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A guide to help you play Lili. Vids with this will come later, for now the text version. If you want ms doc of it please pm so I can email it to you.-JKF aka Purple Eye Girl

[details=Spoiler]Lili Beginner’s Guide by Juri Kills Friend aka Purple Eye Girl

Chapter one: Introduction to Lili and her normals
So you’re thinking of picking up Lili. You’ve seen how much of a power house she is and you’re thinking I would like to be like that. This guide is intended to help you, the new lili player, learn the character, level up your game with her and get it to a point where you can beat your opponents with expertise and grace. This first chapter is meant to introduce you to the character and gives you a brief character synopsis as well as go over her normal attacks. Lili is not a character that is easy to pick up and a lot of her advance things take time to learn. As long as you stick with your daily practice schedule in the training room and learn all her important things you should be fine. It should be noted that she doesn’t have anything she can abuse as it can be easily read and Lili can pay for it. There is a lot of thinking involved with Lili and a smarter Lili player is a dangerous Lili player. Without further ado let’s talk about Lili
My Opinion on where she stands in the current version 1.07 & after the 2013 patch
In patch 1.07 I see this character as a high mid tier character. The reason why I believe this is because Lili is a character that has a vast amount of tools at her disposal which helps her deal with different characters. She’s rarely at a disadvantage because she has a tool to usually counter an opponent’s option. Most of her match ups are even with a few being heavily in her favor and one being bad for her. Lili isn’t easy to pick up as well and a lot of people complain about her strange normals, her combos and her slow walk speed. To play Lili at first requires that you spend time with her in the training room and seeing what she can do. It’s a step by step process and even afterward to play Lili at a decent level requires some thinking outside of the box. Lili has a good set of special moves and ex moves but that will be covered in another chapter. Lili can’t deal well with pressure and a lot of her “get off me moves” are risky to use. Make sure that you want to play her because she isn’t for everyone.
For the 2013 patch Lili should be a lot stronger due to the fact that most of her even match ups are getting nerfed (weaker). Lili will lose air attack invincibility on Andante (df hk) but it will start up at 8 frames now. Lili also gains a normal that forces a stand. This normal will start up at 6 frames and can be combo from a move with +6 or higher frame advantage after hit. Lili will also be getting an adjustment to ex angel knee. The move should now be more useful with the second attack (angel ascension) hitting grounded opponents and allowing a Lili player to follow up. Lili will also be getting a walk speed boost that should help her close space and improve her overall footsie game. Lastly Lili is getting an overall buff to her meter gain on certain moves such as feisty rabbit. Lili will more or less still be the same character with tweaks to her overall gameplay. My prediction for Lili is top 5 in the game.
Lili’s Role
Pre patch
Lili is best played as an anchor character because she is very meter reliant, has low hp, and a slower walk speed. Lili is meant to be played as an anchor because she is reliant on meter which she needs to extend combos or get more damage from. She also has a slow walk speed so it’s harder for her to traverse the big stages or close the gap on most characters. Putting her on point is not the best choice because she needs meter to really get going and plus her low hp doesn’t allow her to take many hits. With those reasons combined it makes sense to put Lili second. Also I’ve noticed a lot of people trying to use Lili as an extender to their combos or setting back up into their point character. Let me say that this doesn’t work as effectively. Most of Lili’s reliable tag out moves are not safe on block or require a certain combo or special move or deteriorate the damage. I suggest just sitting down with your team and figuring out a gameplan for the two.
2013 patch
Lili is more versatile of a character whose improved walk speed and new meter gain on particular moves makes her a better point character. Lili can be place in any role in a team but I would still suggest Lili being an anchor character because Lili is still very meter reliant and that has not changed since the patch. All the above information still applies to Lili.
Lili the swiss army knife.
I gave lili this moniker because I feel that’s what Lili as a character embodies. She can do almost anything and has the most complete set of tools of the whole cast. If you’re going to play Lili you need to understand how to use each and every one of these tools to their full potential. As a new player you might not have an idea of how a toolset such as Lili makes her a very versatile character who can immediately take away options from opponents. If anything we should begin with all her normal attacks.
Standing normal
St.lp is your standard 4 frame jab which is +3 on block and +7 on hit. It has okay range and you would use it to set up frame traps. Lili can also go into a target combo from stand jab to I’d rate this move as average at best. is a better tool for poking an opponent and preventing them from running away. This attack moves her forward slightly and can nip an opponent who is trying to poke back at you. This move sets up into a lot of her mix ups. The move comes out at six frames and is +2 on block and +6 on hit. I rate this move above average.
St.hp is part of Lili’s top pokes. The move comes out at 8 frames and is minus on block but by only 2 frames. She’s plus 3 on hit and can be dashed canceled and not be punished by anyone who does not have a grapple. This move is great because of how far it moves Lili into range for moves such as angel knee, ex dendrobium and other moves as well. I would rate this as one of her best standing punch normal. is a very deceptive move. It looks slow but if used correctly it can be a nasty trick to use in your Lili arsenal. Lili’s hits low and if your opponent is standing they will get hit low and you can follow up with a special move such as angel knee or a chain combo. The move comes out at seven frames but is +1 on block and +5 on hit. I’d rate it average in terms of normal attacks. is not really a great normal move. It’s so so because it can anti air and prevents your opponent from jumping as it arches over Lili’s head. It starts up at 10 frames and is minus -5 on block and -1 on hit but the move does have invincibility to air attacks on frame 10 of the move, which is when the move starts up at. All you need to know is it’s not one of her better normal but still has it uses. is also another average normal. The start up frame is 12 and is 0 on hit -5 on block. It has some range and you can use it for poking far away and stuffing some jump ins. It’s a decent footsies tool but Lili doesn’t convert much from it beside canceling the move into a launcher.
Other standing normal… to lk (Dominating step)
I’ll be clear to say that in the current patch 1.07 that is minus -4 on block and starts at 7 frames. The good thing about this move is that it can be special cancelable. If you get a counter hit with the first attack you can press lk to follow up with the second attack, this can only be done after a counter hit. Once the second hit connects it causes the opponent to grab their foot in pain and wench, this opens up a chance for lili to attack.
In the patch will force a stand and comes out a 6 frames instead. So any move with +6 frame advantage can be used in a combo. is also called submissive heel. The move is 17 frames which is normal for an over head move. It is plus 5 upon hit but -6 if it is blocked so you don’t want to mess this up. The move forces a stand on the opponent if they are crouching and you can use it to mix up your opponent.
Diagonal down forward Hk known as Andante. Andante is a 9 frame move which is Lili’s go to anti air. She will not trade because the move has air crush properties, that means it won’t trade with air base attacks, which is very good. Sadly in the patch Andante will lose its air crush properties but the move will be one frame faster, 8 frames. It’ll still be a viable tool in terms of anti airs. is by far Lili’s best poke. The move comes out at 10 frames but it moves her forward and is great at whiff punishing. It’s 0 on block so you can abuse that move unless your opponent is neutral jumping, be aware of this lili users. leads to many things such as to hp which is called Peacock waltz and it does a whooping 180 damage. to mp is called peacock jive and that is +6 on hit and can lead to many combo situations. You must use this move as a Lili player, it is required as it’s a great tool for her to harass her opponents and also open them up to some damage.
Crouching attacks
Cr. Lp is 4 frames and is + 2 block and +6 on hit. It’s good for using in frame traps and has decent range but not as great as cr. Lk. is a 5 frame attack that is also plus on block +2 and +6 on hit. It’s good for harassing your opponent with high low mix ups and frame traps and is the starter of>f.hp target combo for lili.
Cr.hp is a 7 frame move that is also active for 7 frames as well. The move is great for anti airing and can be used in many combos that Lili has. The move forces your opponent to stand if you connect with the move. You can also do a dash cancel and not be punished by any normal attack except a command throw. It is also -2 on block and +3 on hit. is a nice poke that comes out at 4 frames and has slightly better range than cr.lp. This 4 frame move is +1 on block and +5 on hit. You would use this move would be used to create safe frame trap pressure and to help condition your opponent to a mix up situation with Lili. is another of Lili’s top pokes. This move comes out at five frames and is -2 on block and +2 on hit. is a good tool in Lili’s footsie game as she can use frame traps to apply pressure while keeping in her range. leads to mostly every single mix up or move that you will do with Lili. is a top poke because its range is slightly better than but the only downside to the move is that you cannot special move cancel it. Lili can however set up for a few things after the knock down. The move starts up at 9 frames and is -9 on block.
Jumping attacks
Lili has some very strong air normal which give her the ability to beat most opponents in the air.
j.lp, is 5 frames and it’s a fast air normal but she can’t do too much with it. overshadows this move greatly., is 6 frames and puts your opponent into a floating state and it is also the beginning of Lili’s air chain
j.hp, is a jumping normal that is the second part of lili’s air chain. It comes out at 7 frames and hits twice. It is one of Lili’s better air to air normals, is a 4 frame move that has the ability to completely stuff air to air jumps. This is also the first normal in lili’s second air chain, this single air normal is quite possibly the best Lili has. is a 6 frame air normal that is used for crossing up opponents and is the second part of lili’s air chain. At best it’s an average air normal but when it’s combined with it’s a powerful mix up and pressure tool. starts at 7 frames and is another one of lili’s top pokes. If anything I would rank it as Lili’s second best poke. This move has the ability to whiff punish an opponent for half screen if you jump at them. It leads to many avenues of damage that most other normal moves won’t. If you’re going to pick up Lili you need to learn how to apply this normal move to your Lili game.
Lk+LP Lili’s air throw. This air throw starts at 5 frames, like all air throws, and is very seldom used. It’s not a normal but I figure I put it here because it is part of Lili’s air game. The move is useful when you want to surprise your opponents. It puts your opponent on the other side of the screen and does about 150 damage, I use it only to surprise my opponent.
In this chapter we covered some of the basic info of Lili and all of her normal. The next chapter will focus on her special moves, but for the time being I would suggest to all the would be Lili players to hit the training room with her and figure out all her normal. Until then everyone take care. [/details]

SFxT General Discussion #3 - Still Alive

[details=Spoiler] Chapter two: Lili’s Special Moves
Hopefully you’ve gotten familiar with Lili’s normal moves in the training room. Now will we cover the next part of Lili’s tool set, her special moves. Lili’s special moves are all very unique and all serve a purpose. Lili being the cool swiss army knife that she is will require that you learn how to utilize all of her special moves in order to play this character properly. Without further delay let’s jump into the moves.

Dendrobium is a move that has a relatively good start up speed and range depending on the punch button you press. Lp comes out at 5 frames, mp comes out at 7, and hp comes out at 11 frames. All of the moves on block are -2 and if you use it in a frame trap it will cause you to lose pressure. On hit though the moves have different plus frames. Lp is +1, mp +2, and hp +3. The idea of this move is to shock your opponent in a long combo and set them up for a reset in damage. Each Dendrobium on hit has a certain range in which it puts Lili. Lp puts you closer to the opponent, mp puts you in range. Hp puts you in to sweep range. If you do this right you’ll be able to continue the pressure or mix them up for a reset.

HP Dendrobium
The reason I gave this move its own little section is that HP dendrobium is your go to special in a meterless juggle combo. The move provides a long enough float state that you can either tag cancel in your partner or set up for another mix up, to hp, or even super arts.

Sunflower Lance
Unlike Dedrobium, Sunflower lance is only useful if you do the lk version. It starts up faster at 17 frames and can be used in combos with much ease, except after special canceling from,, or st. jab. There’s no point in using the other two versions of the move because they are much slower. The only way I see the other two moves being viable is off of a cr.hp anti air or in a juggle combo. You’d use mk in a juggle combo to guarantee a hard knock down and hk for a mix up after a cr.hp anti air. Sunflower lance is one of the most important special moves for Lili because it begins her mix up game. It’s a basic move that sets up a high low mix up. When it is combined with frame traps or used in combos it can prove to be devastating. Sunflower lance gives Lili one of her longest hard knock downs and sets her up for soo many things. You do have to be careful when using this move though because it is -6 on block for the lk version and far worse for the other versions. If you get a hit with it don’t stop in between the hits because you’re still minus and could be poked by your opponent.

Feisty Rabbit
The move is usually called the “spin” and is more or less a method for Lili to move across the screen. She has three versions that can be “rekka” or repeatedly input to make her spin. She cannot spin from lk to mk to hk. It can only be lk to lk to lk, for example. Feisty rabbit is invincible to all projectile moves as it makes Lili “airborne”. This move can be used as an extension of Lili’s footsies game and helps her cover ground quickly but while she spins she can be hit out of the attack so be aware of what you’re doing. She also has three follow ups after Feisty Rabbit and they are Rabbit foot, Cloisonne, and Rabbit thorn.

Rabbit foot
After Feisty Rabbit press LK
Rabbit foot is a low attack that works like a sweep. It comes out at comes out at 14 frames and is -5 on block. This low attack helps her go under fireballs or knock down her opponent for a hard knock down. It’s best to use this move when your opponent least suspects it.

After Feisty Rabbit press MK
Cloisonne is a two attack move that is also immune to fireballs. The move comes out at 18 frames and is also -5 on block. The trick with this move is that the second hit as an overhead. If your opponent is crouch blocking the first hit won’t hurt them but the second hit will. This move tricks opponents into thinking they are safe if they crouch block it, but they are not. This move also lands you a great hard knock down.

Rabbit Thorn
After Feisty Rabbit press HK
Rabbit Thorn is a very difficult move to use in general. If you do manage to use this move it trades fairly well as it will cause a wall bounce on your opponent and does 120 damage, but still it’s not worth using because it is unsafe and not as reliable as Rabbit foot and Cloisonne. The move as stated before is hard to use because you can’t combo into and it’s very bad on block. The move starts up at 15 frames and is -13 on block. The only times you can use this move is in a tag combo and even then it’s still difficult to use because only certain characters can have Lili use it. My advice is getting a teammate that ground bounces or has a multi-hitting move.

Angel Knee
DP Motion (Forward, down, down-forward; DP motion)+K
Angel knee is Lili’s “dragon punch” but she kinda knees you instead of punches you. The move whiffs on crouchers and isn’t your standard dp that has invincibility on it. The move makes her airborne and is more utilized as a starter for juggle combos. You can anti air with it but it’s rather difficult and pointless. There are three versions of the move and they are lk angel knee, mk angel knee, and hk angel knee.

Lk Angel Knee
To be frank, use this version of angel knee because the others aren’t as good as lk. Lk is a 5 frame special move which is minus 5 on block, which isn’t bad for a blocked DP. This move starts all of Lili’s juggle combos. It is so vital to her overall game plan that not using it will hinder your Lili greatly. This is a move you cannot pass up on and should learn how to use if you are not familiar with a dragon punch motion; I’ve provided the directional motion for really new players to practice on, my advice is take it slow on the motion then speed it up once you get a handle of it.

Mk Angel Knee
When you’re doing combos you could also do mk knee but it takes a frame longer, six to be exact, to start the move up again. There is a high chance as well the move will cause the person to fall out the combo or not give you ample time to follow up with a normal such as cr. Hp and get maximum damage. The move is minus -7 on block but the neat thing about this move is that it is it has 6 active frames which leads me to believe that she could anti air with this move if you sense a jump in on you.

HK Angel Knee
This move is solely used for tag outs. Sometimes I get the random anti air with it but if you want to make Lili a “tool”/ “extender” into your point character or anchor then this is the move to use. It’s slow as heck so there is no real way to use it to start a combo because you recover so slowly after the knock up. The move starts up at 9 frames and is minus -10. The reason why one would use this solely for tag canceling because the move hits your opponent high enough for your teammate to come in and follow up with a move. It’s very difficult for Lili to combo into this move because after the move it takes forever to recover.

Lili’s Counter
HCB (Half Circle Backward)+P
Lili’s counter is the crux of what makes her so solid against many characters. If she did not have this one tool a lot of her match ups would be very difficult. Counter is the single most important tool in terms of getting your Lili to a high level. In its most basic form you would use counter to beat certain frame traps, footsies aka throwing out a normal to hit you, or even special moves on your opponents wake up. This move is active on frame one, so there is no reason not to use it. There are three forms of counter and each one counters a certain move. LP counter gets “High moves” that hit your head and Jump attacks, MP counter counters mid attacks such as cr.jab and even Ex move such as srk, hp counter stops low attack. Counter losses out to throws, projectile such as hadoken and Jack-x uppercut and super/cross arts, so be aware of these options that beat counter. Before I finish up talking about counter please do keep in mind that counter is not full proof and not an easy way to get out of pressure. This is a thoughtful move that requires one to analyze what their opponent is doing to them and counter it appropriately.

LP counter
LP counter is Lili’s best anti air moves in her toolset. With the recent nerf to Andante this move has taken its place. You cannot jump in on Lili and try to air attack her. She will convert 180 damage build 80 meter and put you in a hard knock down state in which Lili can set up her mix up game. I highly recommend learning to use this move as your anti air and rotate it between cr.hp.

MP counter
MP counter is your go to counter for Lili. It has the ability to counter jump ins, if they are hitting it lower than your head, stand jab, most frame traps such as cr.jab to cr.jab, it beats special moves such as shoryuken and even ex moves. If you want to learn how to counter then this is the counter you learn how to utilize.

HP counter
Beats out lows and has a slightly longer active window than LP and MP counter. If you sense your opponent is going to go low then you will throw out HP counter. This counter is great to use against empty jumps and opponents who like to abuse low attacks.
Counter is your fear factor move. You use this to scare your opponent and limit their options. 180 damage is something not to scoff at. As a Lili player you must send a message to your opponent that you know what they’re doing and that they need to stop or else pay for it in blood.

Divine step Jump up QCF+K

Not every tool Lili has will be great. Lili’s Divine Step is a former shell of what it actual is in Tekken. In Tekken divine step is used in mix up and you can convert more damage off of it once it hits. Divine step in SFXTK is not even close to the Tekken version. Divine step can be summed as this; it’s a move that you can use to close the gap on a character that uses projectiles. All normal versions start up at 24 frames and can only be used while neutral jumping (jumping straight up) or forward jumping, you cannot jump backwards and to the move. The distance each Divine step moves Lili varies by the kick button you pressed. Lk is jab distance to your opponent, mk is the distance of, and hk is the distance of jumping forward and doing hk. You are supposed to do this move in reaction to an anti air or fireball but to be honest, it’s completely worthless. You’re minus 17 on block if you fail to punish your opponent and it move so slowly; trust me when you see the ex version of this move you’ll be boggled as I was the first time. From all of this I hope you can gather that this move should be used at your discretion as the risk and reward do not compensate you.
Air Spine Shot
(In the air) QCB+K

This is what sets Lili apart from the rest of her Tekken counter parts, her dive kick. Dive kick or ASS as some would like to call is used to mix up and apply pressure. Dive kick is not her whole mix up game but is a part of it and should be treated that way. Lili can jump forward, neutral jump, and back jump and still utilize her dive kick. Each dive kicks that Lili has hit at certain arcs and allot certain frame advantages upon hit.

LK dive kick
Quite possibly the worst of all dive kicks Lili has. It starts up at 9 frames which isn’t that bad but it is -7 on block and 0 on hit. The dive kick has a quick and close arc to it. You would use it to quickly hit your opponent who is trying to throw you or wake up with jabs. You can also prevent a jump away but the advantages it gives you are slim to none. It just simply stops your opponent and doesn’t offer Lili very much to work with. If you counter hit with this dive kick you can combo off of it using moves such as st. jab. I would recommend you avoid this dive kick because it’s not safe in general.

MK Dive Kick
This is the dive kick you want to use for combos. This dive kick is -2 on block but allots 6-13 frames of advantage on hit depending on where you strike your opponent. If you hit them on their body you get +6 and if you aim at their feet you will get +13 on hit and why is that you ask. Unlike lk dive kick which comes out at a close arc, this one has a slightly wider arc to the right. I’m about to get slightly technical so sorry if you get lost; some moves have recovery frames. Think of it as you throwing a punch and having to pull it back afterward. Lili’s mk dive starts at 12 frames and is slower than lk dive kick but it recovers faster at 8 frames. The hitstun of the move and point where you hit your opponent allows Lili to attack quicker than usual. In this case, if you aim at the opponent’s feet it grants Lili the ability to attack before the opponent can recover. One would use this dive kick in tangent with hk to fool your opponent in blocking a cross up. You do have to be aware of what you’re doing though because you can lose out to anti air attacks.

HK Dive Kick

Hk dive kick is your muti purpose dive kick. This move comes out at 18 frames is +6 on block and +1-8 on hit. Like the mk dive kick the + frames you get on hit depend on which part of the body you hit it at, my advice is aim for the feet. This particular dive kick is the one you will use the most. It can bait out anti airs and punish your opponent, hit them twice and break armor moves, and gives you enough plus frames to continue your pressure or even go for a throw. This is your primary mix up dive kick and probably the most important you should use. The arc is steep and slow and Lili can do it as low as the opponent’s knees and still get one to two hits. I like to super jump or jump back with this dive kick and suggest you find what suits you best.

Sadly we have reached the end of the chapter and now it up to you to take all you’ve learned in both chapters and master the tool set of Lili. In this chapter we’ve covered all of Lili’s special moves and what they do for her and what purpose they serve. I have opened the next door for you to keep expanding your Lili. The next chapter shall cover her ex version of her special move and super arts. Before I leave I want to part with these words, practice practice practice, I can’t emphasize more on how important practicing everything you learned in both chapter. It’s all up to you to make your Lili great! –JKF [/details]


more saved just in case…


This will be very useful as I was thinking about learning her! Thanks for the hard work! Kind of hard to read it as an essay, but I guess it’s hard to break it up with pictures of the moves you are talking about etc, kind of like the Brady Guide, on a forum! Keep up the good work:)


Useful guide for new Lili players. Nice indepth explanations of normals. Well done JKF. Looking forward to seeing video section!


Thanks for this. I don’t understand the “frame” thing 'cause I’ve always been just good on fighting games and never looked into that.
I’ve always wanted to main her, 'cause I love her moveset, but give up on the online game long time ago.

With the new 2013 patch, I’m starting all over again. I think I have all her moves in my head ever since I got the game, but when putting them into practice, I just can’t do any good. I’m bad at combos in this game, I get way too nervous, I guess.

I’m also searching for a partner. I was thinking Poison because she gains meter pretty fast, but I’m not that good with her either, lol. And they changed Ibuki SO much (she was my main in SSFIV) that I suck with her too :frowning:


^^^^^ There are about 1 million guides on frame data. The easy way to explain it is that the game is animated in 60 frames per second. If a move starts up in 5 frames then the time from when the game knows you pressed the button, to when it can actually hurt the opponent is 1/12th of a second. It is easier to measure this in frames because the ammount of time is so small that comparing data using seconds as the measurement is basically useless. It’s like measuring a pencil in yards.


This guide has been updated to chapter two. I will also see if i can find a way to get it on google docs so others wanting to learn lili can have a copy of it with them.


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<div class=“QuoteText”>This guide has been updated to chapter two. I will also see if i can find a way to get it on google docs so others wanting to learn lili can have a copy of it with them.</div>

<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>Like the Upload file button on ?  the file is automatically uploaded and locked. you then right click and change the visibly and if you want other to edit it you make them a editor by adding their name to the doc.</span></font>