The Hori PS4 VLX thread

I have been waiting for a new VLX for awhile. Who is preordering one? I am tempted although I already have a VLX diamond. The only downside is it comes with shitty Kuro buttons.

What are your guys thoughts?

I would buy one to keep as a collectors item.

Id be too paranoid to play on it.

Blahh…I just ordered a te2 and hori v4 kai so…ill have to pass even though I’m super tempted.

Preordered. Now to get rid of a TE2.

I caved and preordered. I decided I’d rather order it and feel bad today than not order it and feel bad every day after.

I preordered two… not sure if I really even want them though, will probably end up cancelling at least one of them.

If this was up vlx diamond quality I would be all over it though.

I cant get one until april 6, will preorders still be available by then, and if not can i go into debt with someone on this thread?

Man, I was on the fence…I got 2 of the xbox 360 VLXes then I bought the VLX kitty x 2 so now they work on PS3 and xbox 360. Now 299 will buy me one that works on the PS4. I just can’t bring myself to doing this. Ok So I have a RAP 4 Kai on Amazon pre-ordered. I got a $50 gift card that I am applying toward it so its like $100. Its really taken all of my will power to say no the PS4 VLX purchase. Anyway, I will be modding my old VLX with an FC4 for PS4. I bought a 30pin ribbon cable with IDC socket to swap out the button/joystick harness to switch between PS4 and my VLX Kitty board. Those with the old VLX, I would say mod it like I did so you can just put everything back if you need to sell it one day. Those that don’t have one should get it. It is super durable and does not move and will last. Also buy a good bag if you are traveling with it. Should I even bother with the RAP 4 Kai? is it worth it?

Pre ordered. Now back to the debt from whence I came

must have for me as i already have a diamond and a regular og vlx for 360. my favorite stick!

does anyone want to buy a TE2 that has all of the buttons taken out for like 140 so i can afford this stick? <3

:s i just preordered one. really wanted one of these since the original. time to sell stuff before may.

how did you preorder it without having the money? just go in debt with the bank? or does paypal have a credit option.?
Never used it before but it exists.

lol I cancelled my order on amazon and caved in…dammit! That stick looks so good…

I’ve spent the last few months muttering quietly to the starry skies, “Why won’t Hori just release a PS4 VLX?” while debating which sticks to get. Then this happened. Money was thrown at ArcadeShock and 0 regrets to be had; well, other than considering selling my other PS4 sticks. I’ve used the red and the diamond as my main sticks in the past, so the collector value of my Kuro VLX will likely be ruined by me, ya know, actually using it. Granted, my others are still in pristine condition.

So Arcadeshock has my $333 and change… Now we play the waiting game…

Pretty cool, $300 is quite a chunk of change though.

I even ordered one :smiley: They are just nice looking sticks and I seem to be a sucker for cool stuff :smiley:

Are you serious about that and what te2 do ya have?

yea im serious