The history of Bison, Vega, and Balrog

sry but i am not that familiar with older versions of SF

in SFIV, bison is the guy with the hat and cape, Vega with the mask, and balrog is the boxer.

i am wondering, how come i’ve read on a bunch of other sources that Bison used to be the boxer, Vega used to be the hat/cape dude? like i’ve just watched a video from Evo 2004, and M.bison looked like the boxer Balrog from SFIV. what the heck?


M.Bison=Boxer (relation to Mike Tyson?)


Reason: Avoiding unnecessary royalty fees (or anything else for that matter) due to Boxer (and name) resembling Mike Tyson.

Capcom played “musical chairs” as the saying goes with the names of the boss characters when Street Fighter II came stateside. Something like Vega (M.Bison’s [the dictator] Japanese name) was too lame for the final boss and that M.Bison (Balrog’s [the boxer] Japanese name) would generate some lawsuit from Mike Tyson at the time. So, they did this:

Japanese Name :r: US Name
Vega [Dictator] :r: M.Bison [Dictator]
M.Bison [Boxer] :r: Balrog [Boxer]
Balrog [Claw] :r: Vega [Claw]

thats hella confusing @_@

Does anyone know the reason behind Charlie-Nash name change?

Yea so capcom could say they liked changing names for the US and pretend like they weren’t being cheap about paying Mike Tyson royalties. “No see, it wasn’t cause of mike tyson…we just change the name for different markets”

How the hell would the name M. Bison incur royalty fees from Mike Tyson? Maybe if it was “Mike Byson” or something there would be a case against them.

I totally did not know that was the reasoning behind it. That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

Does Vega mean something different in Japanese? Obviously the name “Vega” fits the Claw character a lot more than it fits the Dictator…

It is, actually. It’s Mike Bison.

That’s the reasoning behind that as well. While the game was being localized, it was thought that Vega sounded too “weak” of a name for someone who was meant to be an imposing figure.

What made it seem even more confusing to me was that I never seven SAW the boxer character on the SF2 arcade machine near my elementary school. Could just be that I sucked then and never actually beat the game in arcades… But when it dropped for SNES there was definitely no boxer character. Seems like they could’ve kept the dictator as Vega and just came up with a new name for the Boxer character whenever it was that he got introduced to the US.

He’s in the SNES version dude… Unplayable Boss character, like in the arcade.

He wasn’t available until SF2 Championship Edition. In just SF2 vanilla he was only a unplayable boss character.

Didn’t I just say he was unplayable in WW?

Really? I mean if you tell me I’m just remembering it wrong, I’ll believe it but I feel certain that the unselectable boss characters in the first SF2 for SNES were Vega (claw), Sagat, then Bison (Dictator). When did you fight Balrog? Before Vega (claw)??

Charlie is a first name in the English language.

Nash isn’t even a real name. Well, it is the last name of a famous schizophrenic mathematician who has a movie based on him. So, it’s got that thing where it’s already a last name going for it…

Makes as much sense as giving the Spanish guy the Spanish name.

LOL. Really? So the Dictator of Thailand’s name is Mike Bison? :lol:

Nash/Charlie in the Alpha series was because of the localization of Guile’s ending in SF2.

When Guile’s about to do Bison in after defeating him, he asks if he remembers him and Charlie (I’m not sure if he was directly referenced in the japanese version, but if he was called Nash there, I’m going to guess he was).

At the time, they weren’t thinking he’d actually become a fighter, and so when it came time to call him out of the background, well, they had to keep consistent.

Edit: Having Sodom renamed Katana in the SNES Alpha 2 is also for this reason; At the time of Final Fight’s release, Nintendo was very strict on censorship, so the first boss was renamed Thrasher (from Damnd), and Sodom became Katana. Capcom probably could’ve gotten away with the name in '98, but because he was a Final Fight character, they opted to keep it, at least I think.

It was Mike Bison when Boxer had that title, I think it’s usually accepted as being Major Bison or Master Bison for Dictator.

I read something in this “Strategy guide” that Dhalsim has a different spelling in Japan than the rest of the world.

^^^ he must be Dharsim at Japan…