The Hot BHL Girl Thread: Vol. 18


Sugey Portillo


Wasleska Rosario


Let me add to that…


Fernanda Ferrari


God I hate tattoos on a chick.

A tattoo on a woman is like graffiti on the Sistine Chapel.



Daphne Joy (Filipina/Puerto Rican)


I will admit that I used to feel the same way, but then I realized that there is too many women (people in general) with tattoos to hold that against.

Does that mean I now prefer women with tattoos? Not really, but I can’t ignore if someone I have chemistry with has a few tattoos. Of course tattoos of larger numbers and size makes that harder to deal with, but that’s the reality we live in. I don’t want any tattoos myself, and will never get one unless science develops a tattoo that’s somehow beneficial to my health.

Now thread-wise? It’s all about posting hot girls, “hot” imo has more to do with an appealing face and body-type than tattoos. I’m not planning to start a meaningful relationship with one of these girls or look for dates, I just find them objectively attractive enough to post.

I’m not the biggest fan of tattoos, but I’d lying if I said these women are unattractive.


Renee Riyan


But they don’t seem to realize they would be 1000x hotter without the tattoos. Is what I’m saying.


Ach. Mein. GOTT

Imaan Hammam(Egyptian/Moroccan):

Just needs a lil more maturity and we can start our brood >:D


Analicia Chaves


Suelyn Medeiros


Dayana Perez Sosa


Dayana Perez Sosa…damn. That’s a mission right there.


Naj’a Irie









@Dangerous J:
That is Irina Shayk, she is from Russia and is the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo.


^Thanks man

Iesha Marie