The House of D Presents: Marvel 3



So my parents will be out of town from the 15th - 20th, so I’m going to open my house up for 24 hours a day from the 16th-19th (wednesday-saturday). Im giving people release day off for zachs and training room/pink gorilla release.

In any case, since I’ll be opening my house for people to stay at there will be a few ground rules that I wouldn’t normally have:

  1. My brother is still here, do not go into his room. If he wants you to leave or be quiet you will do exactly as he says or I will murder you. If you bother his girlfriend he will kill you himself.

  2. You are welcome to use my facilities for bathing, please do not fuck up the bathrooms, and for gods sake clean up after yourself and do your best not to remain smelly.



  5. I will probably be cooking a day or two for the people here, if you want to throw some money my way thats cool.

  6. Since I still have class, and if people are still here while I go to class, I will appoint someone i know well enough to be in charge of my house until i return from school.

  7. I will update this thread if the house is empty or if we’re going to all go eat out or something so I dont have 8 people calling me at once.

  8. So help me god if you steal from me I will end you

With all that said, see you guys on wednesday. MARVEL


I’ll probably come either Wednesday or Thursday or both. Should I bring alcohol, if yes what would you prefer?


Aside from the video games aspect… I wanna know what you can cook Danny? And if its bomb, I wanna learn how to make it. I can make come chicken tinga, shit is pretty god tier!


illbe there before work most days :slight_smile: since its like 10minutes with all the lights turning red on me from home


One of my favorite first sessions was @ Heavy D’s…will be there!


I might be able to make it out Wednesday.


Shout outs to HeavyD. Don’t mess with his shit.


If only you had anything worth stealing.

Good shit for the 24/7 gaming house. That’s how Seattle got good at MvC2. 7 guys, 2 setups, 1 job between all of them. Bring back the good 'ole days.


I’m gonna have to check this shit out sometime this week!


I have so much stuff to do.
But maybe I can go say ‘what’s up’ on Saturday…
I should have the game by then, not sure how much practice I’m gonna get, though.

I feel sad about Capcom’s direction in fighting games these days, but I want to give Marvel 3 a shot, because… if this game is trash, or I don’t get into it, will I even see you guys? :C


I’m off class tomorrow at 4, so around 5pm is a decent time to start rolling in.


Might try to show up tomorrow!


I forget where this place is. Could you by chance PM me your address, Dan? I only remember how to get to your old place by the safeway.


Address is 2712 east roy street 98112

People can come up now, I’ll probably still be cleaning and doing laundry if you get here before 5 though.

If enough people show up I will probably order pizza or something


Oh shit i forgot, I dont have a ps3 copy so if someone wants to bring one over that would be cool. We’d have 2 setups that way.

And if someone wants to bring a console and the game we can have a third on the big tv in the living room.


i might be coming <.< would like to grind marvel


Hey fools, Elias is here right now and josh and eric are coming over pretty soon. I’ll be out for a bit picking up a ps3 copy so call elias if youre almost here.


Hey there. Is it okay if I drop by say around 9pm?


I wanted to drop by today but turns out dan was sleeping. It was already 1pm by the time I called, unfortunately dan didn’t rise until 4pm. See you fools tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for having us over Miguel!!