The HOPSCOTCH project

hello friends.

hopscotch is one of my favorite specials/assist but i haven’t heard many tips or strategies for utilizing it. it’s been pretty much eclipsed by the promotion + pervasiveness of peekaboo. maybe we can talk about some novel + neat ways for utilizing hopscotch? whether as a special or an assist.

i’ll start. the other day, i was thinking to myself how much i love hopscotch (it’s just so hilarious to me watching people run + jump into it, get zapped by it, and recoil like a helpless rat) and wishing trish was a more efficient and effective zoning character. granted she effectively keeps out characters like wesker + wolverine, her projectiles are slow + don’t do much chip. since possibilities for a remedial intervention have come and gone, a compensatory solution dawned on me: pair trish’s hopscotch annoying ass assist with a heavy zoning/chipping heavy team. unlike peekaboo, it’s a great defensive anti-air because cannot be destroyed once it’s out. love it when it interrupts people’s combos!
my idea is to
-pick a point character who shoots fast + chips hard + builds meter for trish and your third: chris, taskmaster, hawkeye are the one’s that immediately come to mind though ghost rider may suffice?
-place trish second (god i hate it when i some how get stuck with her as an anchor w/ xfactor).
-then round out your team with a third that has a good assist to augment and complement the above zoning dynamic. the character needs to be a decent anchor: doom and hidden missiles is all i can think of. can you guys think of any other? strider’s vajira may do, plus he should have enough for x-factor lvl 3 orbs.

what do you guys think? i haven’t tried this zoning + hopscotch assist myself but i imagine this type of team would be devastating.

plz list your own hopscotch ideas + strategies! :}

I personally prefer hopscotch and low voltage to peekaboo as my Trish assist.
Like stated above when it is out it stays out till it disappears and can’t get hit like peekaboo.
Also, say you are rushing someone down… you can call the assist as you go in, and if they hit you then they have to worry about getting hit by the trap and either stop their combo early or just simply get hit out of it mid way through. It is a really good assist to have. It gets even better when you back someone up into the corner >:)

I can’t believe I never even tried it out in Vanilla, it goes PERFECT with my team. Its kind of like Dorms flame carpet in Vanilla, it can’t go away. When I have Dorm on point, I call her out to lay out hopscotch, and I can power up fer dayz. Then when I want to lame someone out with Wesker S.J Gun Teleport, it works perfect because they can’t get under me. Honestly I say you guys at least give it a shot its actually worth using.

Thanks for the suggestion crimsonrecursion if it wasn’t for you, I probably would have never gave it a shot

Honestly Doom can be put on point in ultimate. He has all the tools you’re asking for. With hopscotch he’d be even harder to break even with teleports. With plasma beam he can deliver tons of chip and beat out tons of other projectiles. Air and ground photons are great for keeping people out. j.H laser is even better and good at interrupting people’s advances or their zoning. Then you got j.S footdive, which can be thrown out defensively or offensively and if it connects it leads into a huge combo.

@CaLiSwEEPeR trish’s hopscotch paired with flame carpet sounds like an effective and entertaining combination. in theory, though i don’t know how practical this is, you can trap your opponent on both sides with hopscotch and carpet. send out a hopscotch, then your third assist as decoy, teleport to the other side and flame carpet. at this point your opponent will crouch block to avoid backing up into a hopscotch or mount an offensive to neutralize the carpet. likely he’ll be too confuse and crouch block though, so you try to do the cross up tri-dash with dorm to mix them up.

@UnknownEnemyZero thanks i’ll look into learning to use doom as a keep away. i didn’t know he does viable chip damage. he definitely did get a lot better. i can only imagine how many teleporters get hit by the S foot dive.

btw, check out this hopscotch level 3 combo :}

it’s like a fusion of phoenix’s trap and morrigan’s drill x-factor level 3 loop…