The House/Dance Music Thread... vol.?


I searched the forums first and I ended up coming back with a few threads of people asking for music recommendations, rather than just a flat out discussion. I made this the house/dance just for the discussions that might go off on a tangent. I find SOME garage and dance to sneak in some funky/disco elements of house. But PLEASE keep that wretched Techno and Trance talk in here to a minimum!:rofl: So. . lets get it going.

about me::
I discovered house music in 7th grade. This is what sucked me in that fateful day in 1999:
If MTv was EVER good for anything, it was before the 2000s.

So im a classic/disco/frensh house fan at heart. Its that driving rhythm with the soulful vocals that get me. Over the past few years that infectious dirty electronica rock-n-roll style has began to grow on me so I like that too. I can get into the deeper side of house as well, I appreciate it all to be honest. Whatever mood im in really decides the type of house im in the mood for.

Dont really have a favorite DJ/producer. Ive always been a fan of Grant Nelson, Hot22, Sebastian Ingrosso, Cassius, Michael Gray, Ian Pooley, Armand Van Helden. .i love em all. You make good tunessss . .i like you.

MAW & Pupa Nas T-Denise - Work
Milk & Sugar - Stay Around
Michael Gray & Steve Edwards - Somewhere Beyond
Hott 22 Feat. Bonnie Bailey - No Promises
Ron Gelfer Feat. Tiger Lily - Your Beat Sounds Like
Sucker DJs Feat. Wray - Salvation

[media=youtube]OWIKmr6NZqM[/media] << still the shit after all these years

I find it really hard to come by QUALITY tracks now days tho. Its really started to go down now, since the bar was set so high in the early 2000s. But some good shit is still popping up here and there.


You cant call this a dance thread if your gonna exclude trance, cause eventually its gonna led to prog trance/house/mcprog and back to trance. But i for one am glad the mnml phase is almost done.


Touche! But my minor stipulation is in the beginning . .SOME elements of other genres mirror the ones in house. But I see where youre coming from, its all good game. That new Sugababes remix is like. . trancy … i can dig it.

Any good new shit out? I just got Ministry Of Sound Annual 2008, I dunno how many months late I am but I got it and thats all that matters.

Im trying to save up my monies just so my homegirl can take me to the Ministry Of Sound.


I’ve loved Above and Beyond for years. It’s a nice blend of high energy and dramatic breakdowns.

I bounce around from different different dance genres, though generally I like songs that are melodic. I’ve never really been into the dark house sounds like Robbie Rivera or some electro.


For me, my fave producers are: Bart van Wiessen, 16 bit lolitas, deadmau5, stan kolev, nikola gala, breakfast, underworld, above&beyond, funkdavoid/francious dubois.


Oooh Underworld. they’re part of my Holy Trinity of Music which is; Underworld, Daft Punk, and Basement Jaxx. Aside from DP’s last album, those dudes can pretty much do no wrong.

In the last year and a half though I’ve really been into Kaskade. I love that fuzzy guitar and mellow sound.



I love everything these guys remix.


I stood away from all house music since that bullshit started. I’m glad its over too.


The Freemasons are badass. They actually make Beyonce sound tolerable.

And supposedly there’s a bootleg mix of Thriller by them, but I’ve never herad it nor can I find it.


Yeah kaskade is nice and mellow, kinda reminds me of markus schulz’s old coldharbour sound.


How popular were Thunderpuss? They were HUGE on the gay scene, but I don’t remember hearing too much of them around the straight scene here.

#12 <— my podcast. New 2 hour mixes every week if anyone is interested in listening. :woot:

Waiting for Epsilon to pop up in this thread fronting his mixes :tup:


Here’s the other house thread.


Kaskade is the MOTHER-FUCKING-SHIT. Do you have any of those tracks on mp3? I would be more than willing to … ya know . .make a fair trade.

They make shit that you dont know what to do. Dance to it. Clean the fucking house to. Sit down and have a drink to. They are too much.

You know the Freemasons are working with Beyonce on her next album? She apparently like their remixes of her songs off B-day so much she enlisted them to help her work on the new album. Blah I say. beautiful voice but. . I just cant get into her like that. Especially her new work.

And Maurice Joshua remixes Beyonce/Destinys Child a HELL of a lot better than the Freemasons and their starwars sound effects!! Live it learn it!! EDIT: I take that back, I just dont care for their Beyonce remixes too much. The Faith Evans is tuuuuneeeeeee.


Check On It

You know what it is … I think a house remix shouldnt stray too far away from what the original vocals were intended for, which is R&B. it should feel more like housy r&b, instead of. . I dunno . .just your run of the mill Thunderpuss remix.:confused:

And. . has anybody noticed David Morales has a thing for Mariah Carey like Maurice Joshua has for Beyonce?


DL’ing now.


Do you like the Maurice Joshua remix of Amerie - Touch?
amerie - touch maurice joshua remix.mp3 - 5.20MB


thread needs more funky house


You guys should check out the albums This is Techhouse 1, 2, 3, and 4. They’re full of great artists.


Sometime tell me some quality digital dj-ing computer programs.

I just wanna mix shit together in one stream.


One: I need to learn how to do [media=youtube]2CzfBZ1mYBs"[/media].
Two: Can someone get me the song for that ^? Like it’s not easy. I’ve been searching for awhile. Hell I’ll buy it if I have to. So big props and I’ll be everyone to rep you if you can find this song for me. (I think it’s only on vinyl cries)