The High (def) Life: SoCal HD Remix

Alright, so playing this game online is getting old. It has a better online experience than any console fighter ever, but the lag is still there, and if we wanna get good at this game we need to get some experience without lag.

FFA has a Remix setup on a 360 with sticks available that you can play for a quarter every 10 minutes, and you can bring your own 360 stick if you want. Hopefully other arcades will put in something similar soon, but if the arcades are too far for you, let’s get some console gatherings going!

if anyone in long beach/gateway cities area wants to come to my house to play i have:

1 50" hdtv in living room
1 20?" hdtv we can set this one up anywhere
1 ps3 +game
1 ps3 stick
1 ps2 -> ps3 converter

i would need:

1(or 2) ps3 or 360
another tv so we can have another set up

bring your own sticks (preferred)

all are welcome (mostly)

i wanna play

how far are you from cerritos?

chris, you’re up in LA now?

my bad at never responding to your GGPO challenges, it’d always say i’m free even though i’d currently be playing someone

I live in LA near Family Arcade on Vermont. I have HD Remix on a 32" LCD. I have 3 ps2 sticks and 3 converters (two inpins). I also have a CRT for ps2 fighters and other classic gaming. My place is small though (studio apartment). Only thing I dont have is a dreamcast so no marvel.

I’m willing to host on Friday nights and weekends. Recognizable srk posters or family arcade’rs preferred.

Im down for some Console gathering ST:HD. I have a 360 with a copy of the game, and 2 sticks (still working on modding the second one to be non stock Hori)

I’m not.

But when I am it’s in the Cerritos/Lakewood area.

I live in downey, that’s just north on the 605.

Anyone down for this Thursday after 6? My last final is @ 4PM Thursday

i can’t make thursday. i can make friday, and let me know if anything’s good during next week.

15th - 18th im free after 2pm

aiight. i get out of work every day at 4:30 - 5:00 so let me know when you wanna hold console gathering. also if you wanna meet up beforehand at AI or something so that you don’t get some stranger in your house, let me know.

I can vouch for you not being a total asshat… I mean stranger.

if anyone wants to play a scrubby ass fei long on xbox live, my gamertag is


Hey, this is Andrew. You know, the guy that still has your EVO 2007 DVD.

Im on winter break and am also free early next week. Lets play some HD Remix!

head explodes damn man where/how hav you been, let me know wat day is good for you

hi shoo im free all next week as well.

you might know me. as in i live down the street, how bout you come to my place and play a MANS GAME.

i have a new puppy!!!

I’ve been so busy with school, work, and extracurricular activities. But things are starting to settle down as I approach graduation. Now I have the time to play games again.

Anyway, Ill be in the Gateway Cities all throughout December and early January. Im free tomorrow after 4 p.m. check your PM.

Thanks for having me over, shoo. You really stepped your game up since that last time we played. Edgar improved a little bit, too.

I also appreciate the great advice you gave me on HD Remix. I’ll put it to good use next time.

ggs man, good seeing you.

anyone else wanna get at some sthd

im free this whole week for casuals/maybe small tournament