The Homeland (TV) Thread

Why isn’t there one already?

To kick things off,

You’ll only understand this if you’re british :rofl:

:woot: @ Claire Danes’s crazy smile after she owned that guy tailing her.

I’m in the UK and episode two is on tonight. When is it on in the US? Was it on last week?

nah, episode 2 is tonight for us also

fuck, I was wrong. UK is a week behind, was gonna watch ep 1 on catchup just before

Believe it or not, it’s kinda under the radar so we just talk about it in the Television GD thread - but yea, this show is amazing. Hard to imagine that it took this long for Damian Lewis to get another starring role.

Don’t we have a Homeland thread??

BTW that is one of the most annoying TV ads ever shown on UK television.

Just watched episode 2 after downloading it (I see nothing wrong with it, I’d just be watching it on channel 4 a week later).

It was thrilling but I kind of miss the atmosphere from when brody had just returned, the awkwardness etc.
On a side note, what do you think is the best moment/scene so far? To me it’s when Brody is talking to Dana on the phone just before he intends to trigger the bomb. I think Damian Lewis is superb in it

Im 2 eps in to season 1. Good show I will be watching!

Season 1 was good, reached a dull stage mid way, ended strong. Season 2 is on crack, love Claire Danes’ maturity between the two seasons.

Season 2 has been silly this year.

Always thought the ending to season 1 was bad but I still really enjoyed it. The best character is Brody when he is either jerking off or trying to be normal.

Show is amazing

They kind of just threw all that shit in the first 2 episodes

Holy crap

Alright guys Im all caught up on this now. Excellent show. Every actor is on point and everything seems plausable, i like.


[details=Spoiler] 1.David asked that dude (the other agent) to keep a close eye on Claire and promised him a big promotion if he did… did he just never get around to it or what?
2. Who the fuck was the leak/mole? They never answered that.[/details]

And now…


Ok so basically they got the suicide tape and Brody has been taken in after Claire flew off the handle… now what? where does the series go from here? Do they try and turn Brody back AGAINST Nazir?

I think they will work the torture sequence for a bit before someone steps in an gets him released. Remember claire fuccin killed the whole op in my eyes CAUSE i dont remember her being officially reinstated… plus he could say I just made that tape cause i was mad. I don’t remember him showing the vest bomb nor actually speaking on what was about to occur…


Damn didn’t know it was a thread… sweet.

There are supposed to be like 3 more seasons, how do they maintain a story like this? I think brody’s gonna become a triple agent working for the CIA

I thought this was a good read:

i gotta say it was pretty obvious that this is where it was going.

Now that was some good acting.

lol @ the hit and run

the hit and run was good but kinda makes me think were going to see a lot more of brodys daughter in the storyline and i couldnt care less about her to be honest.


Do you guys think stabbing someone in the hand is a legit interrogation technique? Gotta say im calling bullshit on that.


Remind you of

They have a very similar voice and style of bossiness.

they are similar, but i like to think of CIA bro as the dad Tyler the Creator is always crying about because he looks just like him. even has the pointy ears like him.