The Hugo Thread

thread to discuss the awesome giant that finally got a chance to shine

He has the biggest hitbox in the game, probably a bit too big as he cant duck under tatsus or High Tiger shots which will probably make some matchups a pain in the ass.
here will probably be a good share of Hugo-only combos…
His damage is very good so far, and from the looks of it he has the most (or one of the most) damaging super in the game!

I’ll update the thread with all the details that are found out:


**:lp:- ** probably can work as an “ok” anti-air due to how huge Hugo is.

**:mp:- **still an awesome poke.

**:hp:- **still an overhead, apparently has no range though

**:lk:- **very good range to annoy people

**:mk:- **just like 3S, this is a very “meh” far anti-air

**:hk:-**same ol’ dropkick thats not really all that great, still steerable.

Crouching Normals:
:d::lp:- very good poke, best use so far is to chain into c.MK for a knockdown.

:d: :mp:- godlike poke, his main combo starter, one of his few special cancellable normals.

:d: :hp: - still worthless, dont use this…ever.

:d: :lk: - still the same awesome low poke, can chain into c.MK to be very annoying.

:d:** :mk: -** its already being called the best “sweep” in the game. amazing range and fast startup. Definitely an awesome normal.

:d::hk:- apparently still retains the “hitting low upclose, overhead from far” property from 3s, can combo into his launcher.

Command Normals:

:hp:+:hk:- Launcher, seems like it has monstrous range and has an upwards hitting animation. possible anti-air?

** (forward+ :hp:)- **“ok” anti-air, not much has been shown of this to see how it can be useful.

**Body Press (air :d::hp:)- **insane range, very good crossup, Hugo’s go-to in the air.

:d::d::mk:- Hugo’s UOH in 3s, a small hop followed with a knee that hits very deep. Goes over lows, can combo into c.LP/c.LK on CounterHit.


**Ultra Throw [ :hcb: :k:]- **still wallbounces for combos, very small range.

**Moonsault Press [ :360::p:]- **200 damage SPD, very small range as well

**Meat Squasher [ :360::k:]- **apparently his go-to grab in this game? takes the opponents to the wall rather than the corner but still very useful.

**Shootdown Backbreaker [ :dp::k:]- **anti-air grab with ridiculous range and damage, EX version apparently beats flat out anything.

**Giant Palm Bomber [ :qcb::p:]- **Hugo’s main special. Puts on alot of pressure, has alot of frame advantage and you can combo into it/out of it. Cancels out fireballs

**Monster Lariat [ :qcf::k:] (Chargable)- **you can charge it to get free EX or super (if you charge long enough). EX version is his Hammer Mountain Super.
Apparently Safe? Has Armor on it (!), and you can combo off of it.


**Gigas Breaker [ ****:qcf::3k: **]- Think of it as Hammer Mountain that goes into Gigas Breaker’s animation on hit. Blockable. Does insane damage. You can hold it to go further and you can cancel it as well (by holding all kicks).

**Cross Art [ :qcf: :mp:+:mk:]- **command grab animation for the startup, however its blockable…once it connects he does he does a big Lariat that throws the opponent into his partner’s super.
seems like it doesnt have a 0+1 frame startup as I’ve seen many people jump out of it after the flash =/

**Combos: **

Coming soon…

FingerCramp’s Hugo Guide (very good stuff here)


Gameplay videos:
[media=youtube]EAynwGm5ndE[/media] (No audio)

reserved 1

I wanna see poison do the little kissy face with the floating heart she does in 3s when Hugo comes out. When they’re tag partners.

Also, Hugos model looks so great. The animations need a liiiitle work, but beyond that he looks sick.

**EIN **



From what’s been noticed so far from the Gamescomvideos:

  • He has all of his moves from 3rd Strike: Ultra Throw, Shootdown Backbreaker, Monster Lariat, Meat Squasher, Moonsault Press and the Giant Palm Bomber.
  • His EX Monster Lariat has him doing the lariat into his parry animation (belly bump) into a Giant Palm Bomber.
  • Seen in the first linked video, his super kind of combines aspects from both the Hammer Mountain/Frenzy and Gigas Breaker. The startup animation is similar to the HM where he is able to run to the opponent and probably hold a punch button to keep him running before triggering the animation, which is as seen in the trailers, the Monster Lariat into a Gigas Breaker.

If there’s any corrections to these observations, please do tell.

Thanks for the information Aria.

Hugo is 100% on my team, hell if this game had a Ratio system I’d just use him. As is he’d probably get teamed with King or Marduk.

Now i need is Guy and Cody, Great to see him in, now gonna practice third strike :slight_smile:

I think his EX Monster Lariat is actually the animation for Hammer Mountain, which is a pretty sweet touch.

(Also, awesome! A SFxT section! Who woulda thunk it?)

I have a couple videos featuring Hugo.

Just a couple of dudes testing out the moves. Hugo and Ravens tag super is also there.

My God I’m so worried that Hugo is gonna suck. Every time I get excited for a character and pick my main before the game comes out they end up shit tier.
I’m worried because he can’t duck under tatsumaki’s. I’m gonna assume he also can’t duck under high tiger shots. The Sagat matchup is going to be a bitch.

Do you guys think they should give Hugo an evasion move like Blanka and Hakan’s thing where they lay flat along the ground? Or maybe even an evasive roll like Abel?

Maybe his EX Monster Lariat is his way of safe approach? I wonder how fast the initial hit is. Maybe as fast as his EX from Third Strike, maybe faster.

He’s too big to have a dodge move, but we know there will be Armored normals in the game. One of Marduks command normals has armor (unless they removed it from the game), I wouldn’t be surprised if they give Hugo something armored too

I’m thinking one of his EX moves will be able to go through projectiles.

They could give him a parry like he had in SvC?

After watching the videos, it looks to me that the start-up for his super is the monster lariat, and if it connects it goes into Gigas Breaker. It didn’t so much look like a cancel from the lariat into GB, but I could be wrong.

Also, in general Hugo’s moves come out quicker than I thought they would. Look forward to chaining together palm bombers. That thing comes out super fast now. =)

Loved the animation on Moonsault Press also. Good stuff, all around.

Random question: Have they said how many supers each character has yet?

Looking at gamescon videos and it seems like Hugo’s :hp: still hits overhead.
i.e. at 1:21 and 3:18

Should be able to abuse that by mixing up your chains with it and lows. Also should be hitconfirmable to launcher/safe special on block (clap?).

Interested to see if :d::hk: still has the weird, hitting low up close, overhead from range thing going on. It does cancel into launcher at least so may have some use.

So far, every character has one super plus a “Tag” super.

I’m going around youtube collecting video’s that have at least 2-10 minutes of gameplay with hugo.
Here you go.

Hugo gameplay (Listen during the cross assault and sf music will play) (No audio)

Does hugo have a super jump. In one video he jump a very good distance

it’s his Shootdown Backbreaker

anti air command grab. Punishes jump ins. Easy way to move across the screen, but very punishable

Even if Hugo turns out to be shit. He still looks like a lot of fun to play.