The Horror games thread, SOMA is out now

c’mon nigga are you serious lol. original re games weren’t particularly scary. even nememis kind of always gave you that “warning sound”. I think sometimes he popped out nowhere without any warning(kinda like mrX). to me the REmake was scarier. it looked so good and campy. dem crimpson heads doe. and lisa trevor was kinda disturbing. wasted bunch of bullets trying to kill the bitch just to find out you can’t actually kill her :wtf:

silent hill and the last of us scared me more than any of the re games.

double post :wtf:

RE2 and RE3 were the first survival horror games I’ve played. The atmosphere with the unsettling music did it for me. Nemesis never failed to make me piss myself. There were times when he would show up with no warning like in the clock tower and the bridge leading to the disposal facility. He and Burkin were the main sources of my nightmares…

Never played REmake. I’m gonna fix that once the HD remaster is released in a couple of weeks.

I’ve always had the feeling that most diehard Silent Hill and Resident Evil fans have only played a few horror games and are unwilling to give any game in the genre a chance unless it’s super similar to either franchise which is why when horror games are talked about online it’s 99% RE or SH gushing and then maybe one or two people mention Fatal Frame and that’s it. Which is a shame because there are tons of stellar horror games of all kinds that deserve just as much attention as any RE or SH, so I hope you guys take the time to watch all the trailers in OP and find atl east 1 game you’re interested and if I’m wrong about RE/SH fans being close minded then hey guys please feel free to correct me.

Thanks for the links hecatombz SCP Containment Breach is one of the fucking scariest games ever made it’s one of the few games where you don’t get “comfortable” with the threat, I felt just as tense at the end as I did in the beginning what a brilliant concept and execution glad the developer kept releasing patches for it.

I haven’t played White Day, but I know what it is @SixMachine‌ recommened it to me awhile ago and I just forgot about it, I heard it’s very similar to Amnesia: The Dark Descent which I loved and the developers of Routine said White Day was a huge inspiration for Routine as well.

Being a Resident Evil fan is what turn me to Silent Hill and a couple of other horror games back in the day. I remember buying an RE clone called Carrier for the Dreamcast. It was a decent game if you like RE. I also bought Blue Stinger and absolutely hated it. To this day I don’t understand how anyone thought that game was good. Haunting Ground is quite an underrated game.

cursed mountain is really good, its only on PC and nintendo wii though

Since when is Bloodborne a horror game? It’s a action roleplaying game.
If you are gonna insist on making all these “horror” threads…atleast know what games belong to what genre.

A horror game I really enjoyed was Alan Wake. I am big SH fan and really have grown accustomed to the atmosphere that is a staple in the SH series. When it comes to other horror games, it seems like Outlast and Amnesia really had me on edge. Outlast actually had me stop playing for a night or so, just because I was so nervous.

Is wrong to say that Killing Floor 2 will
probably be my only reason to get a PS4 lol

The only notable horror games that I have played in my lifetime: Eternal Darkness, F.E.A.R series & RE4

Currently playing: Dead Island

REmake was the creepiest RE for sure. And maybe the Outbreaks

I second Nemesis giving me nightmares as a kid. That fucking music gives you anxiety plus the nigga is on some ST Akuma shit and can run stupid fast. First time in the police station when he crashes through the window niggas straight thought it was sweet and that you could avoid him by just going into the next room :confused:

RE needs to re-explore the stalker or if not just give 2 and 3 the REmake treatment. Ustanak wasn’t shit. Instant kills don’t quite do it for me. It was way more taxing to fight Nemesis, use up health items and pray to God to not run into him any time soon again.

Alan Wake is one of my all time favorite games, the small town creepy atmosphere was perfect very Twin Peaks sequels, and the shadow/light mechanic was genius it didn’t get old to me because it was fun and used in different ways throughout the game. Walking around the forest and then seeing the taken pop up out nowhere and come for you when there’s no light around made me go oh shit! Also Dat story without spoilers I fucking loved the ambiguity of it all.

It’s nice to see that you enjoy both the modern action/horror style as well as the more pure survival horror style too, a lot of niggas on SRK hate the no combat approach of Amnesia and Outlast.

@"Ki Shima"‌

Have any of you played Dead Space? All 3 games take the RE4 formula and make huge improvements to it, the series has some of the tightest shooting, most nuanced and detailed visual atmosphere and sound design, and creepiest most fucked up lore I’ve ever played easily all 3 games are my absolute favorite horror games ever. If there is one horror game I think everyone should play its Dead Space just trust me on this one if you liked RE4 play Dead Space 1 ASAP!

im playing dead space 3 right now. Its not as good as 1 or 2. I dont really like anything about dead space 3. Its more of a acion game, then a horror game

I own the original the Dead Space. It’s my favorite survival horror game this generation. Dead Space is the game that made me appreciate sound design. Playing it with a great pair of headphones advance my experience greatly. I haven’t played the sequels yet.

DS1 was fun. Didnt scare me but was very solid.

To answer the question to the OP, yes, I did play Dead Space 1 and I didn’t like it. I didn’t like RE4 either as well, so that’s probably why.

One of my homeboys had DS1 & DS2 for 360. Had a lot of fucked up visual & audio…love every mintue of it.

Quick question: Who was really into the multiplayer aspect of the Dead Space series?

Amnesia was rough for me, but Outlast topped that. Insane asylums creep me the hell out, so the whole premise of being in there with just a camera was rough. I think that is why I liked the P.T. demo so much. It reminded me of Outlast but even more creepier.

I messed with Dead Space 1-3. i actually beat 1 and 2, but never beat 3 (file got corrupted). 2’s ending was so nuts to me. I kept thinking of Event Horizon. Dead Space 1 was good and difficult, really made you tread carefully throughout the game.

Silent Hill 2 nuff said. Looking forward to these horror games and more scares.

incoming Zoo overload :wasted: