The Hi-Def Sprite TUTORIAL thread (links updated)

i’ve had a lot of people asking me how i make hi res versions of sprites so i’ve put together a really shitty tutorial because i suck wieners when it comes to making tutorials. if anybody wants to edit this tutorial or just add a completely new one, then please do so. here’s the shit:

EDIT: no more dead links!

part 1-

Part 2-

part 3-

part 4-

part 5-

part 6-

if this shitty tutorial didn’t answer all your questions then please post here or pm me and i’ll try to help you out. again, sorry about the shittiness of the tutorial


How long did the process take you, just wondering if doing short animations is plausable.

Semi-off topic question.

But are you able to do this with just about any 2d game sprite?

well it depends. the more detail the longer it takes. twelve would be the easiest while gill, urien, chun, alex, and hugo would take waaaay too long. necro is a pain in the ass too. makoto took about 3-4 hours which makes it possible to animate some of her moves a lot faster.

i was thinking of doing an animated one to see how it would look in higher definition. i’m in the middle of doing a yun sprite and after that i have gouki planned. after those i’ll do a short animation of one of the 3rd strike characters.

to animate the sprites will be a tough process. i’m used to animating everything on flash, but obviously that wouldn’t look good. it would have to be all on photoshop, using layers like see-through paper. i’ve done it before and it is a long process but i thing it’s worth it for about 6-10 frames. after that i would just be too frustrated to do any more.

if i ever do animate one of them, i’ll post up a tutorial for others too use and build upon. i’m sure there’s a better way to animate the sprites.

yes :bgrin:

nicely done. cant wait to start working on some

Boooooo Image shack! lol.

It’s interesting to see how you do it poot.

thanks dude for sharing

Nice, thank I alway though it harder than this … this now i can do

Pretty user friendly tutorial, man. Good Job!

I’m sad to say I can’t access Parts 5 & 6 for some reason.

Could it be possible for you to re-up them?

Thank you.

is there one for paintshop pro?

unfortunately i no longer have them. they may be in my old computer somewhere but it will be some time before i can check it.

Ah…and that is why ImageCrap is-a no good.

Could you simply go over the last two steps instead of rummaging for old files?

Would save us both a lot of time if you did…and thanks.

give me a day or less and i’ll find them. i don’t know how well i can explain it without pictures.

ok, i’ve updated the dead links

Thanks for fixing the broken image links. =]

Always wondered how you do your lines/coloring. They look so smooth that I thought they were vectored in Flash or something.

Good stuff, looking forward to seeing how you animate. I know that usually it’s just a matter of putting in the time (just drawing/tracing every frame) with very few tricks… But it’s always neat to see what kinds of methods people use to go about doing it.

Thanks a lot bro!

Now I can really start a project I’ve had in the back of my head for some time, thanks to this “shitty tutorial”…hehehe

You’re a life saver…keep up the awesome work.

dang image shack part is down i think

yeah looks like they’re down. let me see what i can do.

ok, i went ahead and just put everything on photobucket. they’re also in img code so i can see when one of the pictures goes down. if they go down again, just let me know and i’ll fix it.

Excellent advice, I think I should try sean lol