THE HINDU (aka brown people) THREAD

What is up my eastern HINDOOOS!


THIS THREAD is for all of those HINDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS OUT THERE (even though I’m not hindoooooooo, I’m persian).


SRK Won’t give us back our fucking home forums, SO WE HAVE FUN ON THE WORLD FORUM!


im not brown…but i really like using dhalsim in sf2

and that drawing is amazing

so im just here to show my support

I’m not Hindu but i’m brown. Curry power!


what about the PUNJABI?!?!?!?!??!!!?!?!!!?!?!!?!??!!!

i’m not brown… but there was this one brown girl in my pe leadership class that was fine! and i think she liked me!
can i post?!?!

hahaha funnny joke… a racial slur in BC is that brown people are called dippers

cuz they look like they’ve been dipped in poo poo!!!

is there anywhere else that they’re called that way?!?!

i’ve never heard of “sand nigger” for middle easterners until like 2 years ago! (VIA SRK!)

Tao you dope

  1. get out of this thread wtf you’re not brown

  2. The word ‘dipper’ is based off ‘DIP’, which stands for ‘dumb imported punjabi’. And only really new-to-Canada or thick-accented brown people are called dips, mostly by their own family/friends/other brown people, as a joke. Nothing to do with what you said, but nice racist suggestion there, lolol =’(

Note to Tao cuz I know he gets all serious: 1) is a joke. You’re still my hero~

Asians can be brown too. Their farmers that is.

I remember hearing about how some japanese women would walk with umbremas during the summer, so they can keep their skin from turning tan, because they don’t want to look like farmers. Maybe they think looking like a snowflake is beautiful.


and no im not hindu either!! BUT IM BROWN BAAABBYYY

Dippers are dumb. one at petro told me medium bag of chips costed 3.99
and i asked what the large bags costed he said 3.99
so im like. what costs 2.39 then. which bag. hes like i dunno these small ones do. im like the ones that have 99cents printed on them at the top cost 2.39??? hes like i think so cause look it say 2.39 underneath on the shelf. im like…that doesnt mean whatever is above a pricetag COSTS that much. hes like well how do you know. im like…cause i fucking know. hes like no i dont think so that bag is 3.99 i cant give you a deal i know youre asking for a deal and i cant give it to you

Asians can be TANNED


even to this day japanese dont like tans? thieir society still thinks like tan=sweaty labourer ???

They think tanned girls are dirty… Tanned girls only go out with tanned guys, and vice versa…

Not too many tanned guys tho, which means more hot little tanned japanese girls for us westerners who like that shit.

um… im indian… lived in india for 14 years… but i dont like indian girls. i only go after the other asian ones. is that bad?

wait… navid you’re a persian (ethnicity) and hindu (official religion)?

LOL well you don’t wanna be a farmer!!!

hahaha paul i love you

millia looks so fuckign hot in your display pic!!!
and i actually DIDN"T know what dipper meant… but a white guy said it was for the reason i typed… and there was a white vs brown fight back in my highschool cuz of it hahaha

i heard it was cause brown people drove a type of truck called dipper trucks.

the dipped in poo thing is pretty racist i would hate to brown and called that!

No roy, i’m not hindu.

all the kuwaites hollaaaaaa

No it’s okay. :slight_smile:

im chinese, but born n raised in india for 15 years … i love indian food, but i hate most indians … why? becuase some of them are just too fucking ignorant, they’re no good … its just some indians that make a bad name for the rest of them people.

id be cool to meet some indian sf players here n there n have a good hindi conversation with them … my hindi’s kinda rusty, but i would never forget how to speak that beautiful language !!

saaray jahan say accha, hindustaan hamara … !!
hum bulbulay hay uski, yeh gulsita hamara … hamara … !!

if i got that wrong, im sorry, but im pretty sure that’s how it goes … lol

Actually you’re 100% right the two years I was in india were horrible. People had such a huge ego there. And also shit talk alot. It has to due with the unequal society and the poverty. People just compare themselves with others just do to that fact. Man the teachers were more fucked up than the students. But I won’t get into that. (I’m from south india so my language is tamil) And yes tamil came from india not sri lanka. The sri lankans are former south indians who moved to the island thousands of years ago.