The Hidden Saikyo Arts: How to handle situations

Every good player has an overall gameplan or fighting style.
**-**This thread will share gameplans used by fellow Dan Hibiki players.

We have
[]Offensive/Rushdown gameplans
]Move Force**/Baiting** gameplans
[*]Defensive/Turtling gameplans
**- **i.e. a rushdown gameplan is a style of Offense.

You state the kind of situation / gameplan and then a simple description.
Don’t go into combos or uneccesary details unless requested or needed.


[]Backdash to safe range, use lk dankukyayu to build meter.
]If opponent enters range, use gadoukens to push back and bait an overhead for a koryuken.
[*]Use Hk Dankukyaku to fly over fallen opponent while building meter, **repeat step1. **
This kind of thread might be new ( I haven’t seen it elsewhere).
Don’t be intimidated, just remember: keep things simple!

  1. Make them come to you!! 2.Learn how to use the dash properly as it is extremely dangerous. 3. Dan’s rush pressure is top notch 4. In the event of projectile zoning and or spam from another player, take your turtle seat and time them and jump over them force them to come to you. Jumping taunt and LK danku is very effective in this [minus Sagat]. 5. Crouching MK keeps you safe from many aerial attacks [hard to explain which ones but try and see] …more to come!!!

A little tip for fighting against big guys (Zangief, T. Hawk, Abel): When they’re approaching you (It’s intimidating, so they like to do it) , back up a little bit, and when they’re in range, Ex Danku. It’s a a good way to get damage in and it’s something they never see coming.

That’s a freaking terrible idea, since if they block it’s a free command grab for them. Well except Abel, but he doesn’t really approach like a grappler anyways.

he has a point this does work…just have to kinda bait it with some gadokens if that makes sense.

If you’re playing the runaway Gado game use the MP version to condition your opponent into thinking you control less space than you do. Once that is done you can throw in some HP or EX Gados to tag them or chip them or catch them from a full screen jump in.

Not exactly an advanced tactic, and it relies on your opponent being a bit weak with their Dan matchup knowledge, but it works often if you use it wisely.

It’s really about the best that Dan can do to get any damage in. It works for me more often than not.

I think cr. mk with buffered EX danku’s is better, at least he has to block low then. But whatever, Dan v. Gief is a 1-9 matchup anyways =/.

EX Danku from the right range is most definitely not a free command grab for Zangief/T.Hawk. Not even necessarily a free Ultra. MK/HK Danku both are, but EX Danku operates like the Knee of Justice, offering variable frame disadvantage/advantage depending on when in the move’s active frames it gets blocked. You can get up to +6 frame advantage with a max range EX Danku, which is enough to safely do a blockstring on Zangief, and more than enough to bait and punish a reversal command grab.

Is that from beyond the range of any cancellable normal (well I guess the only far one he has is cr. mk)? I’m assuming so, otherwise that would be a great way to keep up pressure from beyond lk danku range. I’ve only recently started trying to use it as a standalone footsie tool, and the delay after it’s blocked always leaves me feeling at a disadvantage, but I guess I should be trying to press the attack if it’s blocked at a far range? I suppose I can go into training mode and try mashing throw (on defense) after to find out what ranges Dan can get a normal out that beats that. It would be cool to use as a frame trap with the upcoming 5f s. mp if it’s really THAT much range of advantage.

Cancelling from a normal, except a long-range c.MK, is going to leave you at -2 or -3 in most cases. He was talking about just throwing EX Danku out, though, presumably from a longer range (otherwise why not use s.MK which comes out faster?). EX Danku can work pretty well against the grapplers in that case, so I’d suggest trying it out.

To the lab!

M.Bison(Vega/Dictator/Pschyo Crusher Guy):

Basic Gameplan:
Bison is a counter attacking beast but little does he know that Dan invented the term Counterattack.
[]Turtle with Crouching Block, and Punish his attacks.
]Be ready for cross ups, U2 and head presses with this method.
[]That aside he really can’t do anything to you.
]Patience is key. The only thing any opponent has more than patience is Ego.
Pick a long lasting taunt (every second will increase hostility) and Taunt when safe as early as possible .
You could taunt after your first sweep or throw to get him fired up early, taunt too late and he’ll know your baiting, taunt early and he’ll think your underestimating him and have something to prove.
[*]If he doesn’t seem to attack, increase your distance from him, you don’t want to let your guard down when your in his range
otherwise build meter with a safe LK Dankukyaku and be ready to counter any attempts to punish it.

Punish his attacks? I played Bison for about 4 hours yesterday, and that’s not something you can do as far as I am aware. Only a retard Bison is using anything other than LK scissors to pressure, which is 0 on block and pushes him out of range of any fast normals for Dan. Even punishing EX PC takes PERFECT spacing to hit it with U1.

Now on the other hand Dan can pressure Bison great, especially when Bison’s hitbox already leaves you in range for 2x close normals half the time, and Bison’s AA options are a mixed bag, so you have a good chance of knocking him down or pressuring him with jumpins mixed with air lk dankus. Pick your spots of course, but Dan needs to be on the offense to win that match, Bison can just grind him down otherwise.

If you stay outside his scissors range he will be forced to use his other attacks.
[]His scissors is superior to Dan’s attacks including Dan’s U1.:eek:
]Like you said is hard to punish which is why you stay out of it’s range and turtle.
[]He cannnot close this range without closing the gap (losing his charge) or using his other moves which CAN be punished.
]If he does close the range you know he want’s to pressure, bait an attack or scissors.
So by staying out of range you have increased his predictability by disabling his best attack against Dan.
I use U1 for all my matches to improve my prediction skills*.*
Here I would use U1 to punish pokes, psycho crushers, blocked Ultras and teleports.
Predicting is better but if your not that good at predicting, block and then react.

You forget about Bison’s footsie game, which is a losing game for Dan. High level Bison players don’t need to worry too much about a turtling Dan, since he can just walk forward. Bison only loses the momentum in that matchup once he’s knocked down. Bison’s solid mid-range game makes Dan’s options for securing that knockdown pretty difficult.

Also, you can’t rely on prediction. That’s going to get you killed against good opponents.

Indeed but when he walks forward he loses his charge, you don’t need to worry about his scissors and you can Dankukyaku into a throw to get him on the floor.
Since Bison is Boss tier he’s designed primarily as a punisher so it’s a bad idea to pressure one let alone a good one.
[]A good player stops being good when he doesn’t think logically.
]The more aggressive he is the less he thinks logically and the easier he will be to predict.
[*]If you troll the Bison is going to go in.
That’s why I designed this particular gameplan around taunts which will make the Bison more aggressive and give more room for punishes.
Turtling with a life lead will only frustrate him more further decreasing his logical thinking.

I tried an offensive approach for a bunch of matches and heres my rundown:
[]Finish faster
]If you use the right pokes Bison has a pretty lame anti-air game.
[*]Bison’s tend not to mash so you can use blockstrings.

[]Whenever you sweep or backthrow him you want to cross up or jump over his body to reset his charge.
]Bison’s anti-air game can be really weak so you wan’t to practice getting in with air lk.
[]Play smart, don’t get carried away with your rushdown
]Know when to pull back/block or you will be punished with scissors or p.crusher.

[]Harder to get Perfect
]If your opponent is playing counterattack your less likely to win, period.

Using Dan against any Grappler isn’t the best idea but Saikyo Conquers ALL!
Plus I got a 35 match win-streak against T.Hawk using the information below.

Basic Strategy:
Poke with Medium Kicks, Chip and keep him away with Gadoukens and Counter / Trade most of his attacks with mk.

If your good at it, try to corner him: He will try and Jump (free Koryuken) if not you can gadouken him to death.
Pick U2: If it hits, good if it’s blocked, more chip for you but if he jumps over it your in Deep Shit so use it wisely.
*U1 does more damage but if it’s blocked that’s a free command grab or Ultra and you’ve probably lost the round.

Taming Condor Dive and T.Hawks jumps:
If you jump (on reaction) to T.Hawks jump, your usually safe from his condor dive and can medium kick him if he was planning on doing something else.

Taming Tomahawk Buster (Anti-Air):
Block and Koryuken.
*Against T.Hawk, only jump on reaction to his jump as explained above.

Taming Condor Spire (Horizontal Attack):
Early Gadouken, counter with Koryuken, trade with standing MK or duck it with Crouching MK.
*You can also Gadouken it while it starts up.

Taming The Typhoons (All Command Grapples):
Follow the basic Strategy, Keep him at Gadouken Distance. The grapples themselves are usually unstoppable.
*If your knocked down, Backdash on wake up; If he’s in the air Block or Forward Dash.

Taming Focus Attacks:
If you keep him at Gadouken max range, he’ll focus more on getting in for Typhoon Shenanigans and at that range it shouldn’t hit you although it might hit your pokes(if your spamming at the moment).

And That’s about all I downloaded from 38 or 37 matches. Please add/correct whatever.

Saikyo Conquers ALL!
Based on a 20 match win streak including a perfect nefore stopping voluntarily.

In my opinion, Zangief has 2 main threats:
[]His Command grabs which have range and invulnerability.
]His Banishing Flat (Green Hand) which eats 1 hit moves like normal projectiles.
Basic Strategy
Keep Zangief at range with gadoukens while being safe from his Green Hand. Use Medium Kicks for Poking.

Taming Green Hand:
Close Range: Stationery Jump to dodge and medium kick during landing.
Safe Range: At a safe range, you can Gadouken Zangief on reaction. It won’t be eaten up and it will at least chip.
*EX G.Hand passes through Dan’s Ultra 2 and can be countered by Koryuken’s and safe Dankukyakus.
*If you Koryuken early, you might be in deep shit.

Taming Lariat:
Crouching Medium Kick or Sweep.

  • When trying to jump over Zangief, lariats can stop you. Use Dankukyakus to l further your jump distance.

Taming Command Grabs:
Same as Green Hand.
*It is difficult to escape them at a ranges closer than your standing Medium Kick.

Additional Advice:
Practice Dan’s Jumping taunt,
it goes about double the height of a normal jump
and leaves you less exposed than usind air dankukyakus (smaller hitbox against you).

Vertical j.Taunt is very handy for jumping over Double Projectiles (DJay,Seth);
while the diagonal j.Taunt is better for jumping over wall jumps, lariats and characters.