The HK throw thread



Lately I have begun to notice how good psylocke’s Hk throw really is…
First I experimented in the corner you can HK throw then superjump up at the right time and catch them in the Hk throw again, if you get the timing down there isn’t much they can do about except tech hit.
Then I was playing some people last night and HK throw on the ground then dash puts you out right on the other side of them which makes for some whickedly hard to block crossups…
I caught mad people with HKthrow, dash(crossup), psyblade xx butterfly super.

I was wondering if anyone else has found some cool tricks with psylocke’s HK throw.


repeated throwing won’t help much unless the guy is a moron, she has no tech breaks and mag will eat you alive, psylocke is alright, but as soon as i see which side ends up blocking your attack most i’ma use that direction when you try it well, like zaza woudl say “it’s just a trick so do not rely on it”