The Hoodrats Thread: FAQS, Stories, Match-Ups, etc


So in America, there exists a rather odious creature. Said creature tends to dwell in the foulest places of a city/neighborhood, and prey on unsuspecting passersby. They also tend to be the thing that goes bump in both day and night, serving as the gold standard for the lowest cesspool of the human race. That creature is…the Hoodrat.

Have debated on creating this thread, but this most recent vid made my decision for me:


So SRK, do tell what experiences you have had with these creatures? How does one go about either avoiding or minimizing one’s interactions with said Hoodrats? Can they be stopped?

edit: Though this is not a vids only thread, I figured I’d show more examples of the Hoodrat in her natural habitat.






Haterazzi keeps it fucking real. I have been involved in community outreach in impoverished communities in Lubbock, TX and Little Rock, AR and I have seen the trouble that hood rats have caused in those communities. We tried to keep young males out of gangs and young females from becoming pregnant to help break the cycle of poverty, and after a few years I just got burned out because I grew tired of fighting a hopeless situation. I would say that poverty is more a state of mind than a state of being, which is why immigrants from India and China come here poor but get out of poverty in one generation.


It is a state of mind, but there are more factors involved in that and so many precursors to why things have become the way they are. To oversimplify it wouldn’t be doing it justice imo. Also why make a thread on people who literally thrive on attention? Not understanding the logic except to show everyone just how much you guys hate womenz like that is a big secret.


:lovin: love ya AP

I do agree with you that there are more factors involved, but with the state of mind(or lack of a mind at all) demonstrated by hoodrats, addressing those other issues is only going to go so far. It has to be a culture change against glorifying outright buffoonery as this. And I’m going to say it again, and I know I’m going to get disagreements once again, but this is another reason to seriously reign in aid to single mothers(and I know I know these aren’t representative of all single mothers). I guarantee you people would be more careful who they crapped out kids with as well as when/if they crapped out kids at all if the spigot was at least tightened if not outright stopped.

Haterazzi addressed some of the excuses used that stalls any real action on addressing these issues in his follow up to Die Hoodrat Die


Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with Hoodrats too much but when I’ve had to oh boy


rap music is a amzing thing, music so powerfull it destroyed a whole race of people and rap music did it over night ,


man, that kid screaming as his mom hit the ground was crazy. i bet he thought she was dead.




I really hate the whole glasses without lenses trend.

I never encounter a hoodrat but I got a friends who work at Family Dollar store who encounter hoodrat on a daily basis due the store being near the worse neighborhood in the county. I would hear stories about single moms taking their five or six kids in the store and trying to steal diaper and tampon.


@Shaft: Though I gotta admit I was surprised that chick was only out 5 seconds and immediately recovered. Probably needed a elephant gun to keep her down.

Speaking of that security guard, he got into it with a hood militia the very next day >_>


Haven’t had to deal with hoodrats since middle school.

Haven’t had to punch a female in her face since middle school.

I am forever thankful my father forced me to go to a school i didn’t want to go.

This scourge, plague needs to be rooted and attacked with unyielding prejudice and without mercy.

I fucking died at that video. Bitch started crying.

edit:why is this shit limited to blacks? and to the scale that it is, it happens to other minorities, but its always blacks.

Shit is just fucked up


Moving from the Ghetto to the Suburbs was a good thing, not having to deal with hoodrats. But since coming down to Advanced Training on Treasure Island I gotta deal with all the hoodrat basic students from Oakland, Sotckton, adn all around the Bay area. I’ve gotten such gems as Nigga why you be reading books and shit and nigga you speak to good like a white man.


I feel bad for them kids yo…


If they was yo kids they would know the meaning of true grit and a hard days work after you made them chew and swallow a mouth full of thumb tacks like you do your kids Dirzzle ma nizzle.


i got my face scratched in college breaking up a fight between two rats. one of them was in her thirties.

i feel sorry for that security guard dude. it’s ridiculous that he’s gotta put up with it at all, let alone multiple times a week. good thing he has his camera.


That was my thought too. Look at what they’re emulating…


@Match: Yeah, seeing the little urchins start spouting off “YOU GAY YOU GAY” does not bode well for their future. :S


@Shaft Agent: You’re telling me man. I almost got myself slashed to pieces by one in a school hallway at a ghetto high school, with several other student onlookers. Even back then I was smart enough to realize the consequences of punching out a chick(hoodrat or not) even if it was in self defense so I prioritized escaping. :S

As far as the guard, I would love to know just how he’s recording. Pen cam? :rofl:


Good thing the security guard was black if he was white I imagine it might have gone down a little differently in both videos. Anyways i was really sad when the little kids picked up on their “mom’s” negative vibe and joined in on the verbal assault.

The hoodrats in the first video and wananbe thugs in the second need to watch The Fifth Element.


man, if i was that dude i’d wear a damn vest made out of GoPros


lol im not even sure what part of atl that is…by judging by the number of ignite niggers id say its south or west end. Damn, not exaggerating but i could only understand hat the security guard is saying.

This vid is good tho…maybe she will remember this next time she decides to show her ass. Dumb bitch lollolol…you’re on the internets now!!Sometimes you just gotta live by the DMX code:

"And let off up in a nigga
especially if he THINK he bigger
than my mothafuckin trigger!"

Gotta make an example out of someone sometimes. She thought she had that immunity bc her kids were there…NOPE!


Damn i cant be in situations like that…once i started recording i woulda been playing for the camera. You would seen my ass dancing and saying, “take dat! take dat!” on some diddy shit whilst giving her that juice!. Niggas woulda been mad at me! RIDE THE LIGHTNINGGG


It’s hard to have hope for the future when you see little kids who should still be pure and innocent at that age shouting “That’s why you gay! You gay, you gay!”

That shit hit me right in the feels. :shake:


It was sad when the “dad” came out and started shit because his babies may had been shocked. What a fucking dunce, he should have been more worried about his kids being raised in such a shitty enviorment.

[URL=‘’]I bet she felt the fucking pain