The Hori PS4 VLX thread

You will need and xbox one pcb seeing as the crossbone is not an xbox one pcb but a tool that facilitates padhacking an xbox one pcb.

If he using the PDP MKX Xbox One he would not need the crossbone

The Crossbone is only for the MS Xbox One game pad PCB not 3rd party PCBs and is completely optional.

The Crossbone TE is for the Xbox One version of the TE 2, it used to adapt the PCB as the TE2 XBOX One PCB is not common ground.

What about something like this?

It’s not specifically sound dampening, but it’d be a quick way to stuff it full.

Without any sort of information on the absorption coefficient of that foam, I can’t really say how efficient it will be. Stuffing a hollow surface with ANYTHING will reduce the vibrations, so it will do SOMETHING. How much SOMETHING it will do I can’t say. That being said, it’s a pretty cheap test to try out.

So I recently received this as a gift from mt girlfriend. I was over joyed I don’t just play fighting games but Lots of old arcade style games. I’ve been trying to find answer about this stick that continues to allude me. It was advertised a being able to use Turbo function. I am really struggling as to figure out how. Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks everyone.

Another option to get rid of the sound is to use car audio vibration dampening stuff but damn its expensive. Works wonders on big metal panels though.

I agree. I made my statement because he said he was going to use a ps360+, a crossbone and a ggxrd ps4 pad for a trimod. He was wondering if he should use the mkx xbone pad instead of the crossbone. I only wanted to emphasize that if he did not use the mkx pad, he would need a ms xbone pcb with a crossbone because the crossbone is not a controller by itself.

Not the solution you’re looking for, but Japanese buttons facilitate a two finger tap technique that works very well when you need rapid presses.

I was planning on picking up a VLX from Hori next week, but I am replacing an aging dual modded TE-S. Since I’ve been playing KI a lot lately, XB1 compatability is definitely needed for me in this case.

What’s the problem with your TE-S? Wear parts are pretty easy to replace in that stick, and you could add xbone support with an additional mod.

Loving this stick. Have both TE2 and HRAP v4 and not having a touchpad made practicing USF4 tedious. Don’t know why they couldn’t just allow reassigning of the reset button like BBCPEX did.

I set program touchpad to L2 so I don’t even have to reach for the touchpad and also to not wear it down.

Protip: accidentally discovered you can program the down direction to disable a button. Only direction that works. Didn’t see it mentioned in the manual.

Here’s my bootleg arcade cab lol

I’m having an issue with my Vewlix. I got it a week ago, and noticed that when I first opened it up, I was having a hard time getting the screws to catch with the groove so I could screw them back in and close the case. Today, I noticed that the case doesn’t fully close, and there’s some space between the side of the body, and the part that opens up (given how the screws close the case, i’m assuming this si the cause of the problem). It’s worse on one side than it is on the other, too.

I’m sorry for not describing this in words better, I’m not sure how to describe it exactly. I took some pictures on my phone, though, so you can see what I mean. Is this a common problem? Is there a fix? I couldn’t see anything that would be stopping it from closing properly.

I put the pics up on imgur:,wcM61PE#0

My stick and many others have that same non flushness, I don’t see it as a problem, even Arcadeshocks stick has the same thing:

Hmm, alright. I thought it was something wrong, but I guess I never looked at it too closely when I got it. Still a bit concerned about the screws, but that might have been an issue with it not being fully closed or something. Thanks!

What screen is that?? Looks hot.

Looks like a Dell 24" LED

Dell 27inch 4K, not to be mistaken with the horrible older 28inch 4k model.

Got this for work (video editing), but I’m loving it for gaming. Using it now over my VH236H cuz it’s bigger, better colors/contrast (IPS) and better viewing angles. In Fast Response mode, it’s only 4ms slower than the VH236H, which to me makes no difference cuz I’m not good enough for it to matter, lol.

Switched my setup today, using my keyboard stand now after I saw somebody mention it in an older thread. With the 3/4inch wood panel I attached to the stand, the top of the VLX is at the exact height as it would be in a Vewlix cab.

is this thing still acutally in stock?

I don’t think arcadeshock updates their stock…

Yeah. It should be in stock. It shows in stock from hori usa site so it should be in stock from arcadeshock