"The House of Cicada" SF4 10/3/2009 Singles Tourney FULL RESULTS


51 players

1 Alex Valle
2 Mike Ross
3 Keno
4 Tatsujinken
5 Fuson909
7 Vicious
7 Bryant The Tyrant
9 Slick 626
9 Warahk
9 Sanchez
9 VicTheSlik

13 Red_venom
13 ironfist
13 Marn
13 One Time Plz
17 somuchdamage
17 UmeShoryu
17 SeedyROM
17 beddachedda
17 mooyang
17 Armisael
17 fidodidotriplex
25 Downside
25 DannRog
25 henroid
25 C-Money
25 nasir
25 Warren
25 Blaq Skillz
25 Markski
33 Cicada
33 waldo98
33 chubby
33 Whargoul
33 persona
33 shglbmx
33 one3six
33 Polapakis
33 Abe
33 Lina
33 BouncingSoul
33 Matt Teder
33 Party Boy
33 Aireen-Chan
33 Lord Genross
33 ganex
49 Nikos
49 Sherryjenix
49 godlyturtle

Should be tons of media coming in the next week or two – we have a ton of matches [over 50] recorded, and will hve everything up as soon as we can. Big shout out to HeartOfBattle for the recordings and Shingin/Frank for handling the stream.

For a taste of the quality: [media=youtube]cwdu4phpCcg[/media] Make sure to watch it in HD :slight_smile:

Uploaded my photos @ http://photobucket.com/HouseOfCicada

Videos will be posted over the next few days to my channel, as well as on HeartOfBattle’s Channel: http://www.youtube.com/Cicada1337 // http://www.youtube.com/HeartofBattle – These matches will be posted without commentary.

the entire tournament [whatever was on the stream, at least] is available, with commentary, on my JTV Channel: http://www.justin.tv/CicadaTehL337

GYT Interviews/Video Coverage: [media=youtube]8KrkHr1g3TE[/media]



@MOVAL, Waldo98 – Thank you so much for running the brackets. I cant thank you guys enough – once everything was set and ready to go you guys just HANDLED it. I hardly had to do anything.

@Shingin/Frank – HUGE thanks for running the stream. We have set the bar for stream quality. 1034+ viewers? OH WE BREAKIN’ RECORDS!

@Alex, Mike Ross, Keno – Congrats on your performance. Thank you for coming out to support this, and I hope to see you all at the next one :slight_smile:

@Marn – I know you were going to do barfights, but a huge thanks for coming out a week early to CA for this.

@Dale, Monica – thank you so much for coming out, bringing alcohol, buying food, bringing equipment and mixing drinks for everyone. Would love to have you guys back for the next one.

@VicTheSlik, Sanchez, Vicious, C-Money, Dannrog, Sherryjenix and anyone else on commentary – You are a bunch of clever motherfuckers. Very entertaining/colorful commentary. :slight_smile:

@Potatohead, Kara, Cami – Thank you guys for coming out and covering the tournament on behalf of GYT. Hope to see you guys at the next one.

@Tatsu – Thanks for bringing out your console, even though we didnt end up using it :slight_smile: Congrats on your performance!

@Nikos/HeartofBattle – THANKYOU for coming out all the way from the East Coast to cover this. Now move out here for good :wink:

@Luka – Nice finally formally meeting you, and thank you for offering your services :slight_smile: See you at the next one. Undefeated at pool?!


REAL TALK. Thanks for making it a success, and thank you for respecting the house. This will definitely not be the last. Comments or suggestions to take into consideration for “The House of Cicada: Championship Edition” are greatly appreciated.

Also, I am still doing Sunday sessions for anyone that is willing to come out, or that is in the local area. Just check the thread often, as there may be some exceptions. :slight_smile:


“this is sanchez…and victheslik…bison brothers – MMMHAHHA?! – whatchoo know bout that psycho science – summa cum laude for days”

“Legendary blocks from legoland”

“Tatsu, with the devil may cry combos”

“Mike Ross with the autocorrecting bullshit”

“Mike Ross with the BAKKAKAKKAKAKKAKAKKAKA uppercut”


“Alex Valle with the nascar combos – straight from hangook”


Next time I’ll be early so I can get more alcohol!
thanks for the hospitality, and food. Cant wait for next one.


Props to Keno and Mike Boss selling out and choosing Fagat.



It was great seeing everyone again. Maybe next time I’ll enter, instead of showing up and being a drunken mess.


Thanks again for everything Cicada, best house tourney I’ve ever been to.

Also thanks to everyone that helped with the tourney aka Walter, Moval. And MONICA for making the drinks.


bryant’s right… best tourney ever! sf4 + pool + sleeping on a nice bed… so goood! thanks cicada =]


Whoever drank my pacificos that i left the night before, i hope you enjoyed them. really disappointed i had to bail on this last minute, but had a lot of personal shit going on… next time hopefully.


change your shirt… sonic


Thank you Cicada for all your hospitality. Im lovin the tournament set up. If you are doing another one in the future im there for sure. You have a sick ass house with a great pool table in which I am the worst player at the game officially. Thank you Cicada once again!


Excellent tourney Bryan! The setups, stream and hospitality were top notch and well worth the trip out.

Thanks to:
Bryan - for everything, especially tweaking the stream all week to get it so tight.
Walter - you worked your ass off man, thanks for keeping things smooth!
Moval - same here, I know you guys had a hell of a time handling all those matches with everyone wanting to be on the stream.
Frank - for running things in the office, especially with all those bodies up on the mic/stream.
Nikos (HeartOfBattle.com) - Can’t believe you came from NEW YORK! Great job on the capturing and helping with the stream/setups. You should be covering all east coast events man…show them how it’s done! We must do this again.

Random shouts:
OT SoCal Crew - you know who you are, much love. Rule #1, son.
OT NorCal Crew - awesome having you guys come down. Randoms for Shots was so evil yet so fun.
BlaqSkillz - great casuals after the tourney. Your Chun is getting beastly!
Fuson - always good to see you Christian, ggs with your Chun. I heard Guile bought some retirement property in Florida…
VicTheSlik - for embarrassing me on the stream for my first match. I was like a deer in headlights with that mad rush-down! So salty.
Red_Venom - for peacing me out with your sick Viper. Block this way? Block that way? Whaaa? Welcome back to SoCal man…maybe I’ll see you at Denjin.
Everyone else - for coming out to the first (and far from last) House of Cicada :tup:


thankz for letting me over to play and hang out with teh crew. :slight_smile:

Top Top tournamentz.


I love you too <3 ~ !!!


Good shit Alex…


thanks for everything broham!


Good ass tournament. Glad we came down from NorCal for the full experience :smiley:

Hope a bunch of you guys come up for NCR so we can get some rematches.


Valle back on top of Cali. It was only a matter of time. :smile:

Marn stop being a dick.


Stop being a dick? How? Lol


fucking JR…that backyard shit man…