The Hitbox Image Thread

Without a well-defined scope this will probably never be complete, but people seem to like what’s there so far:

These are my notes about things to do. If something doesn’t make sense to you. don’t worry.

Claw is missing recovery frame on fierce roll.
Recheck the counts & images for claw’s regular moves.
vertical ball missing images.
rainbow ball might be missing images
frame count and recovery info for walldive stuff.

Eliminate “Rowspan=2” stuff.
Redo moves w/ reverse tracers for Honda, Fei, Bison (Dictator), Vega (Claw), Dhalsim, Dee Jay - Upkicks, Guile?, T Hawk, Zangief
Show frame 13 or Ryu eyechart.
Recheck start-up frames for all normal moves.
Look into other eyechart images.
Investigate on block and on hit information for specials.

Lower priority stuff:
Honda’s far/close short moves are internally mislabled. There is clobbering potential since close short and forward currently has overlap.
The projectile stuff for Blanka and Guile should have the numbering redone.
Check to see what else should like to be redone with ‘reverse tracer style’ boxes.
HHS jab and strong images are internally mislabled to each other. (linked to the right places)
Hooligan moves are internally misnamed with kicks.
Fierce MGP stuff is internally mislabled (mash/no mash are swapped)
3 substantially similar frames grouped in the last frame on deejays super could be split out.,
upkicks could stand to be redone.
Fei Long doesn’t have any pre-move frames anywhere.
vertical ball internally mislabled with punches.
look into defanged claw info.

Thanks for taking care of the Boxer stuff. There is one more request I have and hopefully it’s not too much trouble. I’d like to see a image of your giving yourself a pat on the back. Hell you should be HHS yourself (hopefully it won’t hurt too much).

This is why I love the work you’re doing on the hitbox images. I didn’t even know the different strengths of the BF had different vulnerable hitboxes. And unless somebody had translated the YBH, I would never know, considering YBH only shows one strength of each special attack. You rock, good sir. = J

Are tracers the type of images that try to show the hitboxes in motion? Like Ken’s Fierce Shoryuken when it’s airborne? If so, I don’t know about other people, but I’m not a huge fan of tracer type images. I prefer seeing single images, just so that the hitboxes are clearly visible. I know this will take up more space on your servers, and I realize that’s why you’re doing it, but I’m just saying that it’s the way I would do it. The tracer images do look good though. = J

Are you talking about the Shoryuken being vulnerable and grounded for 2 frames? For Ryu that would be frames 9 and 10, and for Ken, frames 7 and 8.

This would be so cool!

And about the Wiki, I’m working on that…ssshhh ; D

Disk space is cheap, but, at 500k per image, you probably don’t want to download 60+ frames of Honda’s fierce headbutt.

Actually, I’m doing them with tracers beacause that’s what I like.

(which is admittedly a bit overcompressed)
Seems better than something like:
at giving me a sense of what’s going on with the move.

Or, say

Most of the tracer images should be showing a complete hitbox at the beginning or end of the move. (There is some inconsistency as my process got refined.)

No, this is the ‘Ryu eyechart’:

The hado is actually out on frame 13, but it was convenient to only show frame 14, and that can be a little misleading.

Actually, I prefer the 2nd one, but that’s me.

Ah ok, I thought you were talking about the Shoryuken, my bad.

Also, HDR has its own Wiki now. It’s very bare bones right now, very much a work in progress, but as soon as the Wiki allows me to upload files again, I’ll be back on track. Next is the frame data. = J

Most of Akuma’s boxes are up. No outlines or frame counts.

Also, anyone want to compile a list of moves that change paths on hit or block?

Nice, thanks.

What would be an example of that? I’ve been trying to think of an attack that is different on hit than it is on block, but I can’t think of anything.

I mean different on whiff than on hit/block.
For example:
The Sumo Torpedo
All of the balls (in the ball stage)
Condor Dive
Cannon Spike/Thust Kick (I think)
Vega’s off the wall spike
The Head Stomp

Note that some moves will only have this property partially.

I think you’ve got it pretty much covered, Thrust Kick is the best example. I would add to that:

Chun Li’s Headstomp
Honda’s Super
Blanka’s Super

I’ve nominated the first post i suggest others do aswell.

How do people feel about this sort of image (Ryu’s Super):

Nifty. Nice visual representation of the initial invincibility of Ryu’s super.

Very nice. I always thought Ryu’s Super was composed of 5 “old” fireballs, same as Ken’s Hadoken. But it seems the animation cycles between both “old” and “new” Hadokens, if you know what I mean.

Ryu and Akuma’s normal fireballs are also much more elaborately animated than the others.

Character colors now added.