The Houyoko sen April Ottawa Thread


25 posts/day

Ottawa kills the spam department.

25 posts a day, hot damn. How much of that is pointless drama, I wonder?

none really, if you want pointless drama, go read the xvsf thread.

I willing to bet drama is the lowest posting theme. Random video game excitement murders everything…

EDIT: the xvsf thread is funny. Sometimes I wish I still posted or viewed it…most times no though. Dee showed it to me the other day and it was hilarious.
Not really a productive thread…but funny

I suppose we should switch to this thread eh?

I dunno, we can’t let that April Fools bit die so quick, can we?

Also, repost cause it makes more sense for it to be here:

Why does Ottawa need a new Thread every month?

cause every month they try and run from you but it does not seem possible.

“Steve is music more important to you than me?”
“dont ask me that cause you will not like the answer”

without the slightest hesitation



“ROFL!!! yes. there is only one girl i know that music is not ahead of and you are not her.”

click! <… goes the phone in my ear.

for D:

for rodrick

cause it saves bandwidth.

the bigger the thread the more data needs to get processed everytime anyone looks at the thread.

needless to say it also cuts down on loading times. smaller threads load much faster.

honestly at 25 posts/day do you really want to be looking at a 365 page thread after a year? a 730 page after 2 years? we do a whole page of posts every day. Often more.

Piledriver was such a good title

Stop living in the past!

I’ve got someting better now.

is Dan dead?

cause if so i want his laptop…

sabatiu kick! <— fuck i need to make an avatar with that in it.

immortals slava!

wait wait… phuck the laptop i want the house…

you dont have to shav…

im shaving.


everytime that gets replayed in my head i start laughing… so serious … im sorry fuck shave then stop ice grillin me!

lets do some simple math:

roughly 10 million people play WoW.

and each one of those 10 million people pay 18$ a month to play. ([10x6] x 18]) = ya … bill gates type loot a fucking month…every month since 2004.

2.4 million copies of burning crusade were sold in the 1st 24 hours.
($100 in 1 day)

7+ hours a day is the average time spent playing WoW…

dont believe me look at the ladies in the av… they dont play WoW… they play with me.

one story:

I had been addicted to WoW for a long time.

I’ve been ‘sober’ for 3 months now.

Recently, I was thinking about getting back into it but decided to wait a couple days to let things bump around in my head before I jumped right back in. I decided to pull up this site and read some comments.

I realized how bad it would be for me to get back into WoW. Since I quit, I’ve gotten engaged, went on a diet, started exercising, been promoted at work, and started channeling my creativity into different mediums. It took the comments of others for me to realize all that.

Thank you for your comments. Your strength has given me new strength to stay away.

are you fucking kidding me… this is on page one of 1188 fucking pages of the same shit

“help me i play Wow all day, im pastey and ashy but i got a new relic whatever and my lvl 70 gnome whoremaster just got a new sash +4 to resist reality… im the man…”

ggpo life.

sorry that was my monthly rant.

1 more thing (i promise)

Women & sex & …fuck i dont know outside, sunshine, fresh air, water, natural light streetfighter, fucking climbing a god damn tree is better than WoW.

When its all said and done and your e-peen can be stroked no longer … what u have… nothing.I am not talking like a hater i used to play ffxi religiously remember when u didnt see me for like 1 year… ya i was playing that . 0 its not real. so stop. instead of playing WoW… go play a girl. more fun and the lvl up is worth waaaaaaaaaayyyyy more points… and its better to get your real peen stroked as opposed to the E-one…

Get that.

Shen I will weed your backyard if you quit WoW.

Seriously…I would say “don’t go back!NOOOO! Your Soul!” but do I really have to? I think the forces of nature scream that shit the moment you start thinking about it.

engaged?? This doesn’t make any sense…

EDIT: Dan is almost alive. He might get back to walking and eating soon.
Dee I think is almost recovered as well.

fuck read this oneeeeeee!!! this sums up my whole idea.!

I am sick and tired of being a bum IRL. I need to quit but I keep coming back to it.

No way you used to play FFXI steve? Server? job? I still play T.T

Shen should tour schools about WoW…

that’s if he can cut it off. He needs to learn to accept losing and play CvS2 again…I mean he accepted losing his ability to make his own decisions (engaged??? - cemented)…

I shall be picking up the ps2 on thursday… and my cactus.

I shall be picking up the ps2 on thursday… and my cactus.

edit: perhaps i shall play a few games and possibly halo aswell, but i got lots of shit to do so the gaming may have to wait till weekend

Server: Leviathan

Name: Shadowrunner