
Claire: … gets up and bones pop back into place …Yeah.
Cheerleader A: Omg freak! [insert sound of social doom]

More seriously, even stabbing herself in the hand accidentally will expose her. She’s kind of fucked–unfortunately, not by you. :razzy:

Actually, I think that the clairoyant coked guy made the comic, so that would mean that the people are real, but he predicted all this. Remember, he said that he didn’t remember anything he painted while high, so it’s possbile that he somehow got something published by small vendor on ones of his highs. Similarly, given the previews for the coming weeks, there were largely pieces of art drawn in his style, so I’m sure that the people are real unless the artist himself also isn’t real.

Actually, I thought, like DieDeadDeath apparently, almost immediately after realized that it was moving independently (and soley in reflections) that it was like an uncontrolled version of the Hanged Man Stand from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures–I really have to get around to watching that series.

After she woke up and found those two people dispatched, I even yelled “She has a Stand!” during the commericals.


Speaking of powers, so far:

Nathan and his brother (Tom?) - Both can apparently fly? Is this like an even gayer (and I do mean that in the sense of actual homoeroticism) version of Northstar and Aurora’s powers? (Yes, I know they can fly independently; bite me.)

Claire - Resistance to pain and slightly resistance injury with healing factor. Ye godf, her fucking resistance to pain negates healing factor’s greatest weakness! I would slap her for being so depressed if only I knew she would feel it.

The single mom (damn, I’m blanking out on the names all of a sudden) - Uncontrollable Hanged Man Stand? Easily the most dangerous of all the characters.

The coked out painter - Clairvoyant. It seems like this even be an “only while high” thing. Ha. I never thought that I would see “Drug Powers” on TV.

Hiro - The most broken ability of time-space manipulation and the one who either has put quite a bit of practice into or is simply having the easiest time using his abilities because he believes in them so far. He’s already slowed down time, accelerated time, and fucking teleported more than 4,000 miles from Japan to New York City. The preview shows him stopping time at least twice. BROKEN.

The police guy coming up appears to have telepath; the single mom’s son is hinted at being “super” intelligent.

The connections thing did feel a tad unnecessary; I disagree with the lack of set up though, at least if that is to be considered a simultaneous argument.

Time stop was always the most broken ability, but he’s got teleportation on top of it, and hell, not just time stop, he can speed it up. With your jojo theme, Dio, the boss in the 4th series (well, 3rd too, but I don’t think he had it in that) could stop time. Actually I don’t remember it well, but I think he stole it from a jojo family person, since he took over a body iirc. Whatever, maybe I’ll read it again someday, it’s a good manga after all.

The show kinda sucks though honestly. I will probably get bored of it soon enough. I wonder if I will watch next week. I typically watch very little TV.

The politician’s bro…I don’t think he can fly. Remember, he has had visions before, as he stated in a previous scene. There was a time when his brother was injured or something, but he knew about this beforehand. So, at least he didn’t get completely shortchanged and forced to stand in his brother’s shadow(again…) Heh, and in the future…look how that turned out.

*I would hope that Invincible/SuperHealing Girl poses for Maxim or Stuff or whatever…but it’s pointless these days…there’s nothing but moronic douchebags working in all the mainstream mags these days. Fuckin idiots have made it their specialty in using airbrush and adding a completely unnatural “sheen” and shine to every inch of a broad’s skin…completely RUINING the jerkability factor for me every goddamn time. I want to set them all on fire so much…

anyway…yeah, I just want to see her in a sexy video shoot…with the cheerleader outfit on. ohhhhh yesssssss :sweat: I just remembered who she reminds me of…she looks like a younger Christina Model!! (yes, I have quite the Christi Model collection.)

Supa Hiro!!! --damn tourney ban broken ass character. He glitched time!

hiro is top tier! ^_~ man, i love this show!

I’ll admit, I was interested in the show in the first place because of Hiro and what he could do. It seems good so far.

I really thought Hiro was going to end up being too stereotypical (from the “Yatta!” they kept playing in the commercials), but I think he’s the best character right now. It was losing my interest until the end. The actual special effects were cheesy, but I was not expecting at all for his brother to fly.

Wow Stan Lee sure made it hard for ANyone to be origional nowadays:sweat:

There’s “webcomics” for Heroes after each show. I guess they fill in the gaps…

The first one is up.

I’m kinda surprised at the varied reactions to this show here on SRK.

I loved it. It was the best season opener of any show this season so far except Prison Break. Given the reactions here, its direct target audience, I don’t think this show will last very long which is unfortunate.

Jojo’s is an awesome manga. And Timestop is indeed the most broken ability ever. i still have yet to catch the show though.