The "how do you screw that up" thread

Generally, this topic is about things that make you wonder… well, see the title.
It’s one thing for a movie/tv show/game to fail when it has poison in it’s veins (bad writers, low budget, etc). It’s another thing entirely for it to fail when either:
A.) It had everything going for it.
B.) It was something from a genre you really liked. And still managed to fuck things up. As in something that makes even fanboys slink away in shame.
C.) It was something that was easy to make. No way they could fail at making this, yet they did.

This can apply to just certain mechanics/modes in games too. Or certain parts in tv shows/movies. It can also apply to other things in general. Personally, I’m surprised whenever I come across terrible pizza. Me and pizza go way back. I’m fine with any kind of pizza as long as it has toppings I like. Yet, still, there’s the occasional new place that wows me with awful taste.

How does Fox fail to market Arrested Development, Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles.

[media=youtube]HmGGVARy1OQ[/media] [media=youtube]Ea2zNp8pskw[/media]

Yo, I forgot all about Sarah Connor Chronicles…thats a huge hella fuckup. Great Show

  1. Devil May Cry 2
  2. Mega Man X 7
  3. Seinfeld series finale
  4. LOST (the series, and esp. the series finale)

in fact

  1. Series finales (in general)


The Sopranos get the top of the list.

Aliens vs Predator? Quite an obvious one.

Predator 1: Amazing
Predator 2: Quite good
Alien: Amazing
Aliens: Really amazing
Alien 3: Ok, I guess
Aliens Ressurection: Not bad

Aliens vs Predator? What the fuck is this piece of shit, ill fucking kill you all, wtf how the fuck can u fuck this up ffs, raging!

It’s like taking gold (Predator) mixing it with diamonds (Aliens) and the result is shit (AvP). I seriously do not understand how you can fuck up such a movie. The games had a story that was 10 times better then the god damn movie.

Oh im not done…

My mind is trying to erase the movie from my memories but I still remember shit. Remember the tagline? Whoever wins, we lose. Ummmm… first of all, both the aliens and the preds died, so the humans, “we” actually won. Oh but we lost alright… we lost by watching the movie. How the fuck can u fuck up such a movie is beyond me. All you had to do was put, 20 fucking aliens vs like 20 fucking preds in a room for an hour and a half and the movie would have been the best shit ever. But no, instead we get, some god awful acting (the main actress was some sort of automaton), plot holes everywhere (the preds and aliens were always on earth), usless deaths (2 preds die in the first 20 min of the movie, 99% of the human casts dies in 30 min). Ughhhh!

Fucking piece of shit movie!

Kaiji the movie

actually, any live action anything with Japanese people. Sorry

This Dr.Pepper add on the bottom left hand corner of the SRK website…how did they fuck up and make advertising EVEN MORE ANNOYING

Yeah put me down for AvP. I’m in the same boat where I thought each Predator and Alien movie was at least not bad, so I thought, how could AvP be anything but fuckin dope? It even had the dude who played Bishop involved. I saw it in theaters, but I’ve never watched it since, and I don’t want to. Fuck that movie was wack.


The American version.

“That’s a lot of fish.”

Even as a kid, I knew the movie was going to suck as soon as I heard that. And I’m not even a Godzilla fan.

Oh god yes. Let’s end an emmy-winning, trailblazing series with a black fucking screen right in the middle of a tense scene. Even if you go with the “most obvious answer” to what happened, it still feels like a copout.

I still can’t get over the absolute disaster that was the Viewtiful Joe franchise. The first game was excellent in just about every way… it has what is most likely a permanent spot on my general list of “Greatest Games of All Time”…but after that, every possible thing that could go wrong happened… it’s as if there was a secret agent from a rival company that had infiltrated the company, and purposely ruined everything.

-disappointing sequel with fewer unlockable things (+ slow-down issues that were not present before, at least if you’re talking about the GC version) than the first game. They even had this extra mode that would’ve been perfect for unlockable stuff… “36 Chambers”, if I recall. What did you get for beating that mode of the game? “YOU GET NOTHING!” as Willy Wonka might say. Of course, this is before the days of online leaderboards existing for just about anything in a console game, so there really was no point other than the satisfaction of beating the mode.

-The cartoon… the voices were all different and mostly inferior from the first game. The dude playing Alastor sounded like he wasn’t even trying. The look of the show also didn’t really work for me. The animation seemed cheap and half-ass…overall, it didn’t look as good as the cel-shaded visuals in the games. Also, the new little kid character was annoying, unappealing, and unnecessary.

-Red Hot Rumble— all the had to do here was rip off the Smash Bros. Melee formula, but nope… they chose to make the whole damn thing like the “Coin Battle” mode, which is actually the worst/lamest aspect of Melee, imo. On most of the stages, you were usually fighting the stage more than your opponents. This game seemed like such a great concept to me… Fast forward to now, and Joe is reduced to the occasional cameo appearance in other Capcom games. Most likely, there will never be a Viewtiful Joe 3. I didn’t bother to rent VJ: Red Hot Rumble, and now it’s one of my most regretted gaming purchases.

…but not quite as bad as Desroy All Humans: Path of the Furon. Observe: This is disgusting. I am truly ashamed to have spent money on that. Graphics are surprisingly bad for an allegedly current-gen game (*I could’ve sworn part 1 on the regular Xbox actually looks better than this), the cities are barely populated, the humor (or at least what I saw of it) falls flat most of the time… please avoid this game. Do not even spend 1 penny on it.

*ohhh yeah— Symbionic Titan! I’m not referring to the show itself of course… I refer to the moronic, pitiful network it was aired on…good ol’ Cartoon Network. Here we have a great new show with cool action scenes, great art style/animation, an interesting concept, interesting characters, some comedic moments mixed in with the occasional more serious, dramatic stuff…and of course…OF COURSE… CN suddenly moves it around the damn schedule and eventually cancels it. It was the greatest new show on the whole network, and here it is canceled after 1 season. Yeah, fuck you.

That fuck up made me mad. I was so invested in that shit. As a load of others, and talk about a bomb

24 after season 2.

I mean, I still watched every season, but goddamn…


Star Wars Episodes 1-3

I agree with you.
Ill have SRK open and have my headphones on skyping with my gf and all of a sudden random loud black dude comes and scares the shit out of me.

lol so easily to fuck up, but also so easy to fix.

the last two ( I think) eps of the 90’s X-men cartoon

Power Stone 2.