The "how do you screw that up" thread

Blood Omen 2. You have an incredibly rich history to pull from, the most fleshed out video game characters ever, And one of the most realized Gothic landscapes ever and what do they do? Ignore all of it, create a whole new location that’s boring drab and dull, write a story that only fucks with the existing one while adding absolutely nothing to the rich history of Nosgoth and they made the most awesome vampire to ever walk the narrative universe into a mascara wearing pretty boy. they couldn’t even be bothered to put Kain’s scar on his chest. Lazy fucks.

Easy: don’t direct anything for 22 years, lose touch with the influences that inspired you in the first place, and accept the fact that they already weren’t going to live up to people’s expectations to begin with.

Obligatory: Street Fighter 4

Jurassic Park 3


YES. power stone 1 was like fucking perfect, how did they fuck up 2 so badly

yup , there can be no bigger fuck up than arrested development . That series was pure genius , If only some other network could’ve picked it up after Fox dropped it .

Snk Vs Capcom = LOLLLL

Lost fucked up aswell , they shouldve ended it after season 3 .

“Hi, my name’s Jeremih. AS LONG AS I’M AROUND PUT IT DOWN ON ME”

Dragon Age 2… holy shit.

Dragon. Age. 2.

Modern Warfare 2 also Turok 3

the justin bieber movie

dont you mean black ops?

They actively patch blackops, MW2 is still broken, but it’s getting a full update in a couple of months in the form of MW3.

Re. Power Stone 2, they put too much emphasis on weapons rather than unarmed combat. Also too many gems

By the end of the year it will be how did they screw up Facebook

Arrested Development is fucking awesome…

“I have a nice hard cot/cock with his name on it”
“You’d do that to your own brother?”
“I said cot”

EDIT: Found it

^ This.

While we’re on games, I forgot to throw out the mandatory: Metal Gear Online.
TBH, I’m ashamed I never tossed it in here. I guess I’ve forgotten that the original Metal Gear Online (that came with MGS3: Subsistence) was the game that got me into online shooters. Yet somehow, they fucked Neo MGO all up. I can tell you up and down all day why Metal Gear Online sucks, but I’ll never be able to understand how it got to where it is.

Wait how did the Sopranos finale fuck up? I thought it was brilliant.

I have no idea. The 2nd was was just retarded. Fun, but retarded.

well PS2 went the way of a multiplayer party-like game which is why those changes were made. And it was definitely fun for what it was but of course I’ll always prefer PS1

Come on SRK, you can do better than that. Most of these are fairly simple to explain:

Seinfeld–Wanted to troll the audience and hammer down the point of the show

Sopranos–Typical pretentious post-structuralist "don’t wanna do happy Hollywood ending but don’t have the balls to show the bad ending so make the end appear to be ‘vague’ and ‘open to audience inpretation’ " so loved by TV directors. HBO shows typically take themselves too seriously but most of the Sopranos’ audience never watched anything else so it’s natural they wouldn’t expect it.

Good TV shows on major networks–Network executives are RETARDED or good witty shows generally don’t make money or garner huge ratings because they tend to fly over the heads of the average viewer because the TV audience is RETARDED.

Godzilla (USA)-- It was made by Hollywood. Hollywood is fucking retarded regarding anything outside American/European culture.

Star Wars-- George Lucas is a total hack and the original trilogy was only watchable because he was still young enough to remember enough Samurai and Western movies to rip off, and he let other actual talented directors like Spielberg and Richard Marquand (who directed RotJ by HIMSELF) do most of the actual directing job.
Clone Wars trilogy is what you get when you get 100% Lucas and it is fucking TERRIBLE. So no, Lucas always sucked, it’s just that most didn’t notice because of special effects and him hiding behind people with enough talent to make his garbage work (Harrison Ford).

X-Men Last Season-- They ran out of money. Marvel was fucking POOR in the mid-90s.

Power Stone 2-- Smash Bros. was making a ton of money.

Street Fighter 4-- Capcom doesn’t have a development team for fighting games anymore. Anyone who actually understood fighters, or had any vision or talent already left the company leaving us with people like Ono.

SNK Vs. Capcom-- SNK went BANKRUPT right in the middle of development. They got resurrected with help from Eolith, and had to slap together SvC Chaos in hurry both to honor their contract with Capcom and to make money since they just came out of bankruptcy.

Now stuff like Viewtiful Joe and Megaman X7 is legitimate “how can you screw something up THAT badly” territory.


–PS3 launch: $599 US dollars. Yes, I know that they still lost money on hardware sold at launch even at that price. Yes, it had Blu-Ray. The point is Sony was still being a douche-bag and vastly overestimating the worth of Blu-Ray as a selling point, and riding high on top of 2 consecutive generation victories in the console wars. This fucked up their foothold, period.

–Final Fantasy the Movie: Square is STILL, to this day, residually fucked because of this horrible excuse for a movie. They lost so much money on this alone that it forced them to merge with Enix (who was the MAJORITY partner), close down their film studio, and a lot of their gaming divisions, pretty much forcing them to focus completely on Final Fantasy and leaving their other properties to rot.
I’m tempted to say that it CAN be explained by the fact that Hironobu Sakaguchi is an awful writer/director/storyteller, and that the only game story he ever created that anybody even LIKED was FF4’s and only because there wasn’t much competition in video game plots at the time and it ripped off Star Wars six ways to Sunday. Notice that FF’s plots and characters only started to become really liked AFTER he stepped down as director (FF6 and FF7). I mean the movie sucked so damn bad, that despite being one of the main figureheads of the company for almost 20 YEARS, he was forced to QUIT because the fucking movie tanked.
While most of the blame can be credited to the fact that Sakaguchi sucks at creating compelling stories and character, it alone can’t explain why the FF Movie so badly bombed.

Actually, there were rumors that Showtime was to pick up the series to continue on their network, but Hurwitz didn’t want to do it.

I’m torn between wanting more of “the best comedy on television” and wanting it to never return, so it will always be looked at as “the best comedy on television”.