The Hottest Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Female Cast Member Poll

Shuma can be whatever he wants to be. Such a sexy squid. I voted for Chun-Li though, because dem legs ._.

And I agree we need a poll for the male characters.

I’ll say no to She-Hulk since she looks like a green Wendy Williams.

Phoenix all the way. She’s so hot, she can’t control it.


I think I got a problem…

That’s her cleavage cutout calling out to you.

The correct is answer is obviously C. Viper.

I <3 MILFs. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for hottest male cast member, well, there’s no point in even having that poll since Haggar is on the list and Haggar looks like Freddie Mercury after pumping iron.

Morrigan then Felecia.
Although, for me they’re very close.

I wanna say that the modeling team did a better job with the asses in this game than in sf4. xP

Chun Li, dat ass, man, all day, everyday xP

But it would be seriously a tie between Chunners, Trish and Phoenix. Did you see Trish’s walk forward animation. xP

I put my vote out there for Morrigan but if Ms. Marvel ever makes it to DLC, I may have to change that vote up one day.

She hulk needs an ass upgrade IMO, it’s still too small.

This thread doesn’t help anybody out other than you. Please don’t make threads like this.