The HRAP Stick template layout

Hi guys!
I’ve been searching for an hour here and can’t seem to find the stick layout I need. I hope this is the right place to post this. I apologize if i posted in the wrong place.

I’m searching for an old japanese cab style template.
It’s the layout that the HRAP 1 and the soon to be release Arcana stick use.

Can anyone help me out please?

Thanks in advance!

there is one a 6 button layout, if you wanted the 8, just figure out the last two on the right.

While not 100% the HRAP layout, the main 6 buttons from the Virtua Stick template on this site are the same as the HRAP1.
I actually just built a CP with the claw like this, but if you just take off the two dangling buttons its the same as the HRAPs layout for SF.

I printed the template out and it was exactly to scale, just drilled pilot holes through the paper, then did the holesaw cuts

Thanks for answering guys but I believe those aren’t HRAP 1 layouts.
They are more like the HRAP 2 and HRAP 3.

The HRAP 1 has an ascending slope layout on the buttons.
The HRAP 2 and 3 have a mountain (parabola) like layout.

would this be more what you are looking for?

About that template, not sure if it’s 100% arcade accurate. I just drew it in autocad real fast off one of the templates posted in chippermonkey’s thread. Just an fyi…

try this.

Nice akuma001, saved for future refference. :slight_smile:

Right on Kaytrim and zombie cpt. That’s more or less what i’m looking for.

Thanks Akuma001, I’ll try and download that baby later.
No bandwidth is available ATM.

Thanks again, YOU GUYS ROCK !!!

Dam, I can’t download that file no matter what time I try. I get the no available badwidth messege. Do I have to be a premium member to download it?
Is there another way to get this file?

Not sure if this is exactly the same file, but here’s the HRAP1 template I use:

I know that I’ve been asking that several times already on other thread, but I’ll try again…

Is there anybody who can provide a HRAP 2 template? Thanks a lot!

Thanks bro, i’ll see if this is the one.

Esker, you da man. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks bro, and thanks to all the others.

No prob, I’m happy to have helped.