The History of Your SF4 Main Characters


Just post the history of your mains here (In chronological order). I think it’s pretty interesting how people change characters so I thought it might make for good conversation.

Cammy, I liked the speed when I first bought SF4
Akuma. Experimentation and I liked the fireball game. I was still re-learning street fighter having not played for 6-8 years.
Ken. I got beat by a guy in a tournament dressed as ken, playing ken, using a ken fightpad. I thought maybe I was missing something. Ken was fun to play.
Rose: I thought it might be fun to play Rose. In the long run, it wasn’t.
Chun-li. OneHandedTerror inspired me to play Chun-li. I wasn’t even close (still am not) to his skill level.

Cody: Rock throwing, enough said.

Stuck with Chun-li. I wasn’t feeling the game at all so I didn’t play much.

Sakura: Trying something new. This character is a lot of fun to play.

CURRENTLY: I just play most of the cast now; the game is more fun for me that way. I mostly play Zangief, Cammy, Chun, Sakura, Dan


SF4 vanilla: ken

SSF4: juri

SSF4 AE: yang

SSF4 AE 2012: ken


SF4: Please buff my character.

SSF4: Ooh I like these changes :lovin:… but buff my character

SSF4 AE: Yo wtf happened?! Buff my character! :annoy:

SSF4 AE 2012: Hmm… this is good… buff my character!


I don’t know any of those characters.


i started in AE… went with Ryu because i never liked Kens blonde hair in SF2 as a kid and he was the only character i played since i couldnt so 360s for shit.

I quickly (after a week) switched to zangief because hes a bamf.
after 2-3 weeks of zangief i switched to yun because he was pretty fun to play. i coyldmt play him for shit though so i went with rose because I could get away with cr. mp xx spiral

fast forward to ae2012 im now back to yun with rose alt. considering giving gief another go during winter break!


SF4: Ken/Guile. Ken’s always been my fav SF character. And I picked up Guile to learn a different style.

SSF4: Ken/Fei Long/Cody. Stuck with Ken and liked learning Fei. I picked up Cody as my new character of choice,but that didn’t last long.

AE: Ken/Fei Long. Loving that Ken sweep buff,but missing his air EX tatsu hitting crouching opponents.

AE2012: Ken/Fei Long/Sakura. Really missing Ken’s sweep and EX tatsu hitting crouching opponents. Still liking Fei.

I still have quite a bit of the cast as casual alts,but Ken and Fei are my main gig.


Right on. It seems like most people’s first instincts are right for their characters. I miss that ken sweep too.


Started with Abel. He looked like the Alex of SF4 and had a variation of Sean’s wheel kick. So many matches I won due to idiots throwing fireballs at me when I had U1. Then I picked up Feilong. Console characters weren’t getting much love so I wanted to rep them. Then it was Gen. He was a sleeper character that nobody liked, but he was fun and easy to win with cause no one knew how to fight him. I would of stuck with Honda but I didn’t master the slide method yet for HHS.

SSF4 I picked up Seth cause I learned his links from Vanilla and he was a good character. Gen’s jump got nerfed, and Abel’s new ultra was stupid good and discouraged me from playing him again. T.Hawk was/is bad and Gief was my backup character.

Stuck with Seth and Gief in AE. Seth become a “regular” character and Gief got that stupid good throw range.

Picked up Cammy in AE2012. Been practicing her links since vannila and managed to be consistent with them without plinking. Currently picking up E.Ryu cause I feel he’s being slept on. I also hate how people say he’s bad cause he has 1-frame links for damage. Psssh, don’t mean squat to someone with good execution.


I played Blanka for like 1 month in SF4 then somehow landed on Chun and played her ever since… that post is the history of how I felt playing her as a main. I don’t really like anyone else in this game enough to want to main them.


Vanilla: Blanka/Dan/Fei…was trying to convince myself I was having fun.

Super: Started maining Adon…still wasn’t having a good time. At least not as good of a time as everyone else around me. Discovered Makoto while going through trials, IV suddenly became incredibly fun.


I’ve been playing Rose since I picked up Vanilla. I like her Soul Satellites. Her Ultra 2 isn’t bad either.




Ohh looks fun

SF4: Picked up Sagat because I usually main the Muay Thai characters in fighting games
Dropped Sagat because he played too much like Ryu. Hate Ryu with a passion.

       Picked up Viper because I thought she looked cool
       Dropped her when I couldn't do shit with her

       Picked up Blanka because I completed a few challenges I couldn't get otherwise with him
       Dropped him when I realized he was cheap

       Picked up Honda because I got a 5 game win streak with him
       Dropped him for same reason as Blanka

       Picked up Abel because I wanted to learn a grab character and I couldn't do 360s to save my life
       Took him to Super, dropped him for Adon

SSF4: Picked up Adon for same reason as Sagat
Dropped him because he wasn’t very fun

       Picked up Cody/Dee Jay because they looked cool
       Dropped them for same reason as Adon, went back to Vanilla because my Super got stolen

      Picked up Balrog because I chose random and got him, earned the Challenge Mode Achievements save Trials
      Been using him ever since


Ryu- Liked the all-around character feel.
Fei Long- Did some trials, was hooked.
Fei Long
Blanka- Never really used charge characters, thought he’d be a good place to start. (Ended up leading me to E. Honda)
E. Honda- Did trials, realized how fun he was.


Ryu Sagat
Cammy Gief
AE + 2012:
Gief onward



  • No Clue
    => Gen

=> Cody


  • Cody
    => Random (seriously)


'Twas a joke, my friend.


Guile, Chun-Li, Vega and Fei-Long since the start.

Guy, Adon, Dudley, Yun and Cody + the original four keep me coming back to this game often. Plus this is the only SF title in which I have so many mains/subs.


Vanilla IV: Bison and Rufus. 2nd: Sagat

Super: Zangief, Guile, Juri

AE: Ken (Stand SP/MP into sweep got me hooked) Sakura, Oni

AE 2012: Ryu & Guile so I don’t have to play SFIV.


SF4: Akuma, played him in 3S and he WAS my favorite character.

Super: Dropped Akuma for Viper because she IS my favorite character and Akuma got boring.

AE: Kept my girl Viper and picked up Evil Ryu (much more fun then Akuma)

2012: Viper and I picked up Gen (cause he is bad*ss and really fun/lower tier) those 2 are pretty much all I play now.