The Hori PS4 VLX thread

Pics or it didn’t happen

You guys think plastic/plexiglass scratch remover would work on the top panel and plastic sides on this stick to get rid of tiny hairline scratches and scuffs? I have some Novus 2 but not sure if I want to test it on whatever the top panels made of lol

Hard to show on a 'phone pic - it’s pretty subtle - but:

There’s enough room to mount a HAPP? That’s unbelievably dope. Wonder if I could do this on the OG VLX Premium

My S-Class VLX Kuro:
*Silent JLF 2nd gen
*Silent OBSCS
*Brushed aluminum button caps from Paradise Arcade
*Swapped the 7th and 8th smoke plungers with clear and added aluminum foil inserts
*Start button clear 24mm OBSC w/ foil insert
*Pending: Sound dampening foam lining on inside of stick to further reduce sound. Made by PC party manufacturer Silverstone

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That’s dope! What balltop do you have on there?

JAPROC 35mm Natural silver
Ordered it from Paradise Arcade

Sorry the beginner’s question, but I purchased this stick and have been following all of the cool mods going on in the thread. Because of these, I am considering changing out the buttons and joystick on my VLX. To me, the Hori Hayabusa+Kuros are good approximations of high quality parts, but they don’t feel as good as their competition. My question is: How hard is it to mod the stick (I know how to open it)? I have changed out a few buttons over the years on older/cheaper sticks, but I have never replaced a joystick. I want to replace the Hayabusa with the standard, clicky Sanwa JLF (not the newer, silent variant). Is it just a matter of unplugging/unscrewing the old stick and inserting the new one? Are there any fit or placement issues that come up? Thanks for the help and I do apologize if this is too basic a question for this thread.

Yes, you can simply unscrew the old stick and insert the new one. As far as I remember from my Vewlix F compared to my TE/VLX, the standard JLF-stick is 90 degrees rotated. You can unclick the gate, rotate the microswitch-block 90 degrees and re-assemble it. If the directions seem to be wrong after assembly, rotate the microswitch-block.

So I’ve never owned a VLX before, and I’ve very tempted to grab one at evo. The only thing that Google and SRK search isn’t turning up too well is this:

What’s the custom art situation like on these things? To my knowledge, these things share the same build as former VLX Diamond and regular VLX as well. I can’t seem to find much information here on the forum regarding that either. Some posts have said I’ll need a replacement plexi panel, others have said that I’ll need a vinyl replacement.

Is anyone else looking at art replacement for their VLX Kuro?

I was trying to replace the spring in the Hayabusa with a 2lb sanwa spring and i seem to have gotten the rebuild wrong.
Does anyone have instructions on how to put the stick back together?
With pics would be great, but I can work with detailed descriptions.

Post a picture of what you did and that will make things easier.

big ass photo, sorry

I thought it went back together like this, but it won’t fit into the main housing.

First put the shaft in the the base. The pivot (Cam) will stop it from going all the way thru the base (housing). On the underside, add the spring and actuator.

Photobucket is refusing to let me edit these photos so please bear with me

Removing very large image

The right end goes into the top of the housing.
And the spring and actuator on the bottom.

But where does this piece go?

Removing very large image

Its not the actuator.

under the housing you put that piece, then the spring, then the actuator, then the clip. In that order.

with the smaller end first right?

the flat larger end toward the base, with the spring going around the smaller part.

All right. Looks like that got it. Thanks for all the help.
I knew it was spring loaded and it still shot pieces on me.

Is this a matter of orienting it differently in the VLX or actually disassembling it and rotating an internal component? Sorry again for the basic questions…Like I said, I’ve never done replaced a joystick before.