How can we let the older threads on old school SF die??? Yes I know Valle and Choi did a pretty good job with the Anniversary booklet explaining HSF2AE, but whats the deal? Why isnt this that big? Is it because of all the variables ala Champ Guile etc? Lets reawake the HSF2 AE thread as a whole!!!:tup:

Jason Cole, Watson all you old timers feel free to jump on in and contribute to this thread like you would ala Super Turbo etc. Buk feel free to share that Chun knownledge I know you have etc.

And yes I know there are older threads but they are so far behind in the pack I wanna make a mega one that combines both of them, gets discussion going and exposes other things for this game…I mean this game is different from Super Turbo and thought tournies favor ST over this one it is still good and some tournies do hold it.
So feel free to juxtapose ST and HSF2AE in this thread, I wont flame you for it.


I thought the general consensus was that the WW characters broke the game with their OG broken shit? :confused:


Well yeah but still even with that being said its a game I still see in tournaments so I wanna see strats and shit for matchups of this vs. that. Seeing tourney play convinced me of this need-Seeing ST Ryu Hurricane Kick over Champ Guiles Sonic Booms made me want to make this thread…to see matchups and what else others have come up with/seen.

The WW characters can be stopped though trust me…Ive discovered QUICKLY this game is more about matchups…which is why I want to see them all…


WW characters lose easy if you know how to make it work… remember… newer versions of characters have system properties that WW ones do not… like WW have no ability to counter ( i think thats what it was)

anyone got any outlooks on which version of Balrog (boxer) is the best??? I personally use the ST version of him… cuz he has his super… but i heard the Turbo version is up there too… which one is better?



ST rog is the best. HF.Rog is good but nearly as good as ST. Reason being is he has no low rush, no real antiair, ST’s super is the best in the game and combos well and he can RTSD like a mad man.

One of the main reasons WW characters do not break the game is beacuse they can be tick thrown to death. They can not perform wake up reversals so meaties are way to good against them.

Play ST over HSF but at the least just keep playing any sf2.


Yes the tick throws of death…they own WW characters my point precisely…see why I am making this thread…education for all…and dispellling some thoughts.


Which Bison is best, I think I heard CE but can anyone explain why? I just got AE and XBL and am trying to learn. Also, is CE Honda the best?


A wake up throw beats any meaty attack on wakeup.


CE Bison is far and away the best character, let alone the best Bison. Has ToD combos off of scissor kick, when used properly scissor kick is totally safe and can be used for effective lockdown, ambiguous cross up with psycho crusher.

IMO, best Honda is ST. Ochio shenanigans are too good, and he still has most of the tools that made prior versions of Honda good. If you don’t pick ST Honda though, go with Turbo.


CE.Bison is the best beacuse of his infinate lock down, Ambigious crossup torpedo, Redizzy, good proiority on all his moves. He does have some down falls though. He has no reliable antiair and if you get a knock down and you play a good guessing game he can get raped fairly bad.

As far as honda goes IMO ST is his best. The advancing 100 hand slaps give him a good pressure game and allows him to charge while advancing and building meter. Storing both the orochi throw and the super adds a good guessing game. The next best would have to be HF Honda he is just a strong character.


Ok, after scissor kicks with CE Bison, I think I have seen either standing forward or throw, what else is there? Also how do you time the psycho crushers to make them unpunishable? I get thrown a lot.


wake up throw is a “Reversal” and WW characters lack the wake up animation that allows reversals. so you can meaty them for free. You could not perform a reversal till CE.


Yeah, we need a tier thread for AE, and by the way, how would you rank the Ryu’s? I have it as this (from best to worst):

HF Ryu
ST Ryu
CE Ryu
NC Ryu
WW Ryu

Am I right? And how about some other characters, Ken, Chunli, etc…


i think ST dhalsim is one of the best… if not THE BEST characters in the game…he’s up there with OG Sagat


Ryu (IMO)


Tiers in the game in order (imo)


Just a few.

Here are my best modes for each character.

Ken - ST
Ryu - ST
Guile - Ce
Chun - ST
Honda - ST
Blanka - HF
Gief - HF (but its close with ST)
Sim - ST
Thawk - ST
Fei - ST
Cammy - ST
Dj - ST
Sagat - HF
Bison - CE
Vega - ST
Balrog - ST

If you do not agree post why and we can discuss.


I don’t really think that this thread was necessary because we discuss AE in the ST thread also, but whatever…

I don’t know who the hell started this myth about WW characters being “broken”, but WW character straight suck. WW Guile is the only one who stands a chance, and even he is middle tier at best. The fact that he does big damage/dizzies fast is completely nullified by his severely limited normal moves and inability to even do reversals.


the console version of ST vega sucks, cant say the same about the arcade version tho. the reason being that his wall dives doesnt come out at times even if you input the command properly.

i think HF ryu is just as good or slightly better than ST ryu. invincible hurricane kicks are too good, especially the tiger kneed ones. also his dp has more invincibility and less recovery.


OMFG. I thought it was just ME, but it’s a fucking CRAPSHOOT whether I will get walldives or j. roundhouse sometimes, wtf is up with that?? It sucks because ST Vega is probably my best character, and that problem has definitely cost me a couple matches.


Best Ken, IMO, is CE. Stupid damage, easy dizzies, still has the wierd giant hitbox on his j. FP. Can fireball trap better than ST Ken. Doesn’t have as many mixups or mind games as ST Ken, but this is offset by the much higher damage. Mistakes against CE Ken are way more costly than mistakes against ST Ken.

Can you also give reasons as to why HF Sagat is better than CE Sagat? They’re practically the same to me, except that CE Sagat gets a bit of a damage boost.

Also, I believe that HF Ryu and ST Ryu is a tossup. I can see where HF Ryu’s damage and dizzy potential would be useful, but I can also see where having ST Ryu’s super would also be useful (vs Sagat for example).

As far as tiers go, CE Bison for me is top of the heap. The whole one mistake and you die risk is just too big to overlook, and the fact that his game as a whole is very safe makes him incredibly dangerous.

Airthrow: you can link cr. SP after a scissor kick with CE Bison.


Also about Bison…seriously he does have quite the frame advantage after stuff…even like a st. lk kneexn…it can be annoying and easy to use for tick setups.