The House of Crack Tournaments

What’s up guys. I’m here to announce my House of Crack [HOC] Tournaments and sessions for Umvc3 and Kof13 that I will be having. I’m creating this thread in order to do a poll and see what would work best for the community out here. I will post up what days I will be hosting these events within a week or so.

I’m going to make this rank based and plan to alternate every week from session to tournament, so basicaly one week will be a session and next week will be a tournament unless the community demands the tournament/session to be weekly. Please vote and any questions you want to ask me…just hit me up on facebook -

This house, it is where the crack is.

I think 7+5 and 5+5 sounds good to me especially since retail jobs aren’t giving me any hours =[

7+7 is the best imo. Keeps the pot size up, gives a reasonable return to the venue, and keeps total costs ~$15. Venue should always be around the same cost as entry too =)

as long as i have money for kennedy’s i’m happy!

Crunchy nut.

Doesnt matter what the Fee is ill pay as long as i get better

Sounds fun! I’ll try and make these!

I wouldn’t mind showing up if I can get there from RI, but I would the chance to show off some Nemesis. Hopefully it can be hosted on like Saturdays, but it’s Bum’s choice in this matter.

Ladies and gentlemen, an intelligent suggestion.

Took the words right out my mouth.

The alternation between session and tournament sounds like a really good idea. One week to work on what you need to work on at a session, the next week to see if you can put it to use.
What I’m wondering is, and I don’t mean to offend you with this, would you be able to fit into your apartment the amount of people who would come to this? I know you usually have a few high level players come over your house, but I’m sure if you made it an open event to everyone that there will be a good amount of people who’ll want to take part. Is this something you’re concerned about, or not really?

we in dere

Oh, and Saturdays work best for me. Just throwin’ that out there.

Easier for me to take the train down to the city and back.

Bump to give this tourney more love.

Can’t wait to start going over there! That journey I have to make to next level is ridiculous, so just the fact that this is in the Bronx is getting me hyped.