The how to deal with durpy stuff thread. Exploring install supers, more missiles

Ok…so there’s a lot of DURP in this game. If you haven’t realized that yet it’s probably because you haven’t played the game yet.

What I mean specifically is moves like Hulk’s H that can be cancelled into block into more stuff that has armor and annoying assists like Strider’s teleport kick assist. Plus the infamous TELEPORTS that pepole hate.

**What I want is for people to list down the durpy moves they hate getting hit by or just any general tactics that they feel their might be something they can do about but it’s just too hard sometimes. ** I still see too many people online just get run over by Hulk H to the point where it’s like as if Hulk is a self Haggar assist. Once I compile enough of a list I’ll most likely put together a video kinda like the old Akuma tatsu vid to show how to deal with using different characters and what not.

Especially since the game is high damage any way and the pace is generally fast, you pretty much have to know what to do against shit beforehand and this is a good way I feel of getting that together.

General Stuff

High/Low Mixups: Dealing with traditional Magneto style high/low =

Assist + teleport Mix Ups: Dealing with assist + port pressure = ; The how to deal with durpy stuff thread. Exploring install supers, more missiles

Character/Assist Specific Stuff

**Akuma: **(On point) Anti tatsu techniques = /watch?v=pIXwlLkCGhQ&feature=related ; watch?v=YPeHmnUVYkA&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL




Captain America: (On Point) Shield Slash spam = The how to deal with durpy stuff thread. Exploring install supers, more missiles

Chris Redfield:

Chun Li:

**Dante: **(On point) j.S/Hammer pressure = The how to deal with durpy stuff thread. Exploring install supers, more missiles


Doctor Strange:


Doom: (As Assist) Dealing with hidden missiles assist =



Frank West:

Ghost Rider: (On Point) Dealing with the air whip = How do I beat Air S?



Hsien Ko:

**Hulk: **(On Point) General anti Hulk stuff = The how to deal with durpy stuff thread. Exploring install supers, more missiles ; The how to deal with durpy stuff thread. Exploring install supers, more missiles

Iron Fist:

Iron Man:

Jill Valentine:


**Magneto: **(On Point) Dealing with typical Magneto mix ups =





Phoenix Wright:

Rocket Raccoon:


Sentinel: (As Assist) Dealing with point character + Drones pressure = The how to deal with durpy stuff thread. Exploring install supers, more missiles

She Hulk:



Spider Man:


Strider: (On Point) Dealing with Vajra H/Teleport kick = The how to deal with durpy stuff thread. Exploring install supers, more missiles

Super Skrull: (On Point) = Defensive techniques against random meteor smashes.







Wesker: (On point) = Dealing with XF3/4 Alllllberrrrt = The how to deal with durpy stuff thread. Exploring install supers, more missiles


**Zero: (**On Point) = General tips against Zero = The how to deal with durpy stuff thread. Exploring install supers, more missiles ; The how to deal with durpy stuff thread. Exploring install supers, more missiles

yeah hulk + doom hidden missiles pretty much has my number lol. s. h and gamma charge are ridiculous

Derp: Dante’s j.S /canceled into hammer on block, and Vergil’s helmet breaker.

To avoid it: Be patient and block.

I still get hit by these things all of the time.

Hulk + Sentinel assist + Another assist capable of lockdown, such as Chun Li. In fact, I just got bodied by Hulk/Chun/Sentinel. Flowcharter, too. Hulk runs away, call Sent assist, H Gamma Charge > L Followup, [Anti Air Gamma Charge H > H Followup] xN, call Chun, keep doing AAGC, call Sent, repeat. I seriously couldn’t do a thing if I blocked just once.


If I have a team of characters with mainly single-hitting moves (Tron, Frank, Nova), what do I do against a Hulk on point with something like Tatsu and Disruptor assists?

Disruptor + s.:h: xx Gamma Charge xx Gamma Charge is armored, safe on block, covered by an assist, and leaves me in a mixup situation after the recovery (low, s.H again, or command throw).

how to herp the derp??

I’ll help with Tron a bit. A misconception I feel with Tron is that she is a single hit character. She has some of the biggest array of multi hitting normals in the game. j.L, c.L, both do multiple hits and can stuff out typical armor crap. Her drill is great to stuff armor and I think is pretty safe on block. Tiger knee the drill if you want it to be safer on block.

Listing all her normals that have multi hits you have s.M that does 4 hits, c.L that does 6 hits, c.H that does 4 hits, and j.L that does 3 hits, f+M gustaff that does 5 hits and f+H bandit boulder that does 3 hits at close range.

Doing stuff like pressing s.H to absorb a disruptor and then going in with a drill I feel is a solid technique. Remember also that gustaff flame on point is now special/hyper cancellable and does multiple hits. The fire nullifies medium durability projectiles and there’s only like 5 projectiles in the game that have medium durability so that will cover any typical projectile stuff. Her f+H boulder throw also nullifies medium durability projectiles and beams during the first 5 active frames and the actual boulder throw has 10 low durability points which is enough to shut down disruptah easily. Will also blow through drones assist pretty nicely.

For Frank West, get him to level 4 and your troubles go away as far as multi hits are concerned. His j.M is great for stuffing out most of the assists in the game.

Nova you’re probably gonna have some issues with when it comes to blowing through armor. I would try to get within c.L range and hope for the best. Other than that his red health pulses do multiple hits but that requires you burning red health. Centurion Rush H is negative on block but does 3 hits and Nova Strike M also does 3 hits but about neg 9 on block.

Vajra H.

BTW, Tron’s drill is still not safe on block DJ.

Any teleporter covered with an assist, especially Doom’s beam. Spencer’s horizontal zip line covered with an assist as well. Any character with an air dash that super jumps up then air dashes down with an attack, especially someone who has a stupid ass hit box like Dormammu’s.

I heard TK drill was safer on block yeah? Though you can always call a longer ranged assist first if needed before drilling to keep it safe.

Chicken block (air block before he lands) and punish with regular throw. If your character has fast aerial or ground normals like Wolverine or X-23 you can chicken block first…then punish him with a jump normal while you’re still in the air or ground normal as you hit the ground off the chicken block and go into full combos also. The threshold you’ll want is like a 4 to 6 frame normals for this to be reliable.

The Vajra also stops tracking right before it lands so you can dash once right before it hits you and move past the tracking and punish his whiff recovery. My brother does this all the time against my anchor Strider. Don’t wave dash or you’ll track back into the dive kick and lose. Just dash once before it comes down.

Just frame air throwing him as he reappears from the teleport can work but it’s risky. It’s basically you pre emptively jump up and when you see Strider teleport off screen to go near you just press f+H right before he reappears. If done correct you can air throw him out of it but the timing is tight and if you screw up you’re gonna get hurt.

XF guard cancel works also and forces him to XF guard cancel to not die.

If you’re in the air if you have something with fast movement you can use it right before he lands on top of you and move past the tracking. It’s just you don’t really wanna be in the air unless you have to cuz hard knockdown is not cool.

Zero… :frowning:

Edit: I use Mags, so I’m okay keeping him out. It’s once he gets in that I know I fucked up and it feels like I’m blocking forever and a day, or pushblocking into my death.

Tatsu spam seems to have my number pretty hard, as well as characters who have faster/better normals than me.

I mean, i’m a very defensive player, so I tend to block and block until I see an opening for a punish, but against a lot of characters thats just asking to get command grabbed, plus there might not ever be anything that comes out thats unsafe. Even against characters like Captain America, he has a far reaching 4 frame cr.L that blows me up if I ever try to beat him out. Same goes for characters like X-23 or Zero ( I don’t know their frame data, but it never feels like I can press buttons, and I definitely can’t block forever ). It just really sucks not being able to pushblock people out either.

Oh and, Felicias Air Delta Kick, shit goes like full screen and has a ridiculous hit box and leads to seemingly infinite blockstrings/dash in command grab setups. As far as i’ve seen the only option to beating that out is to super jump and not get hit by the ADK in the first place.

Dr. Derp’s hidden missle assist spam + basically anything else in the game

Seems like everything he does is safe

You talking about when Doom is on point or the assist missiles?

Going by the team in your sig

Drones calls are pretty predictable with a Hulk (I’m guilty of this myself) try keeping your distance and calling Arthur’s daggers you should interrupt either Sentinel or Hulk himself. I also wouldn’t hesitate to check him with a well timed Chaotic Flame punish either yeah it might seem random but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Also realize Hulk has brutal recovery after that L Followup so as long as he doesn’t go for a Gamma Crush you should be able to punish immediately.

Yeah TK drill is like -1 on block or something. She can’t really take advantage of that most of the time, but she won’t be punished for it…most of the time. I need to test if it can be air grabbed after TK drill. I used to play Tron a lot until late in vanilla where I stopped focusing on her and focused more on my Zero and Dante so I need to really test some of her Ultimate tech.

Chaotic Flame? Lol ok but I get the point. He was smart and always covered L Followup with an assist, but now that I think about it, I could have used Illusion to counter his AAGC’s. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

you can airthrow zeros lightning if he doesnt cancel into buster, but what good zero isnt gonna cancel into buster?

Zero. He’s a jumping, spinning, impossible to keep out robot made entirely out of stupid.

People who play double jump characters and run a beam assist. They lazily float down just out of grab or attack range while an assist is called, hit confirm and kill me to death.