The "How to Stop Guard Breaks" thread

…How DO you stop them effectively? Are Guard Breaks that cannot be stopped whatsoever?

I know several “attempts” to stop them

  • If its Cable, take the hit.
  • If its Cable, just block and hope they think you will just use the first tactic
  • Push Block and use a quick special move/hyper combo to get out of the way or counterattack

But in the end…is it all in vain?

coming in mashing helps in more situations than you would think

In one of the FFA ranbats someone, I think it might have been Amir actually lightening attacked after Cable’s shot. I have no idea why it worked, but he did it…

Yeah, if it’s Cable you pretty much have three options and you have to hope they’re hardwired to expect one of the other two. Just blocking normal is probably the worst of the options because it’s the easiest of the three to simply deal with.

If I’m Cable, I’ll usually shoot the gun and then go for reaction. I’m quick enough that if I’m in practice I can usually catch them regardless of whether they take the block or not. It’s not that hard to practice this, just play Cable against the computer. Sometimes the computer will take the hit and sometimes it won’t, so practice your reflexes on it. The only way it messes up is on the push block, but you can usually pull the beam down a little and at least bring it up to hurt them when the push block ends.

If it’s anybody that has to actually physically touch you to guard break? Yeah, just come in and hit the short button. Unless it’s a Magneto that’s going to go under you to cross up you it works most every time.

I know some,but they take god timing

To stop Cable’s:
Mag/Storm - Just air dash down
Sent - Quickly fly and unfly
Cable - just press hk the second he comes out (I don’t know why this one works)

To stop Sent’s:
Mag/Storm - air dash up
Sent - fly
Cable - Viper beam

I have no idea how to stop Mag and Storm unblockables, since they literally leave you open (even if you take the 1st hit)

Can anyone explain this?

cuz somebody *ucked up the cable gb…lightning attack gets you nowhere out of that gb, best thing to do if you have storm is pushblock then fly…and u still get hit, juss not as much. only way lightning attack would escape it if is cable doesn’t have his beam on her waiting for her gaurd to break after a pushblock…and she went straight up or something…but then you can’t block…and if they do it right your lightning attack startup time will be too slow to escape beam if they whip it correctly =)

With Cable, pushblock and super when you come out of block stun. Don’t know if it’s possible if they do j.hp and put the beginning of the beam on you, move it down to let you out of block stun, and put it back. It does work if they hold the beam down the whole time.

what do u do against magneto who does sj. lk and pauses then ad/df lk mk. if he times it right, if u take the hit ur still screwed, if u block anything he can just land and go into the rom and u will recover from block stun in time to get ROMed

Pushblock and do a fast move. Cable’s AHVB into DHC comes to mind. Some people use Psylocke’s qcf+k xx butterfly super into DHC.

Spiral block teleport

vary the pushblock speed+call helper is what i have seen alot of Ny players use vs psy gb

c.fp xx skimitardXXsuper isn’t getting fucked with really, just gotta know the angle well. easy read, lots of ways to manipulate where u actually cancel into ahvb when u think somone will try to vary the height that u are able to ahvb them. i love chasing somone who flies up to mid sj height and blasting them for max dmg if i need it(like i only had one bar situation)

alot of characters have guard break variants that arent perfect(you have to predict if the opponent will block or have a back up combo if they take the hit)

an example with cammy after u kill a character in corner

guard break version:

jump upforward lk,mp,delay, guard breaks, fp. cammy has a crazy air throw so u can jump upforward right after the fp slams them into the ground and mash fp for an instant throw then u can try for a corner combo(65% average, 85% with tron)

If you predict they will try and take the hit:

do the same combo without the delay so you get proper positioning for the whole combo

If you think they’ll take the hit and u wanna beast on them with tron helper

jump upforward lk+tron,fp, then corner combo variant or reset(avg dmg from this general option is around 85%-100)

sentinel,storm,magneto,cable,ironman,psylocke(incorner),cammy, and other characters as well have unescapable set-ups. Alot of people underestimate the possibilities in this game.Morrigan is practically unblockable if u get set-up in the corner vs her. Sentinel is the hardest for her to open up tho > : [] gotta do crazy shit.

lesson? keep working on timing your air to air hits so you can sequence guardbreaks perfectly. as you practice that you’ll learn about the ways that characters get juggled higher when you hit them slower.

If somone comes in to take a guardbreak hit for example and you jump at them even slightly late, you’ll need to use a move that has more priority than theirs

(common moves that people mash with to escapbe gb: cable air lp,doom does air fk,magnus lk of course you should base many of your counters vs the most advantageous move they have)


I’m going to use magneto for the next example

If a character is still vulnerable to your guardbreak sequence even though you attempt it late

manipulate the timing of the combo sequence

ex: character fully on the screen, magnus sj lk, fk airdash df whiff an attack to land asap(the reason for this is so they opponent doesn’t have time to fall any further)

it’s also perfect because it’s the correct timing so that they aren’t released from block until you’re in the perfect position to win priority vs priority

: the common follow up for that set-up would be sj lk,fk again airdash df lk,lp,lk into whatever combo you’d like.

if somone takes the hit:

simply do 1 sj lk,fk, airdash df lk,lp,lk clean combo

if somone pushblocks your initial sj lk,fk,airdash df whiff attack:

you land so quickly that you still have the time to adjust your follow up perfectly to avoid their priority and helper.

Alot of characters have that kind of control over their option tree, you just need to be dedicated to truly see what can be 100% free.

The only constant in marvel seems to be possibilities, the game still has a shitload of low tiers that we’ve been beefin up to nasty status.
Alot of the other top tier players inspired me(wozzler,yipes,vegita-XXX, i refuse to call him anything else,demon hyo,preppy’s megaman is gdlk… i had to root against him one time as he put a nuke on my homies forehead)

watching them play smart while tearing defenses down should be a hint at whats really good in this beastly game.

people will keep hating on mvc2 and the real players will keep exploring the game, once everyone sees alot of the real deal low tier shit…

I think more people might consider playing when they see large option trees for supposedly weak characters.

i dont know why i havent seen this yet but with cable vs cable…block it, time ur HVB right (still in air) works good. or pushblock and when ur landing a little do HVB.

with mag/storm can u really air dash? i wouldnt think you can.

and with sentinel fly/unfly doesnt work cuz you dont have unfly. unless sentinel has already came in and you have it. i dont think there are any ways to escape…i would try to qcf+pp into DHC if the next character was good. thats about it tho.

with storm i would LA right after block…or push then LA. if u push be careful for the 2nd gun shot (if the cable does j.hp for gb, then j.hp again).

and with mag, i dont think you can escape either. again tempest into DHC is the only thing i can think of, other than block, fly and air dash forward. but yeah i dont think regular air dashing works.

So you don’t only get one action then? You can do specials after the block?

yup you can. you only get one action after the block. i havent played mvc2 seriously in soo long i forgot if u can hk after a pushblock. supers are different though, you can do a special move, finish it, then super after. just like how u cant lp twice in a jump, but u can lp then super.