The Hottest Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Female Cast Member Poll

I know everyone is more than likely assuming that this thread is just another who’s who or who’s what. But it’s not. The winner of this poll will be featured on an arcade stick crafted by .Cobra (Kiu) and I myself (Leonil). As the theme of this stick, it will be completely focused on the highlights of her… finer assets. This stick will not disappoint. In addition to dual compatibility between 360 and PS3 and guaranteed durability. This will be a one of a kind. The exterior of this stick will only mirror it’s longevity.

It will be will be sold at 300 dollars and at such a high price, buttons and stick parts are at the buyer’s discretion. The stick will have the standardized button layout of a Madcatz TE arcade stick. The art will be protected with one of Art’s immaculately cut plexi-glass covers. So vote, have fun, and please, keep the suggestive statements to a minimum. Fight for your character’s sex appeal.

Unfortunately, since this site only excepts 10 entries, I tried to make this as official as possible. Here it is, the poll!!!

Hottest Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Female
This poll will close March the 31st. Give Jill that time she needs to warm your hearts… and shuma >?>

(Yes, that is Trish, for a little extra incentive. ;] )

Tried voting for she-hulk and it said i voted for felicia… boooooo

Red She-Hulk. EASILY. Only in the game though since her hair doesn’t look death metal like in the comics.

Since this pertains to stick art, wouldn’t this be better off in Tech Talk or Image Mishmash?

eh… what’s technical about “hey guys, who’s your favorite female character”

I’m not asking for an image, I already have that under control, and I dual mod quite well, but thanks.

Why is MODAM not included in this poll?

that cross dresser deserves to be on it xD

She Hulk


She-Hulk & Trish having more votes than Phoenix? What is this world coming to?!

If you don’t vote for Shuma, the obvious troll vote, you’re a homosexual

Would that somehow be an inherently bad thing?

Heh. I dont like the SheHulk character much but I think she is up there. Tie with Morrigan in my book.

haha at the MODAM comment, great way to start the morning.


Favorite in-game model has to be Dark Phoenix, god damn the things I’d do to her, as I get incinerated.

It’s Amaterasu, clearly.

P.S. Shuma-Gorath is female?

Trish. That walking animation, god damn. Followed closely by Morrigan, her voice is great in this game. Come to think of it though, I think the voice acting as a whole is superb .

Shuma of course. You should make a poll for hottest male cast member as well, more homo, more love!

Gotta vote for Morrigan. Hmm, boobies.

And whoever voted for Ammy, seek professional help.

Tron, because I like Jailbait.